#249 Remain Heart-focused, My Dear Ones

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance to carry us into the weekend?

Stay focused on the yearnings of the inner self as you weather the coming days, as change does infiltrate now more forcefully into the lives of many. Remain heart-centered. Remain fixated on the journey. Remain aware of the greater meaning in your life and the lives of those around you. Remain cognizant of what life offers in the future as you go now forward into the next few days of disruption, controversy, and energy unleashed.

I do not mean to scare, but I do mean to aid and prepare those of you who are aware and alert to the energy around you. This time of volatility will soon run its course, yet is there always the possibility of eruption of such energy at any time, for even though it may not remain as strongly present as it is now, so does it remain embedded in the network of all energy.

Hold now your hand upon your heart center, and ask for actions, and guidance, and words, and thoughts to come from this place of right action. This is where evolving adults must meet the world that is now; this is the place of wisdom, and the seat of truth; this is the new ground to walk upon, and the new air to breathe. Remain in this heart-centered place of inner calm and balance now, as you go forward into your “week’s end.” Though such a phrase does not have much concern in my world, so am I aware that it is significant in yours. Time is of concern only in that it poses the opportunity for change, which also implies growth. So take charge now of your own time of growth. Allow change to enter your lives because it is necessary, and it is also inevitable. But mostly allow change to enter your lives because you desire it, and you look forward to the possibilities that lie ahead. Life offers unlimited possibilities, and your job now, even as you rest from your work week, is to embrace the possibilities that life presents to you; and flow into new life, guided by what each new day offers.

Present your self with your own heart-centered guidance and knowing, and begin to look at the changes in your life from this place of calm; and accept your journey as conducted from this place, rather than conducted from outside of you. Find your rightful place in your heart-centered journey, and then discover how you fit much better into the journey that unfolds outside of you.

Remain heart-focused, My Dear Ones, and you will maintain your awareness, and your clarity. Your abilities to weather through this time of volatility will aid you as you ease through this time of change. Keep in mind that in order to embrace and be positively impacted by change, must you choose to be so impacted. Yes, you can sit and watch change happen all around you. You can sit and watch the debris fly, the unsettling of life happen all around you. But in order to be impacted by it for your own greater good, must you choose to be. Your choice of participation in change is up to you. Often change will clobber you over the head, and you may feel you have no choice, but in reality is there always a choice in how you decide to handle it. This time, handle it from your heart center, and embrace change (whether it be small and barely discernible, or heavily laden upon you) from this new place of calm centered and balanced truth. You will feel it within you if you shift your focus to this area of the self, both the outer heart center, the physical one, and the inner heart center of all-knowing.

Embrace your self today in this manner, as a heart-centered being, full of awareness, and connected to all-knowing. This is who you are now. And by accepting this new you do you offer your self the opportunity to ride the winds of change in a different manner. Lift your nose and sniff the energy of change, allow its fresh scents to ignite your own inner desire for change and growth on a spirit driven level, and open your heart now to a new way of living. Be guided by your own heart, but don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it. We are always available, My Friends!