#246 It is the Energy of Change That is So Insistently Seeking Notice

Dear Jeanne,
What is happening with the energy today?

Strings of doubt seek attachment as frantic search for meaning does invade the consciousness of seekers upon that planet Earth. Do not look for doubt to solve any problems, nor to bring truth to your awareness. Life without doubt, however, would be quite uneventful, and unchallenging. Doubt presents questions and hypotheses in order for seeking souls to find direction. Question your doubts. Find your way through the muck of them, and refresh your breath with pure awareness of the possibility of everything, and in this manner remain firmly upon your path.

I do not dismiss any questioning, nor do I dismiss the validity and importance of energetic configuration. Though frantic and even desperate energy does now invade and infiltrate the pleasant plains of Earth, do not disregard the propositions that doubt presents. Question everything. Stay focused though, upon your path of knowing, and seek always rightness of heart, and resonance of inner spirit.

As political frenzy energetically inhabits the United States, as around the world the wages of dispute and difference take their toll, and as Mother Earth does also engage in the energy that is present for change, so does she too pose many challenges. There are many forces at work now upon that great Earth, seeking notice, seeking to wake up the sleepers who slumber too deeply still, and these forces of change do not wait too long for response, but return with yet more force. This you may notice all around you, but remain cognizant that it is the energy of change that is so insistently seeking notice on a personal level, and on a greater worldwide level.

Investigate your place now, on this day, as the wild energies of doubt, and shift, and challenging change do elaborately intermix and create a great swathe of energy that is undeniable in its intensity. Do not get drawn apart by its whirlwind. Do not fall apart in a heap of disrepair and despair. Do not allow it to topple you from your steed, or overturn your boat upon the seas. Do not allow its power to become more focused than your own inner intent for growth and change.

Yes, this is a very challenging time, and energetically speaking is it quite conniving in its abilities of deceit and trickery, but it is up to each of you to uncover the truth, both in your own lives, and in the political and environmental climate that has emerged and seeks eruption. Do not allow your own steadiness to be disrupted by what you perceive is going on about you, both in your personal lives and in the worlds closest to you. Do not allow the worldwide energy to pull you from your focused path either, great though it is.

This is a time of deep inner reflection. Keep the focus on the inner journey, for this reflects the greater journey that all must make, and that all must confront. The outer energy does but reflect the inner energies need for quiet calm contemplation, rather than the tendency to get drawn outward by it, thus setting up the possibility of doubt and of loss of focus to become the driving force. Always must the inner self remain the driving force, staying calm and focused on the truth, and the journey of resonance, and of awareness.

Remain cognizant of your path, all that you have learned and continue to learn, as the energy of now, so volatile and frantic, hungry for fodder, does seek attention. Don’t give it much of any thing; if you can help it, and you will do well, remaining in focused contemplation of the true meaning of your life and where you are going. Clear the mists of doubt, and the dust of frantic energy from your eyes today, and stay focused on the inner truth, and the inner path. It is the only way to find the correct outer path. Good Luck. The energy, by the way, is doing what it does best, distract and seek satiation. So be aware of it at all times, and turn your back as often as possible to protect your eyes, and your seeing will remain clear.