#238 Remain Alert, My Dear Traveling Companions

Dear Jeanne,
What can you tell us about today’s energy?

Have you noticed a sameness, a lull, while at the same time energetic confrontation on all fronts? While there is lull is there also energetic potential to sneak in and take over because of alertness blockages. Keep your awareness honed now, for lately is there the tendency to decide upon lesser paths on a daily basis. Keep eyes forward now, and await the big bang, the big bump in the path ahead. Soon will this lull be shaken out of its slumber.

As I speak of the energy all around you that now has influenced, so must I entice you to consider your own personal energy, for that is what must guide and fuel you. Remain in awareness of the Self, the Self as motivator, instigator, culprit, and prosecutor. Do not abandon the Self to the outer energy, nor the inner energy, but maintain a firm balance so that neither the lull takes over nor the inner captors. For in both cases will your awareness and your progress suffer.

Allow today, for awareness of all you have learned to sink in. Study your truths, your place in the evolutionary worlds of both that life on Earth and the worlds that await. Continually regain your footing if you stumble on your inner or your outer path. Do not fall into old regrets or become immersed in self-pity for your troubled life or your difficult path. Return always to balance, even as you are greatly challenged, and even as you open your gifts that are daily presented. If your gifts are not what you want, so are they what you need. And this is why you must maintain your steady balance, and keep your awareness, so that you may receive your gifts with plain acceptance of them, and occupy your life now more fully with taking on your journey in a most satisfyingly evolutionary way.

Stay focused, calm, balanced; and await the energetic twist that is to come. Soon will a new shift arise. These opportunities for growth must you look forward to with enthusiasm, not fear, for they are opportunities to gain awareness, and to personally experience the meaning of interconnectedness with all things. Remain alert, My Dear Traveling Companions. Do not let the energy of life use you and wear you down, but instead fully utilize it to your greatest advantage and your greatest good.

#237 Gifts Come in Many Packages

Dear Jeanne,
What would you like to discuss today?

Well, you know my focus is always on the evolutionary journey, and my good intentions go out to every one as they make their way through that life. I intend only good awakenings, yet often are there rude and abrupt awakenings, if that is necessary. By intend, I do not mean that I propagate awakenings, but I do use my energetic intent to urge awareness, so that the means by which an awakening is presented is noticed and paid attention to.

As I have often said, there are many now upon that earth doing good, in the service of awakening and awareness, offering their own good intentions so that many may become journeyers in a new way. Each of you are offered awareness, yet do you accept it as it is given? Do you wish to dismiss the form in which it arrives? Did you want a beautifully wrapped package with ribbons and bows and you only got a cardboard box? Well, it is not the package that matters, but it is what is inside that counts. No matter how your awakening is presented, so is it equally valuable and full of the utmost meaning for your evolutionary survival.

Accept all the gifts you are given, whether gentle and smoothly acceptable, or abruptly and harshly presented. What you do with them is the next step in the process of evolutionary growth. Will you learn from them? Even the simplest and most resonant of gifts offers great learning. It is these seemingly beautiful gifts that can be the trickiest, whereas the more blatant ones are easily understood. If you are offered awareness on a daily basis, what are you doing with it? If it is easy for you to “see” and to “know,” and if you easily connect with your spirit guides, and your journey is running fairly well, what are you really doing with those gifts?

On the other hand, if you are bombarded with signs of awakening on a more difficult level, awakenings that are hard to ignore, may you find it difficult to accept that these are gifts, but know that they are. Gifts come in many packages. Do you see yours as they arrive? Do you leave them piled at the door, unopened, because they are not as you wish them to be? Do you refuse them and send them back? Well, unfortunately, will they continue to arrive, so you might as well accept them, and start opening them, one at a time, until you have discovered all the gifts you are given and understood their meanings.

You are all being offered gifts on a daily basis. Use your awareness today, and every day, to accept and learn, accept and learn, accept and learn as you journey. That is how you will continue to awaken and grow in an evolutionary manner. I myself, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, had many harsh awakenings as I was delivered blow upon blow to my beautiful, cherished body, as cancer arrived in its ugly box, and offered me its cruel means of growth. Yet did I accept it as my path, and I made it my own, my own cancer journey, lived and learned in my own fashion, staying the course in spite of much disturbance presented by others in an effort to sway me from that path. But it was the right path for me to take. I accepted it without regret, and I elected to learn as much as I could about the only cures that resonated with me, and my intent to grow. I sought both physical healing and spiritual healing, and that is what I urge all to do, every day; balance both the physical and the spiritual, cancer free or not, healthy or ill, full of life and energy, or tired and troubled, so is life meaningless unless you seek growth, balance, purpose, and really utilize the slot you have been granted to live.

