#234 There is a Great Effort to Shift Mankind from his Complacency

Dear Jeanne,
Yesterday you seemed to imply that in the future our only energy sources would be natural, such as water, wind, solar, and geothermal. I am assuming this is because there will be no other possibilities. If this is so, can you give us any ideas for how to harness and use these natural alternatives to their greatest capacities?

My contention remains that the Earth, and all who now live upon it, are long overdue for a great shift that will cause cataclysmic change. It is time for such a shake up, but do not think that all will be destroyed at once, or that all that now exists will cease to operate. For the most part, will great and large areas of Earth suffer irreparable change. At first will this seem devastating, to the extent that man will consider these areas hopelessly lost to habitation or have any properties of value. But this will not be so, for hidden just beneath the surface of such devastation will be new life. As I have said, Mother Nature has a way of making change happen on her terms, but she is also of the female persuasion, and this gives birth quite often, even in times of devastation that are readily warranted in order to cause a new direction to become the norm. So, even though she does abruptly spew change upon man, so does she also deliver new life and new hope. With change is there possibility, and as change happens so will possibilities be revealed. Man does not yet understand what lies beneath the Earth’s surface that has become so tired, overworked, and overrun with usage. Beneath lies greater energy reserves than that which man now digs so vigorously for. There is oil, there is water, but there are great stores of heat producing veins that have yet to be explored. Therein lies one of the alternatives, but their promise is as yet reluctantly explored.

Man does not understand that this aspect of Earth’s inner energy is in fact more easily harnessed than the oil now so vigorously sought. In the end will change produce, before man’s eyes, the greater prospect of this inner source, the energy of Mother Earth that does produce such eruptions of change, and gives birth to new landscapes, and forces man to take new paths.

I know there have been many predictions of devastation from many channels over the centuries, but now is there a great effort to shift Mankind from his complacency and change not only his stubborn refusal to take an evolutionary path, but to change how he utilizes the gifts he has been given, once and for all. These gifts include not only the gifts of the Earth, but also the gifts of awareness, creativity, imagination, and clarity of knowing that will drive all Mankind to accept a new way of thinking, talking, acting, and reacting to all that takes place before him, both events upon that Earth, and events that appear from other worlds to guide and lead him on his evolutionary journey.

Okay, so I understand that change is inevitable, that an evolutionary path is the only one, but how will the billions or trillions of inhabitants now living find their way to this evolutionary path. It seems impossible for a shift to be so all encompassing?

Don’t worry. As I have said, the Earth itself intends to take care of it with the energy of intent now backing it as our groups do work in conjunction. There will be, at first, a gradual revealing that a new direction must be taken. This has already been on the lips of many, but has not, as yet, really sunk in. But now will greater and more revealing shifts take place, so that man’s life as he now lives it will be forcibly different, and new ideas will be made apparent. Many so-called inventions, thought to be pretty odd right now, will have new meaning and become quite feasible, at least in great part. But keep in mind that the future has not yet been revealed in its entirety, though many have seen the truth of some of it. In actuality, will there be a piecing together of that which is now being studied and tried, with that which is yet to be revealed. As events take place, as energy shifts, as minds and hearts open to truth and knowing of greater connections, so will man’s ability to resolve his difficulties upon that Earth grow and change with the times and the events that produce new life.

So what about computers and the vast interconnectedness of the Internet and the ways that people now communicate, will that change?

I foresee great change, but be certain that communication must resort to inner knowing, and the vast interconnectedness of all things, and all energy. If this notion is fully realized, then will the great wide Internet become what it is truly capable of, the interconnectedness of all things. I mean this seriously, that man has the ability to connect without machinery, and without the apparatus of computers and microchips, but this it considered by many as too ethereal, and not downright science. But it is at the root of all scientific knowledge and energy study. Find your own energy inside you, and begin to test your own interconnectedness more often now. Train that, and see how much you really need what you so handily have at your fingertips. Your means of communication, your computers, your phones are but thoroughfares for the energy that already works on the highways of energetic connection. And those highways do not need electricity, but circumvent all that man has invented, and use the natural waves of intent, and energy, present all around you.

This energy, that is present at all times, is seen and felt by many who have trained themselves to see and know that it is one of the most valuable resources available to man. And the greatest feat of its presence is that no one can own it. No one can buy it and sell it and become fat off it because it is unharnessable. It cannot be captured in that way. But it can be utilized, freely, by all, simply by learning to be aware of it, and strengthening the inner capacity to use it for good, and for survival.

The buyers and sellers of energy are the first who will lose their jobs in the future, because energy will no longer be a commodity, but in fact a simple act of breathing, available for all to use, to obtain, and to live by. Look forward to a much different world in even the near future. I have been speaking now, for a long time, about your own energy, and finding your resonant strain in the energy around you. Begin to explore this now more fully, not only for your self and your life now, but teach others who come after to study it too, so that as shift takes place are the alternative “energies” already well-studied and utilized. There is vast knowledge waiting to be tapped in to. Begin with what you already know. Begin with what the Earth offers. Begin to expand outward, to the energy that comes to greet you with an awakening to your own awareness of energy. And begin to trust your knowing, and your abilities to connect, energetically, without your normal apparatus, using the “current” that is freely available. That is enough for now!