#243 String Your Necklaces

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us all today?

Do not hesitate to procure your own place in that world. All who live there now do have a purpose to conduct; whether it be brief or long lived, so is it related to the journey of the soul. In order to accomplish the goal now set forth is it necessary to acquiesce to the journey being presented, for all events are meaningful and prepared for your experience.

Do not hold back from that which you must do. Determine your path, and stay focused on growth and evolution of spirit, that which resides inside you, and urges you to have life, and to find your ultimate reason for that life. Continue your progress at every step by looking always for the signs, and the experiences that are meant for you, and you alone. Learn to interpret them for their meaning in your soul’s experience in this life, putting it all together, a piece at a time, as it leads you always toward wholeness, clarity, and completion.

In order to maintain your stable, balanced journey, make your way forward now with your new awarenesses in your pocket, handy at all times, so that as you go, so do you not miss the signs and the lessons. Remember always that you are a journeyer, seeking clarity, and seeking also the meaning of just this life you now live in the context of all your previous lives. Resolve to complete the journey of your soul during this life time, finding your long string of lives neatly strung, as pearls on your necklace of experience. And finally, connect both ends of it together, around your neck, your life times at that level of reality finally completed, fully known, fully understood, and fully owned, so that your next life may evolve to a new level of awareness.

It is time to sweep up the remainders of lives lived; time to put together all the pieces so that your time upon that earth may be completed, and your slot made available to the next seeking soul. It is the ultimate challenge to be the last life at that Earth bound level. It is the greatest achievement to complete that cycle of living. String your necklaces. Complete your tasks within that realm so that you may fully evolve beyond that heavy place, and begin a new journey with your soul complete; your lives tied together, friends joined as one; and your new life with your larger soul group made available to you when your work is done.

This is possible to achieve. Even if you do not see your self as yet evolved, so is it possible to gain in awareness and, with effort and training, maintain it through the time of transition. Work hard, My Dear Ones, to understand who you really are. Find your calm and balanced place upon that Earth. Discover the meaning of that journey you now take, and with keenly honed awareness accept your possibility for continued growth. All of these messages seek to aid you on that journey. That is all I attempt, to offer guidance, so that those who reside upon that planet may have the opportunity to evolve into new life, with awareness and clarity in tact, and knowledge of a job well done.

Find another pearl, and attach it to your necklace today. See your journey more clearly as each day offers you the opportunity to understand something new. Allow your self to accept the possibilities I speak of, and open your self to a new way of experiencing life. It is only good that is being offered, and only refreshing new life to aid you in your work there. See what happens today!