So today, continue your journeys, My Dear Ones. Life is offering you all that it has, sending you gifts every day. Open your packages as they arrive, and seek the deeper meaning of everything you are given. In this manner will you continually grow. Study hard, but balance your efforts with calming spirit centeredness and you will find your journey more enjoyable, no matter what your packages hold. This is enough for now. Good luck as you continue along your path. I await your energetic response to the discoveries you make. See what happens!

#236 You Have Been Given a Slot in this Time of Great Shift

Dear Jeanne,
In spite of our occasional chats about other topics I do understand that your focus is on evolutionary growth. So, in light of that, what can you tell us about the energy now, the energy of today? Or is there some other direction you wish to go in today?

Doing the work of the self, completing the task now placed before you, as you live the life you now inhabit, is your chore and your duty. Even as you struggle through your days, seeking joy and fulfillment of your physical, emotional, and needy human aspects of that life, so is it important to keep your focus honed on the true purpose of life, which is, yes, that evolutionary journey.

As I mentioned yesterday, there are many who do not have the opportunity to live now upon that Earth. You have been given a slot in this time of great shift. You have been born during this time of change and of opportunity for growth. Can you fathom that? Why are you there, living that life, upon that Earth, at just this moment? Why you, and not some other energetic being? Well, because you have potential, great potential, and enthusiasm for growth. Though this may not as yet be clearly revealed to you, so did your choice of birthing into that time come with much energetic focus behind it. As you determined your path for that life, was there much heralding of your choices and your decisions, and you were backed by much energetic guidance. But you seem to have forgotten this; that you were chosen to take a slot in life upon that Earth, while others were denied entry.

It is time to wake up now, all of you Earth People, and stop grappling so much with what Earth offers, and instead turn to what you your self offer, and to what energy offers. Energy extends backwards and forwards. Back to your beginning, your root, your connection to all things, all knowing, and all energy; the center of all energy still glowing and awaiting your recognition. Then forward now, in that life you now live, resides all the signs you need to begin recalling that energetic source that you all spring from. It is your task upon that Earth to live a life of conscious search for meaning on an individual level, and to connect it with the energy source that does provide all energy.

Each of you has not only a task upon that Earth to fulfill, both for your self and for the greater good, that being aiding others in some fashion to learn and recall their own spiritual energy, but also to attach to the energy that will carry you forward now, out of that realm and on to a new level. Evolution reaches far beyond that Earth. The levels offer much more than that heavy Earth atmosphere does offer, as far as learning about energy and the truth of all things.

But all must launch from that pad, that place of veils, and that heavy atmosphere that does offer insight, but also the trickiest of tests and final exams. You are all offered a launching pad. It will appear clearly before you many times throughout your life, yet only when you are truly ready will you clearly see it. For even though it will make every attempt to be clearly seen, so is it your task to clear the veils from your eyes, your inner seeing, and take note of its presence, and attach to the greater meaning of it.

The greater meaning of your life is what that launching pad reveals. It offers you the insight, the direction, the truth that will free you from that world, and allow you to spring forward into a new world, where energy is everything. So learn now about energy, and you will not only be well prepared and able to “see” clearly what is before you, but you will feel the resonance, the energetic connection to you, the energetic you, who now searches and seeks, and may be slightly afraid to accept the fact that you do “feel” resonance, though your clarity may, as yet, not be quite revealed.

There is something there, waiting for all of you, and it awaits recognition from you, and acknowledgment, recall, resonant acceptance of your energetic connection. This is what life offers you, connection to your own past and your own future. Where are you going? Forward and backward at the same time, putting together all the pieces, gaining wholeness so that you may evolve with a clear picture, recognizing all the details, and finding your true energetic self, fully revealed, so that you can move on to new life and new adventures.

Take time today to ponder your own journey from the very beginning. Look for resonance all around you, and seek to understand your connection to that resonance that you feel. Why do you feel it? Where does it originate from? And who are you really? Energy, that’s who you are, inside and outside, an energetic being!

#235 Energetic Impact Should be Man’s Greatest Concern

Dear Jeanne,
Would you like to continue our conversation regarding the current state of the Earth and your prospects for the future, or would you like to impart some other message of guidance related to evolutionary growth and the energy that is now available?

