#247 Stay Attached to the Open Light Above You

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

Continue your vigilant awareness of the energies that do seek to disrupt and interfere in your progress. This time of pending change does hold, deep in its grasp, the seeds of doubt and of blindness, with the ability to overshadow your progress and your awareness so far gained.

Do not attach attention to this darkness ever present on the horizon, but do maintain awareness of it, for even though you do not want to engage its power, so do you want to remain alert to its force. Such force does sit and wait for the weary, and the tired to stumble into its ready grasp.

Such energy is causing delay, as it blocks progress. Remain alert to your own inner struggles now, and relate your inner darkness to this impending outer rim of darkness that does sit and expectantly wait for the unaware to fall into its trap. If you remain fully cognizant of life’s true journey, and your own place in your own journey, so do you keep your focus on progress, looking and looking constantly for where to place your foot as you prepare to take your next step.

Aside from that rim of darkness on the horizon, is there much light energy above, though that current of doubt, that I have spoken of, does also still run beneath. But this will be of minor consequence as long as you stay attached to the open light above you. This is where focus and attention of thoughts and progress must remain in order for these few days of gloom to be passed without incident. Lift your attention upward now, away from the darkness and the doubt, but never lose your awareness of them, for they still seek your attention. Though you may not be aware of how close they really are to captivating you, keep always alert; place your intent on inner growth, and evolutionary enlightenment, connected to the light above, and you will weather through this time of pressure from the outside.

How long will this energetic tension last this time?

The rest of this week and into the next will carry this tension upon its shoulders. I do warn of it, for it will be making an impact in the world around you. So watch for this. Even as you stay honed upon your own path of growth, do notice how energy affects everything. Look for clarification of such energetic convergence in the world around you as a good example of how energy works. All of this is to teach and enlighten you to your own abilities to learn to read the energy, and understand how it affects you in your personal life. As you tune your awareness to the energy all around you so can you learn how best to utilize it, or deflect it if need be, for your own greater good. In learning this so can you learn how your own decisions of what kind of energy you choose to engage in can have greater impact beyond your own little world. All worlds are one world. All energy affects all other energy. Every decision you make in your life has impact in the world around you.

As you continue your journey of inner exploration and inner strengthening, so will you discover that your connection to that light above you will strengthen and become much clearer. Your connection will easily gain in ease of focus, and you will find that, as all repetitive actions eventually become, so will it be as a new habit, a well-developed habit of good intent. So, continue to hone this new habit of connection with the light energy above that seeks reciprocal connection. Keep your awareness on this connection and, with firm conviction to remove your thoughts from the darkness, allow this powerful energy of light to enter your knowing and become a beacon in this time of change.

As I have often said, I do not like negative thoughts or attention, or negative language, for it gives too much power to that dark energy. Shift your very thoughts and words now to speaking only, and thinking only, of the positive energy that does ask for change that is thoroughly enlightening, and positive, in the direction of evolutionary growth. Keep in mind that every thing that happens is part of that evolutionary growth. This is true on a personal level and a worldwide level as well. So watch, as events unfold, and as you make your own decisions and choices over the next few days. Stay focused on the larger picture, the light above, the new world ahead of you, even as you do not forget that attempts will be made to pull you from your path, and pull a drape over your light. Ultimately will all be as it should, in your life, and in the world around you. This is how energy works, but also this is how you should work, as a full-fledged participant, fully engaged, energetically, in your lifetime upon that earth.

Stay focused and calm and you will be fine, My Dear Ones. Focus on the good will never go wrong, and it may even get you where you are going a lot faster that expected. Have fun too! Don’t forget to enjoy every minute of your existence upon that earth, wondering, and searching for your proper path with gladness of spirit, and eagerness for growth.