#248 Good Surrounds You, If You Invite It

Dear Jeanne,
What message of guidance do you have for us today?

It is as yet too early to say what the outcome of this energetic confluence will be, but it is never too early to suggest that remaining in calm balance will allow for greater experience no matter what the energy around you is doing. Support your own experience of that volatility that now imposes itself, and seek entry into your knowing by remaining always the calmly centered journeyer.

Good surrounds you, if you invite it. So I ask that all of you focus on positive words and thoughts about your selves, your world, and all who exist in it, and then extend your positive intentions beyond even your own world. Allow good to become your inner and your outer focus today. Allow this good energy to be expressed outwardly and engaged innerly so that you absorb your own good and loving intent for your inner self. Love and compassion do need a great place in the world of today, and this must begin within the self. For how can you exude love and compassion for all, if you have not fully accepted the self, the inner self and the outer self, and allowed your self to be totally acceptable and acknowledged as perfectly right for your journey? Hold the self accountable for every decision and action; accept responsibility for your journey; and allow your every action to be made from your inner core, with truth and rightness of action to be your guiding forces. If you operate from this place of inner truth, then is it possible to fully accept and love the self, with true compassion, fully accepting of the journey you are now on.

Acknowledge your independence, your own journey, and fully own your choices and the places you have gone. Love and appreciate the self for the adventures you have allowed your self to take, and then look at the others in your life, and love and accept them for the adventures they have allowed themselves to take. Make your choices in life now based on these truths of the self: that you are on a journey that is your responsibility, that you are fully capable of taking it, that you did indeed plan and charge your self to take it, and that you are going to continue taking it. With full responsibility for and full acceptance of your journey, may you now begin to find that inner core that does rightfully guide and protect you. This is the aspect of the self that does deserve love and respect. This is the aspect of the self that must now engage in life and become more awake and cognizant of your place upon that earth. Allow your inner spirit, so eager for life, to be fully accepted and acceptable to you, the outer you, and allow this inner spirit to be loved by the outer you now more fully.

I speak of this inner/outer self today because the energy may seek to separate the two, and it will be your job today to keep them together, paired together as two halves of a whole, alert and aware of each other and of the journey you are on. Remain in balance so that you are not pulled apart by the energy, so that you are not separated and lost to your inner self, nor the outer self either. These two aspects of the self must remain glued together now, lovingly acknowledged, accepted, but most of all kept in full awareness as you journey on.

Extend your awareness of self then outward. Extend your feelings of love and of goodness outward then, in positive energy, countering the energy of today that seeks to get in there and unbind your hard fought for convergence of these two selves. Be aware, but mostly be loving and gentle with your self, even as you remain firmly and steadily walking upon your path of positive energy. Your own energy is more powerful than that outside of you, and this you must know and keep in the palm of your hand today. Fight pulling-apart energy with tightly-glued energy of inner and outer self in complete balance and awareness. I love you all for the journeys you are taking, and the good jobs you are doing to remain aware and alert. Keep up the “good” work!