My dear Jan, the current topic of Earth’s state of affairs is endless, but what most benefits man today is the real question. For although man is often warned of future potential or future demise, so is it all too distant and meaningless until real signs of change are felt by each and every being. So is the case now. For yes, many warnings have surfaced and been spread from mouth to mouth; ears have opened and begun to accept the many truths that do ring upon that tired Earth, yet still are those ears that do trust such truth-telling but a minority at this point. What is most important to the greatest number of Earth’s inhabitants? Why their daily existence, of course, the struggle to eat and abide upon that Earth with the least amount of physical discomfort. But what is all that struggle eventually leading to? The end result is death of the human form. But without awakening to the future potential of the inner being, the energy being, will life continue to be a wheel of despair for many millions. Far greater in number suffer than do achieve inner peace and recognition of life as an evolutionary journey that requires focus, intent, and change of perspective, attitude, and vision of the self. Yes, each of you are embodied in human form now, and that is your vehicle. How will you get the most out of that very complicated, intricate, and absolutely incredible vehicle that encompasses every aspect of who you are? Do you care for it as lovingly as you should? Do you love it for its presence in your life as your greatest means of progress and prosperity? Do you understand that it deserves not only your care, but also your respect, and your attention to all that it is capable of? This also includes its inner abilities that you are learning about, its energetic qualities, and its potential beyond the human form. That form is your ultimate abode, your home, and your transportation through that life.

So, Mankind is best served, now, by becoming more fully aware of the position he is now in, physically and energetically, because that form is his greatest asset, and his means, not only of survival, but of learning and growth. So, yes, the environmental concerns are extremely important subjects of discussion, but far more important for my focused mission is the inner awakening of spirit potential, and this is what I prefer to speak on. But it is also important to remind our readers that the world around them exists so that they may have an environment that allows for learning and growth. And all that man creates in his environment impacts his growth and his learning process by presenting him always with having to make choices. Each choice has impact upon the greater world. Each energetic choice also has impact upon the greater energetic world. You cannot separate each individual’s actions from the greater world. Everything is interconnected. Your choices on this day will have impact in the world this day. Your very breathing has impact, your movements, and your thoughts have impact. Your decisions, your next moves, and your awakenings, all have impact.

With the realization of the interconnectedness of all things, the understanding that every energetic move you make, whether physical, or mental, or emotional, or innerly spirit movement, so will you affect the energetic world around you. You each have a responsibility to the energetic framework of the greater world, beyond your own small world. This impact is felt, whether you can “see” it or not, but as the entire world’s population does breathe, and speak, and act upon their choices made, so is energy stirred, and sent crashing and streaming outward, connecting and flowing, enticing and gathering as the streams and rivulets do feed into a river. And that river of energy, as it continually builds and builds and builds, affects all things. This river of turbulence, or this river of calm, invites participation, and as this river captivates energetic participation so does it also enable the possibility for all things to occur.

Energetic impact should be man’s greatest concern at this point. Each person’s environmental impact should be daily questioned. How does my every move impact the energetic river of possibility? What am I adding, calm, or turbulence? Am I breathing peaceful, calming, loving breaths, or am I breathing hateful, stressful, agitated breaths? What am I contributing to the energy of this world I live in? Are my thoughts, my intentions, and my prospects focused on good, on gratefulness for my life, and my chance to have a place in this world? For there are many who do not have this opportunity to take a journey upon this Earth at this time.

Understand now the greater impact of your own life upon that environment that so badly asks for change. Impact the restless Mother Earth by settling now upon awakening to your own inner nurturing energy, and begin to change your own life, for the greater good. In so doing, will you inevitably begin to change the world. By your intent to grow in understanding of your evolutionary journey will you impact the world.

Go now, into your day, knowing that your energy, your outer energy and your inner energy, impacts the world. But know also that you each have the ability to change that world as you change your life.

#234 There is a Great Effort to Shift Mankind from his Complacency

Dear Jeanne,
Yesterday you seemed to imply that in the future our only energy sources would be natural, such as water, wind, solar, and geothermal. I am assuming this is because there will be no other possibilities. If this is so, can you give us any ideas for how to harness and use these natural alternatives to their greatest capacities?

