#241 Once Again: The Interconnectedness of All Things

Dear Jeanne,
What would you like to discuss today?

I would like to bring the discussion back, once again, to the interconnectedness of all things, for life upon that earth does, energetically, require an understanding of this. Life requires awareness of this interconnectedness in order for energy exchange, and growth, to have impact. Each of you is responsible for utilizing your own energy to the best of your abilities, and to gain in understanding that you are not only chosen to participate in this time frame, but also expected to learn how to expand your energetic concerns beyond the self.

As you know, I do authorize much self-study, but this must be in the form of recapitulation, with the intent to grow, and not self-study that keeps you bound to old ideas, and to self-regrets, and negative places. Self-study must include looking outward for connection with other energies that are compatible with your own, both on the personal, nitty-gritty level of life upon that Earth, as well as seeking guidance and connection outside of that so real environment you call life.

In so doing, by looking beyond the self in this manner, but still remaining true to your own energetic configuration, do you begin to connect with all other energies. By gaining an understanding of how you, individually, do connect with your spirit guides, or simply with your awareness of all that is being presented to you on a daily basis, so do you begin to gain awareness of all energies and the interconnectedness of all things.

Do you see people beginning to understand this and explore other energetic possibilities, or do you think it has not really been understood?

There is great enthusiasm for this idea of interconnectedness, and there is great desire for it as well, yet do people forget to slow down and look for it in their own lives. The energy now upon that Earth is an energy of bigness, of over-consumption, and of greed, and this has become the norm. But understanding interconnectedness does not come in big ways. It comes first in small rivulets, in tiny filaments, in strings of suggestion and awareness that find resonance, and eventually those tiny waves of energetic intent grow into a whole network of awareness that is far greater in content than any one big explosion of awareness ever could be. A large energetic blip soon disappears from awareness, while small daily blips build, both in intent and also in creating knowing and certainty.

So, we have not quite “gotten” it yet?

Not yet, but do not become concerned with that insight on my part, but instead stay focused on the awarenesses in your own life in order to build your clarity. Read the signs that arrive for their greater meaning in your life; and do not, above all, dismiss them, for their content holds up until the next sign appears. Do not forget what was recently shown, but carry it with you, and take it out, and examine it beside the next sign, and see where those lead you next.

By understanding the interconnectedness in your own life, by looking for your signs that seek to guide you, will you gain an understanding of how all things are connected, and how all things seek to guide you in a new direction. Understanding of the greater connectedness of all this is then but the next step. Start with the small signs in your own life. Then begin to see how your own life is connected with all else.

You are there for a reason, a purpose, and this you are seeking clarity on, but it is connected with all else, and that you must understand fully in order to truly know your reason for being. To seek meaningfulness in life requires an awareness of the interconnectedness of all things, and all energies. Look for your own signs that come to guide you, and seek meaning in everything in order to gain clarity of the self, and the true place you are being asked to inhabit upon that Earth.

Resolve today to become an understudy of the signs that appear outside of you, and study your own resonance and understanding of them related to your journey and what you are being shown about the interconnectedness of all energies. You will soon find that you are not alone in your endeavors, for many know that it is now the only way to go. Life upon that Earth is changing, greatly. Don’t you see the signs? Don’t you understand that everything is leading you to discover who you truly are? And then are you also being asked to look outside of your self, to the greater energetic network that interconnects you with all energies. Pretty interesting, huh?