#239 Sit Down a Minute By Your Wall

Dear Jeanne,
It’s Friday again. Do you have a message for humanity as we go into a new weekend and a new month?

Walls are all around you, whether they are ancient and crumbling; or newly built, sheer and strong, of impermeable modern material. But so must you begin to not only notice them, but discover what they mean in your life. Who has constructed those walls, and what do they mean for your evolutionary growth? Have you been stymied by low stone walls that you continue to walk beside, and see them as great barriers, when it is possible to simply step over them now, simply because it is time to choose to leave them behind? Are your walls sheer, slippery slopes that appear impossible to scale? Do you not notice that there is a way around them? Why are you trying so hard to climb those walls, when in fact they do not truly exist, as you perceive them?

Sit down a minute beside your wall and take in all that lies around you. Take in a bigger picture of where you now find yourself, and see that wall as part of the scenery. Does it really have anything to do with you anymore? Is it time now to branch off on a new path, where no walls appear to guide you and hold you to your straight and narrow way? Is your wall a tether; or is it a blockage to your growth in some other manner? Look around you now more often when you feel stuck or complacent, when you find your self bored with your life, or confronted by the same dilemmas over and over again. Are you traveling beside the same wall? Is it necessary to do so? Why? What does that wall offer you?

Likewise, if you walk your path, steadily going forward, with awareness, and suddenly a huge wall rises up before you, and towers over you, threatening your very existence, what are you to make of that? Do not cower beneath it, or attempt to crash through it, but contemplate its deeper meaning from your perspective as an evolutionary being. What does such a wall pose to you at this moment in your life? And why are you being asked to stop and contemplate this wall? A wall may not be a blockage, but instead a cliff to leap off into new territory from. A wall may in fact be a starting point, if only you turn around and utilize it as such.

Walls are like packages, gifts from your guides. Are your walls familiar old friends, urging you along your rightful path? Or are they ancient ruins that it is time to branch off from? Or are they new challenges of a slick and modern world, that need contemplation and new interpretation, as your journey presents you with the opportunity to turn in a new direction, or suddenly shift your perspective, and offers relief, release, and great potential?

Walls, packages, challenges, disputes, are all the opportunity to enact change in your life. Do you choose change and growth? See what happens as a new phase is entered now, energetically speaking. Are you ready to flow with yet another new opportunity? Are you ready to embrace the changes being presented to you in your life? Are you ready to dismantle the walls that block you, or climb them, or walk away from them? Or don’t you see; you can simply walk around them? For that is often an option that is not noticed if the wall appears too high, yet is it not quite as wide and imposing as it appears at first. Find the walls in your life, and determine what they mean as we now enter a new energetic time of influence and confluence, for harmony and growth, if you so choose to peak around your corners and your walls, and see something different now.

Good luck! I hope you all embrace and enjoy your challenges, taking them on with energy, and the support that is readily available. Do not just sit down by your wall and mope, but instead really look around you, and judge your options for their growth potential. And then determine your next move, based on knowing that life is an adventure, and you will get nowhere fast if you remain sitting upon a mossy stone for too long while the energy stirs and invites you to partake in the adventure of it all. Oh, and don’t forget to have some fun while you are at it!