My contention remains that the Earth, and all who now live upon it, are long overdue for a great shift that will cause cataclysmic change. It is time for such a shake up, but do not think that all will be destroyed at once, or that all that now exists will cease to operate. For the most part, will great and large areas of Earth suffer irreparable change. At first will this seem devastating, to the extent that man will consider these areas hopelessly lost to habitation or have any properties of value. But this will not be so, for hidden just beneath the surface of such devastation will be new life. As I have said, Mother Nature has a way of making change happen on her terms, but she is also of the female persuasion, and this gives birth quite often, even in times of devastation that are readily warranted in order to cause a new direction to become the norm. So, even though she does abruptly spew change upon man, so does she also deliver new life and new hope. With change is there possibility, and as change happens so will possibilities be revealed. Man does not yet understand what lies beneath the Earth’s surface that has become so tired, overworked, and overrun with usage. Beneath lies greater energy reserves than that which man now digs so vigorously for. There is oil, there is water, but there are great stores of heat producing veins that have yet to be explored. Therein lies one of the alternatives, but their promise is as yet reluctantly explored.

Man does not understand that this aspect of Earth’s inner energy is in fact more easily harnessed than the oil now so vigorously sought. In the end will change produce, before man’s eyes, the greater prospect of this inner source, the energy of Mother Earth that does produce such eruptions of change, and gives birth to new landscapes, and forces man to take new paths.

I know there have been many predictions of devastation from many channels over the centuries, but now is there a great effort to shift Mankind from his complacency and change not only his stubborn refusal to take an evolutionary path, but to change how he utilizes the gifts he has been given, once and for all. These gifts include not only the gifts of the Earth, but also the gifts of awareness, creativity, imagination, and clarity of knowing that will drive all Mankind to accept a new way of thinking, talking, acting, and reacting to all that takes place before him, both events upon that Earth, and events that appear from other worlds to guide and lead him on his evolutionary journey.

Okay, so I understand that change is inevitable, that an evolutionary path is the only one, but how will the billions or trillions of inhabitants now living find their way to this evolutionary path. It seems impossible for a shift to be so all encompassing?

Don’t worry. As I have said, the Earth itself intends to take care of it with the energy of intent now backing it as our groups do work in conjunction. There will be, at first, a gradual revealing that a new direction must be taken. This has already been on the lips of many, but has not, as yet, really sunk in. But now will greater and more revealing shifts take place, so that man’s life as he now lives it will be forcibly different, and new ideas will be made apparent. Many so-called inventions, thought to be pretty odd right now, will have new meaning and become quite feasible, at least in great part. But keep in mind that the future has not yet been revealed in its entirety, though many have seen the truth of some of it. In actuality, will there be a piecing together of that which is now being studied and tried, with that which is yet to be revealed. As events take place, as energy shifts, as minds and hearts open to truth and knowing of greater connections, so will man’s ability to resolve his difficulties upon that Earth grow and change with the times and the events that produce new life.

So what about computers and the vast interconnectedness of the Internet and the ways that people now communicate, will that change?

I foresee great change, but be certain that communication must resort to inner knowing, and the vast interconnectedness of all things, and all energy. If this notion is fully realized, then will the great wide Internet become what it is truly capable of, the interconnectedness of all things. I mean this seriously, that man has the ability to connect without machinery, and without the apparatus of computers and microchips, but this it considered by many as too ethereal, and not downright science. But it is at the root of all scientific knowledge and energy study. Find your own energy inside you, and begin to test your own interconnectedness more often now. Train that, and see how much you really need what you so handily have at your fingertips. Your means of communication, your computers, your phones are but thoroughfares for the energy that already works on the highways of energetic connection. And those highways do not need electricity, but circumvent all that man has invented, and use the natural waves of intent, and energy, present all around you.

This energy, that is present at all times, is seen and felt by many who have trained themselves to see and know that it is one of the most valuable resources available to man. And the greatest feat of its presence is that no one can own it. No one can buy it and sell it and become fat off it because it is unharnessable. It cannot be captured in that way. But it can be utilized, freely, by all, simply by learning to be aware of it, and strengthening the inner capacity to use it for good, and for survival.

The buyers and sellers of energy are the first who will lose their jobs in the future, because energy will no longer be a commodity, but in fact a simple act of breathing, available for all to use, to obtain, and to live by. Look forward to a much different world in even the near future. I have been speaking now, for a long time, about your own energy, and finding your resonant strain in the energy around you. Begin to explore this now more fully, not only for your self and your life now, but teach others who come after to study it too, so that as shift takes place are the alternative “energies” already well-studied and utilized. There is vast knowledge waiting to be tapped in to. Begin with what you already know. Begin with what the Earth offers. Begin to expand outward, to the energy that comes to greet you with an awakening to your own awareness of energy. And begin to trust your knowing, and your abilities to connect, energetically, without your normal apparatus, using the “current” that is freely available. That is enough for now!