#754 Do What is Right

Written by Jan Ketchel with a channeled message from Jeanne Ketchel.

Today I ask Jeanne for guidance for all of humanity as we continue to face an escalating world crisis on so many levels. How can we stay connected to our spiritual endeavors in such times of crisis?

Here is what Jeanne advises:

Do not forget that you are one part of a whole and, as the whole goes, so goes each part. Use this analogy to aid you in change. If you are each responsible, if you each affect the whole, so are you equally responsible for the outcome.

Humanity now faces a new opportunity for change. A door hangs open, waiting for mankind to step through it and into the light of awareness, into the light of oneness, and into the light of truth and knowledge of interconnectedness. Why even hesitate? It is the true path to not only change but also to evolutionary steps that will impact the planet and every living thing upon it.

Are not living things more important than that which many consider the must-haves? Are not you and yours more important than the desires of the greedy few? I cannot stress enough that this is so, but I also stress that though you may not be one of the greedy few so are you the same as them. This truth must be accepted before real change can happen. You are all the same.

The greedy few, in turn, must accept that they are as poor as the field mice with only a burrow to call home. Man is not superior; wealth does not make one better; religions do not may you holier or more spiritual; and material things do not make you safer, for all are one. You are all the same.

You share the planet and the energy of life with all manner of humankind and animal kind. This is the first truth that must be accepted, studied, and found to be of guidance. For only in knowing how life truly survives upon that earth may you face change armed with helpful knowledge. I have said this before, and I say it again: Study nature to learn how to become one with nature.

I do not ask you to give up your creature comforts, but I do ask that you extend your intent to change beyond the personal. Even while you work on changing the self by aligning the self with the truth of nature, by observing and respecting all aspects of life and death, of birth and decline, of change and transformation in action all around you, so do I also ask that you set the intent to accept your place in the natural process of things.

Contemplate right action...

Think not superior but same energy.

Think not desire and want, but observe nature closely and use what is readily provided and available.

Watch for signs.

Notice your own inner energy telling you what to do and what not to do.

Use your inner dialogue to change how you think, act, and use your time upon that earth.

There is no doubt that this is a crucial time upon that Earth. Ask the self to do what is right at all times. Begin with this first big step by questioning the self at all times: Is it right that I do this or that? How will it affect my energy and how will my decisions affect the world? Yes, you must all begin to think globally now.

How do you personally affect the planet you live on? How do you affect your own energy by the personal decisions you make? Ask these questions and study your own body, mind and spirit for the answers.

If you are agitated the planet is agitated.

If you are calm the planet is calm.

If you are at peace the planet is at peace.

Find your personal alignment with nature and then make your decisions for how to live and know then how to change as well. And remember: Change is in action. Seek right action.

Thank you to Jeanne for this lesson today.

Most humbly contemplative,

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