#250 Stay Contemplative

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

Contain your inner calm. Do not allow it to be drawn outward by the energy that does seek participation in its raucous behavior. Stay innerly focused and centered during this time of spiraling energy that seeks new energy to fulfill it as it spins now in its whirlwind of turmoil. Do not attach, but do acknowledge its presence in order to remain balanced and aware. This is all I advise today.

Do not puzzle too much over the world at this time, but stay turned inward as this energetic frenzy does wear out its welcome over the next few days. Avoid falling into old traps. Shift now more firmly into your inner work.

Stay contemplative. Stay detached. Stay calm as you take your next steps, and as you focus forward now through the haze, seeking clarity and confirmation of your experiences by asking for more growth-oriented circumstances to come your way, focused on positive good on all sides. This is the best way to begin your new week; focused on inner calm balance; with good intentions for personal enlightenment and growth of your inner self.

Remain aware of your place at all times. Question your circumstances at all time for their inner meaning and you will do well.