#245 Build Your Awareness of the Energies That Surround You

Dear Jeanne,
What is the message for today?

Underneath lies always the current of doubt, seeking to draw your attention, but I advise keeping the eyes forward on the light ahead and the gleaming rewards of truth as yet to be revealed. I speak, of course, of your own truths. Each one of you who reads my messages is on a path. Whether it be steady and strongly focused on an evolutionary model, or sometimes only moderately so, do not lose touch with the energies all around you. Even if you have not yet trained your awareness, even if you are skeptical and uncertain of my many words of other realities and the influences of other worlds, so is it of utmost importance that you build your awareness of the energies that surround you.

Underlying doubt does sneak in, but heads above the clouds keep feet in distant doubt, far from interfering. In order to remove your forward facing feet from that stream of doubt, maintain your awareness of the clear air above, and the signs that appear to lead you on your way. As I have said, many times, only with experience will your trust be solidified, and your abilities to further your journey be enhanced.

With life now so volatile, energetically speaking, is there need for the head to know what the feet are doing. Even though you may wander in doubt, keep the head up, aware that the possibilities do exist for down to interfere in your progress. Do not forget that life offers change more often than some folks like to acknowledge, and this is how you will move your feet out of that underlying stream of darkening doubt and skepticism. Look for the light that surrounds you now, the light that urges you to notice its beam, pointing out your direction, even as your eyes do cast downward and want to sleep again.

Wake up now. Stay alert, and squint your way forward through this energetic time of doubt. Change will break through, revealing the greater light ahead. Maintain your awareness. Look for the truth of my words in your own life. Take good care of your selves, My Fine Traveling Companions. You are doing well, just a little dampened by the energies, but that is soon to change. Stay focused, calm, and balanced; and keep eyes forward on the light ahead; eyes on the prize, so to speak, it is within reach. Where your struggles lead you that is where you must go, but go with your awareness leading you too, bringing your clarity back to your journey, and remember why you are there, and where you are headed.