Soulbyte for Friday May 22, 2015

Tread lightly upon Planet Earth, leaving behind you only good energy. Know that every thought, word, and deed impacts not only the planet but all other living organisms, subtle and gross alike. Act with restraint, respect, and kindness through all the days of your life that all beings may benefit. In this generous manner will your time upon that giving planet be in synch with a new and changing position requiring that mankind acquiesce to a new place in the hierarchy and allow nature to guide.

Change your thinking. Change your attitude. Change your behaviors. Change yourself and perhaps you will be part of the natural resolution, Mother Earth’s response to the many crises now raging. Her solution? Temper all human greed.

Get in alignment with all that SHE offers and, without fear, allow nature to be more important than you. Nature will respond with compassion, for it needs you, but only as part of the generous whole.

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