#244 Turn Your Outer Questions Inward

Dear Jeanne,
What is your message to humanity today?

Uncover your truths and reveal them to your self. For how can life progress and truly evolve if you have not uncovered all your secrets that you keep locked tightly away from the eyes of even your inner knowing? In order to truly evolve, and become a fully functioning citizen of an evolutionary world, must you know your self fully. But even more than just knowing, must you fully forgive your self in an evolutionary manner. This means, remove all judgments, all blame, and all ancient voices and ideas planted by outside forces that have sought to curtail your evolutionary growth by challenging you to notice just what it is that you must learn. Although I say, “curtail,” I do not mean this to imply that events in your life wish to keep you from your evolutionary potential, but “curtailing” you by pointing out where you must stop a while and do the work of the self.

This work of the self, this truth seeking of the self, is the only method by which one can truly evolve. Uncovering and discovering, digging for the buried treasure of the self, is the task that all are presented with. To live a life ignorant of the inner workings of the self is to live a selfish life, focused on self-gratification and external pleasures. Inner work, the deep work on truly studying and knowing the self is the ultimate unselfish act. To truly know the self fulfills not only that journey, but also allows for total release from pre-occupation with the self, so that energy and attention may eventually be paid to life as it unfolds around you, outside of you. For you will not fully understand the life outside of you, grasping all it offers, all the signs, and all the guidance, until you fully know the self.

So, as the energy continues to escalate, to grow again to a frenetic activity that harbors much possibility for change, for the opposites of both growth and destruction, remain balanced by continually turning inward, to examine the self in a new manner, guided by this energy. What does the outer energy point to in your inner work? What are you being guided to work on next as this energy of now does pressure upon all of you some aspect of the self that needs attention. Use the outer energy to your advantage by questioning the inner self as regards the energetic twists and flurries that arise. So what if there is devastation and calamity all around you? What does that really have to do with you? Find reciprocal experience in your own life, and in your inner response. Turn your outer questions inward, and question your deepest concerns upon the inner you. Find your inner resolutions. Advance beyond the stages of big baby, victim, and survivor, and truly mature into an evolutionary being, totally accepting of the reality of your life and your journey, every step meaningful and necessary.

Do not only forgive the self, but suspend all judgments of the self, and release the self from the judgments of others. Life is what it is. Accept your journey and move on now to truthful walking as your path unfolds. Make each new step a step in total acceptance of the utter truth of the self as an evolving being who has lived and learned, and is eager to continue doing so. Acquiesce to the truth, and you will discover that your inner you will love you for that, as you make room for the voice of truth to speak to you now more clearly, and allow it to guide you. In this manner will your journey in that outer world also begin to be guided more fully as, energetically speaking, will you allow a greater response from outside of you to be acceptable and available.

Do not hide from your truths. Every day do they knock at the door. Do you hear them knocking? It is time to open the door and greet them. They are but old friends who have waited all these many years for your invitation to join you on the amazing journey that is your life.