#235 Energetic Impact Should be Man’s Greatest Concern

Dear Jeanne,
Would you like to continue our conversation regarding the current state of the Earth and your prospects for the future, or would you like to impart some other message of guidance related to evolutionary growth and the energy that is now available?

My dear Jan, the current topic of Earth’s state of affairs is endless, but what most benefits man today is the real question. For although man is often warned of future potential or future demise, so is it all too distant and meaningless until real signs of change are felt by each and every being. So is the case now. For yes, many warnings have surfaced and been spread from mouth to mouth; ears have opened and begun to accept the many truths that do ring upon that tired Earth, yet still are those ears that do trust such truth-telling but a minority at this point. What is most important to the greatest number of Earth’s inhabitants? Why their daily existence, of course, the struggle to eat and abide upon that Earth with the least amount of physical discomfort. But what is all that struggle eventually leading to? The end result is death of the human form. But without awakening to the future potential of the inner being, the energy being, will life continue to be a wheel of despair for many millions. Far greater in number suffer than do achieve inner peace and recognition of life as an evolutionary journey that requires focus, intent, and change of perspective, attitude, and vision of the self. Yes, each of you are embodied in human form now, and that is your vehicle. How will you get the most out of that very complicated, intricate, and absolutely incredible vehicle that encompasses every aspect of who you are? Do you care for it as lovingly as you should? Do you love it for its presence in your life as your greatest means of progress and prosperity? Do you understand that it deserves not only your care, but also your respect, and your attention to all that it is capable of? This also includes its inner abilities that you are learning about, its energetic qualities, and its potential beyond the human form. That form is your ultimate abode, your home, and your transportation through that life.

So, Mankind is best served, now, by becoming more fully aware of the position he is now in, physically and energetically, because that form is his greatest asset, and his means, not only of survival, but of learning and growth. So, yes, the environmental concerns are extremely important subjects of discussion, but far more important for my focused mission is the inner awakening of spirit potential, and this is what I prefer to speak on. But it is also important to remind our readers that the world around them exists so that they may have an environment that allows for learning and growth. And all that man creates in his environment impacts his growth and his learning process by presenting him always with having to make choices. Each choice has impact upon the greater world. Each energetic choice also has impact upon the greater energetic world. You cannot separate each individual’s actions from the greater world. Everything is interconnected. Your choices on this day will have impact in the world this day. Your very breathing has impact, your movements, and your thoughts have impact. Your decisions, your next moves, and your awakenings, all have impact.

With the realization of the interconnectedness of all things, the understanding that every energetic move you make, whether physical, or mental, or emotional, or innerly spirit movement, so will you affect the energetic world around you. You each have a responsibility to the energetic framework of the greater world, beyond your own small world. This impact is felt, whether you can “see” it or not, but as the entire world’s population does breathe, and speak, and act upon their choices made, so is energy stirred, and sent crashing and streaming outward, connecting and flowing, enticing and gathering as the streams and rivulets do feed into a river. And that river of energy, as it continually builds and builds and builds, affects all things. This river of turbulence, or this river of calm, invites participation, and as this river captivates energetic participation so does it also enable the possibility for all things to occur.

Energetic impact should be man’s greatest concern at this point. Each person’s environmental impact should be daily questioned. How does my every move impact the energetic river of possibility? What am I adding, calm, or turbulence? Am I breathing peaceful, calming, loving breaths, or am I breathing hateful, stressful, agitated breaths? What am I contributing to the energy of this world I live in? Are my thoughts, my intentions, and my prospects focused on good, on gratefulness for my life, and my chance to have a place in this world? For there are many who do not have this opportunity to take a journey upon this Earth at this time.

Understand now the greater impact of your own life upon that environment that so badly asks for change. Impact the restless Mother Earth by settling now upon awakening to your own inner nurturing energy, and begin to change your own life, for the greater good. In so doing, will you inevitably begin to change the world. By your intent to grow in understanding of your evolutionary journey will you impact the world.

Go now, into your day, knowing that your energy, your outer energy and your inner energy, impacts the world. But know also that you each have the ability to change that world as you change your life.