#240 Learning by Experience

Dear Jeanne,
What can we expect this week, energy-wise, and what lessons should we be learning today?

Do not focus so much on the lessons, but keep your focus forward on your gathering journey. In this manner will your lessons be assimilated and utilized immediately, even as each day is the energy available to be utilized.

Can you explain that further?

As always, is the journey and how you participate in it of utmost importance. The lessons you learn daily become part of your practice in life’s participation as you bump up against them and discover what they mean. But do not simply go looking for lessons. In doing that would you miss the other important aspects of your journey. Allow your lessons to come to you, but accept them as necessary and immediately important for progress and you will discover what I mean when I speak of assimilating your lessons into life.

A person who is always studying and looking for the lessons may miss the ones that are most important. A studious, distracted lesson-seeker may in fact slow down his journey as he forgets to look all around him for the lessons being offered. Not all lessons are in books. Not all lessons have yet been discovered. Though it is practical to go looking for the wisdom of others, so is it equally practical to allow for experience to present you with you own greatest lessons. For as you learn and study do you gather knowledge of the experiences of others, but how is that significant if you do not participate in life by having your own experiences?

This energy now upon that earth, this energy of change, does ask for participation on a new level, a level of acceptance that has not, as yet, become the norm. Acceptance of experience alone, based on your own inner knowing and clarity, is being presented now as a new manner of learning. This learning by experience involves letting go of all the old rules, of dismantling many of your old ideas of what is possible, and of opening now to the flow of energy that does seek to guide and to enhance your life upon that earth.

Open up to the lessons being presented to you in your own life in a different manner. Take your heads out of those books for a while now, and allow for a total envelopment of inner spirit in experience of the energy of now. Allow your self to have an experience of pure energy today, and you will begin to open the doors to a new way of learning that requires energetic participation. Stop looking so hard for it, and just experience it. The energy of experience is all around you. You just need to begin noticing it, and finding your own inner response to it.

Let go a little today, just a little, so you are able to taste the energy of change, and see where it asks you to go. You might be surprised by what you learn. But remember, it will be your own experiential lesson, and please, trust it for what it teaches. For it seeks only to open new doors to energetic possibilities, so that you may grow and evolve during this time of great change.