#237 Gifts Come in Many Packages

Dear Jeanne,
What would you like to discuss today?

Well, you know my focus is always on the evolutionary journey, and my good intentions go out to every one as they make their way through that life. I intend only good awakenings, yet often are there rude and abrupt awakenings, if that is necessary. By intend, I do not mean that I propagate awakenings, but I do use my energetic intent to urge awareness, so that the means by which an awakening is presented is noticed and paid attention to.

As I have often said, there are many now upon that earth doing good, in the service of awakening and awareness, offering their own good intentions so that many may become journeyers in a new way. Each of you are offered awareness, yet do you accept it as it is given? Do you wish to dismiss the form in which it arrives? Did you want a beautifully wrapped package with ribbons and bows and you only got a cardboard box? Well, it is not the package that matters, but it is what is inside that counts. No matter how your awakening is presented, so is it equally valuable and full of the utmost meaning for your evolutionary survival.

Accept all the gifts you are given, whether gentle and smoothly acceptable, or abruptly and harshly presented. What you do with them is the next step in the process of evolutionary growth. Will you learn from them? Even the simplest and most resonant of gifts offers great learning. It is these seemingly beautiful gifts that can be the trickiest, whereas the more blatant ones are easily understood. If you are offered awareness on a daily basis, what are you doing with it? If it is easy for you to “see” and to “know,” and if you easily connect with your spirit guides, and your journey is running fairly well, what are you really doing with those gifts?

On the other hand, if you are bombarded with signs of awakening on a more difficult level, awakenings that are hard to ignore, may you find it difficult to accept that these are gifts, but know that they are. Gifts come in many packages. Do you see yours as they arrive? Do you leave them piled at the door, unopened, because they are not as you wish them to be? Do you refuse them and send them back? Well, unfortunately, will they continue to arrive, so you might as well accept them, and start opening them, one at a time, until you have discovered all the gifts you are given and understood their meanings.

You are all being offered gifts on a daily basis. Use your awareness today, and every day, to accept and learn, accept and learn, accept and learn as you journey. That is how you will continue to awaken and grow in an evolutionary manner. I myself, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, had many harsh awakenings as I was delivered blow upon blow to my beautiful, cherished body, as cancer arrived in its ugly box, and offered me its cruel means of growth. Yet did I accept it as my path, and I made it my own, my own cancer journey, lived and learned in my own fashion, staying the course in spite of much disturbance presented by others in an effort to sway me from that path. But it was the right path for me to take. I accepted it without regret, and I elected to learn as much as I could about the only cures that resonated with me, and my intent to grow. I sought both physical healing and spiritual healing, and that is what I urge all to do, every day; balance both the physical and the spiritual, cancer free or not, healthy or ill, full of life and energy, or tired and troubled, so is life meaningless unless you seek growth, balance, purpose, and really utilize the slot you have been granted to live.

So today, continue your journeys, My Dear Ones. Life is offering you all that it has, sending you gifts every day. Open your packages as they arrive, and seek the deeper meaning of everything you are given. In this manner will you continually grow. Study hard, but balance your efforts with calming spirit centeredness and you will find your journey more enjoyable, no matter what your packages hold. This is enough for now. Good luck as you continue along your path. I await your energetic response to the discoveries you make. See what happens!