#236 You Have Been Given a Slot in this Time of Great Shift

Dear Jeanne,
In spite of our occasional chats about other topics I do understand that your focus is on evolutionary growth. So, in light of that, what can you tell us about the energy now, the energy of today? Or is there some other direction you wish to go in today?

Doing the work of the self, completing the task now placed before you, as you live the life you now inhabit, is your chore and your duty. Even as you struggle through your days, seeking joy and fulfillment of your physical, emotional, and needy human aspects of that life, so is it important to keep your focus honed on the true purpose of life, which is, yes, that evolutionary journey.

As I mentioned yesterday, there are many who do not have the opportunity to live now upon that Earth. You have been given a slot in this time of great shift. You have been born during this time of change and of opportunity for growth. Can you fathom that? Why are you there, living that life, upon that Earth, at just this moment? Why you, and not some other energetic being? Well, because you have potential, great potential, and enthusiasm for growth. Though this may not as yet be clearly revealed to you, so did your choice of birthing into that time come with much energetic focus behind it. As you determined your path for that life, was there much heralding of your choices and your decisions, and you were backed by much energetic guidance. But you seem to have forgotten this; that you were chosen to take a slot in life upon that Earth, while others were denied entry.

It is time to wake up now, all of you Earth People, and stop grappling so much with what Earth offers, and instead turn to what you your self offer, and to what energy offers. Energy extends backwards and forwards. Back to your beginning, your root, your connection to all things, all knowing, and all energy; the center of all energy still glowing and awaiting your recognition. Then forward now, in that life you now live, resides all the signs you need to begin recalling that energetic source that you all spring from. It is your task upon that Earth to live a life of conscious search for meaning on an individual level, and to connect it with the energy source that does provide all energy.

Each of you has not only a task upon that Earth to fulfill, both for your self and for the greater good, that being aiding others in some fashion to learn and recall their own spiritual energy, but also to attach to the energy that will carry you forward now, out of that realm and on to a new level. Evolution reaches far beyond that Earth. The levels offer much more than that heavy Earth atmosphere does offer, as far as learning about energy and the truth of all things.

But all must launch from that pad, that place of veils, and that heavy atmosphere that does offer insight, but also the trickiest of tests and final exams. You are all offered a launching pad. It will appear clearly before you many times throughout your life, yet only when you are truly ready will you clearly see it. For even though it will make every attempt to be clearly seen, so is it your task to clear the veils from your eyes, your inner seeing, and take note of its presence, and attach to the greater meaning of it.

The greater meaning of your life is what that launching pad reveals. It offers you the insight, the direction, the truth that will free you from that world, and allow you to spring forward into a new world, where energy is everything. So learn now about energy, and you will not only be well prepared and able to “see” clearly what is before you, but you will feel the resonance, the energetic connection to you, the energetic you, who now searches and seeks, and may be slightly afraid to accept the fact that you do “feel” resonance, though your clarity may, as yet, not be quite revealed.

There is something there, waiting for all of you, and it awaits recognition from you, and acknowledgment, recall, resonant acceptance of your energetic connection. This is what life offers you, connection to your own past and your own future. Where are you going? Forward and backward at the same time, putting together all the pieces, gaining wholeness so that you may evolve with a clear picture, recognizing all the details, and finding your true energetic self, fully revealed, so that you can move on to new life and new adventures.

Take time today to ponder your own journey from the very beginning. Look for resonance all around you, and seek to understand your connection to that resonance that you feel. Why do you feel it? Where does it originate from? And who are you really? Energy, that’s who you are, inside and outside, an energetic being!