Lessons in a Life: Is Life Really Planned?

Not that long ago the possibilities seemed endless... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Not that long ago the possibilities seemed endless…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

I notice how quickly nature gets the upper hand. Before I know it, the weeds have taken over. A few weeks ago I thought I might, this year, finally have time to tackle some big areas on our property that are overgrown before the poison ivy and fast growing vines of all sorts took over, but alas! Nature, as usual, has gotten the upper hand.

I find myself dreaming numerous dreams every night, dreams growing as rapidly as weeds. Chuck reports the same.

Each morning we wake up almost reeling from the amount of nightly dream activity, grasping to remember what we can, though we both find that we have to let most of it go, too many, too quick to catch. It does seem, however, that this is prolific dream energy time and not to be missed.

Recent work on my next book has made me realize just how much nature, both nature outside of us and nature inside of us, and our dream world are in synch, setting us up for what needs to be done now and what is to come. As I reread and edit the journals I kept during my recapitulation, starting 14 years ago, I see just how much was laid out then and just how much has transpired since then.

Experiences I had a few decades ago, and even longer ago than that, as well as things that happened to me in my daily life really did lay out future possibilities. I see that very clearly now. Of course, where I was to go and what I was to do were always my choices.

Forks show up regularly... which road to take? - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Forks show up regularly… which road to take?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Opportunities to take a certain route, a certain path, to make a life changing decision, however, are offered to us all the time, in a myriad of ways. This too I see very clearly now, as I see just how my own nature, my own dreams, and my own experiences, as I navigated life, really did support and prepare me to be a changed being in a changed life.

We might find support in the simplest of synchronicities, or in the most profound of experiences or dreams. My dreams were always guiding me, offering advice, spelling out things that I was not sure of, offering help when I asked or needed clarity on something. I took from them what I needed and moved on. Now, however, as I reread and edit what happened to me during my recapitulation, some of those more mysterious dreams are utterly clear now. I see that in part they were premonitions of what was to come. At the time they offered useful guidance, helped me through some tough times, but now, as I look back, they make sense in a different way.

What at the time seemed fantastical has actually come to pass. What at the time I could make sense of in one way, now makes sense in a totally different way. What seemed to be supporting dreams at the time, now prove to be laying plans for a future life and a future me, neither of which I could have ever imagined, but which actually came to be.

I started keeping dream journals in my late teens. Some of them I still have, others got lost in my many moves. There were stagnant years when I did little journal keeping, though I always kept sketchbooks and in many of those I jotted down significant events and dreams too. My own nature likes a pen in hand and quiet moments of contemplation. I can truly say, based on my own experiences and all the dream keeping I have done, as well as the significantly meaningful events in my life, that there really does seem to be a plan to it all, to life. At least that’s how I’ve experienced it!

What your own life really has planned for you may be cloaked in your dreams too. The main thing is to be open to life. And if you think you don’t remember dreams or that they are neither fantastical nor mysterious, think again, because life just won’t let you get away with thinking that way. Just look at the weeds!

Not weeds! ...Sometimes it's not so clear... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Not weeds! …Sometimes it’s not so clear…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Nature has its own ideas and they are sprouting up all around us all the time. We just have to tune in. So watch out what you dismiss from your everyday experiences. You might see weeds, but you might also be missing something important!

Life won’t leave you behind, just make sure you don’t leave it behind. Enjoy what comes to find you and go out and meet it. That is the biggest lesson I’ve learned; if you want something to happen, make it happen. Show up, be present, take action when appropriate, and learn from your experiences, dreaming or otherwise.

Happy Spring and Happy Dreaming!

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