#238 Remain Alert, My Dear Traveling Companions

Dear Jeanne,
What can you tell us about today’s energy?

Have you noticed a sameness, a lull, while at the same time energetic confrontation on all fronts? While there is lull is there also energetic potential to sneak in and take over because of alertness blockages. Keep your awareness honed now, for lately is there the tendency to decide upon lesser paths on a daily basis. Keep eyes forward now, and await the big bang, the big bump in the path ahead. Soon will this lull be shaken out of its slumber.

As I speak of the energy all around you that now has influenced, so must I entice you to consider your own personal energy, for that is what must guide and fuel you. Remain in awareness of the Self, the Self as motivator, instigator, culprit, and prosecutor. Do not abandon the Self to the outer energy, nor the inner energy, but maintain a firm balance so that neither the lull takes over nor the inner captors. For in both cases will your awareness and your progress suffer.

Allow today, for awareness of all you have learned to sink in. Study your truths, your place in the evolutionary worlds of both that life on Earth and the worlds that await. Continually regain your footing if you stumble on your inner or your outer path. Do not fall into old regrets or become immersed in self-pity for your troubled life or your difficult path. Return always to balance, even as you are greatly challenged, and even as you open your gifts that are daily presented. If your gifts are not what you want, so are they what you need. And this is why you must maintain your steady balance, and keep your awareness, so that you may receive your gifts with plain acceptance of them, and occupy your life now more fully with taking on your journey in a most satisfyingly evolutionary way.

Stay focused, calm, balanced; and await the energetic twist that is to come. Soon will a new shift arise. These opportunities for growth must you look forward to with enthusiasm, not fear, for they are opportunities to gain awareness, and to personally experience the meaning of interconnectedness with all things. Remain alert, My Dear Traveling Companions. Do not let the energy of life use you and wear you down, but instead fully utilize it to your greatest advantage and your greatest good.