#242 The Golden Seeds of Change Have Been Planted

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any comments regarding the political scene in America, especially after yesterday’s “Super Tuesday” vote?

As you know, I am not politically involved in the United States, but I am totally energetically involved. That being said, I do not foresee much change on the horizon as of yet, politically speaking. There is much to be discussed and dismantled before real change can happen, but the golden seeds of change have been planted, and energetically speaking is that for the greater good of that country, and the whole world. For the United States is not an isolated individual, but an outspoken, boisterous sympathizer of none, mostly self-centered, and concerned with its own prosperity. It was built upon such a construct, so it is through no fault that such selfishness does continue to exist. Necessary at its beginnings, now is it essential that its protectionism turn to globalism in a new way of acceptance. The seeds of acceptance have been planted, but there is much work still to be done across that vast land that will require diligent cultivation, and weeding out of the invasive ideas and radical influences that will seek to poison the new growth that seeks only to pass that country into new life.

So, on an energetic level, is there now a new exuberance and hope, and this inflames not only possibility for the man and the woman of difference to step forward and begin a revolutionary turn toward new life, but it also stirs up the devouring flames of fear and greed. So, see what happens.

How can we who are agents of change make an energetic difference?

Stir up your own energetic intent, learning to utilize your ability to connect and interconnect, both practically and energetically, as I have been speaking about. Use your abilities to promote change, whatever they may be; and use your intent to stir up the energy of change and of good, good for America, but also good for the entire human race. Ask for intentions of energetic good, centered on evolutionary growth, and the right choices will be made in the future elections.

Can you make a prediction of who will win?

As of yet, is there but an inkling of possibility that does not yet have much energy behind it that is conducive to truth telling, for there is much negative action behind the stirrings of hope upon that land. Do not look so hard at what is presented before you on your TV screens, for those images are not the truth. There exists behind your candidates other processes that kindle hope, but do serve the opponents greatest wishes. Who is really urging change that is so drastic as a black man in the White House? Who is urging that a woman represent that masculine climate? Look deeper, My Friends, and avoid failure of desire. Continue the fight for change, but beware of the bigger political machine that has only begun to pull out its weapons. It could get nasty. But it is not what you may think based on what you see presented before you. All of your candidates, in all parties, have awareness of darkness behind them, but even they do not know the full extent of the power that seeks office. The truth of that is yet to be revealed, and may never come to light if those golden seeds of change are not cultivated and allowed to sprout. Beware the herds of cattle that may be unleashed over the fields of newly sown crops of gold, for they will threaten, with great trampling of hope, and devastation, while the white man sits with clean hands.

“Dirty hands” has two meanings. In one camp, does it mean hard work in the fields, actually getting down on bended knees, and working hard to cultivate the golden seeds that hold such promise. On the other side, do “dirty hands” mean staying clean at all costs, yet performing the deeds that will take apart the prosperity so heartily worked and tended by those others with the mud of truth, and the reality of growth, upon their hands and knees.

So what else do you suggest we do?

Use the power of intent in the ways that suit you best. I suggest meditation, prayer, and individual methods of sending forth messages of change wrapped in only truth and goodness. Stay away from negatives, focusing on a future of enlightenment for that great country so full of global possibility and potential. I do not consider negative talk even remotely helpful. Avoid negative discussions of the opponents. Instead, give full force intent to the chosen ones.

[*See below where I asked a follow up question later, when I was coding this message, because it seemed necessary after this bold statement about the chosen ones. -Jan]

And what should we be doing on a practical level?

Get involved in whatever movement suits your temperament. I know from my own life upon that Earth, and as a member of the population of America, that there are many suited to energetically become politically involved. I institute, that now it is time to become politically evolved, if that is your personal intent. If you are considering politics in your future, now is the time to evolve into that energetic sweep that does offer the possibility for evolutionary change in the political framework of that great country. Do not hesitate, but embrace that life for positive change, with evolution as the word of choice. Others who have no political urging inside must find their inner spirit’s calm reading of the situation, and determine their course from there.

I suggest, to all good citizens of that planet, that now is the time to become supremely wary of the televised method of communication. Even the procurers of good will not truly be represented by the media. Look far behind their words, as they are not allowed to say what they really wish to say. It is not acceptable to utter the bare truths, but it is utterly desired. So listen hard for the truths behind the messages, and may you all cast your votes, when the time comes, for the candidate who does dare the most. Other than that, I can only encourage participation, continually, on an evolutionary path. The energy is available for this path to open for all, individually, culturally, environmentally, politically, and on a national, religious, and worldwide level.

Seek change, cultivate the golden seeds, root out the truth, deflect the false prospectors, and keep the channels open to hear and speak only that which is truly necessary, positive, and evolutionary, on all levels.

Is there any other message?

Politics is not my thing, as I have said, but it is energetically supported, for it has the potential to cause much needed shift. And where great shift is necessary is there backing from energetic groups, even as my group does work for the evolution of the soul, and there are environmental groups seeking change, so is there energetic group support on a political level throughout the world. Look for signs of this, and you will begin to notice that they are every where, a strength that seeks reciprocal participation. So those who choose political action will be well-guided, but awareness of such connection is essential. So spread that message, all you Readers, and Thinkers, and Heart-centered Beings, and then see what happens. Political waves of energy abound, and they resonate with many backers of the ethereal sort!

*And who are the chosen ones?

They are the least expected, chosen for the truths they seek to point out, yet are they still at a loss for the right words of truth. They must become more known, for as yet do they hide too much behind the media, who does not allow them to breathe the fresh air of truth in the faces of man. They have been kept quietly breathing, unable to fully exhale all that they wish to say. The political machine does control too much for this to clearly be revealed as of yet. Look closely for who breathes freely, and speaks equally freely. Who dares the most from this point onward?