#251 Find Always Your Passion for Your Journey

Dear Jeanne,
What can we expect today?

Abide by the rules of a seeking life, focusing always on your next step, but remaining contemplative and questioning of the meaning of now. Your journey is of utmost importance, but remain aware of the lessons presented to you daily. Do your homework. Discover the meaning of your everyday encounters with stumbling blocks, and with ancient energies that rise up in you and ask to finally be acknowledged and dealt with. For your journey to be complete must you address unfinished business from your past, your most recent past still slumbering in memory, and from your past lives still waiting to be reconciled.

This is your greatest accomplishment to engage and to decipher as each new day arises, and as energies do point out to you what you must learn about your soul and about your ancientness. Find always your passion for your journey, but find it for purposes of completion and evolution. By this I mean, complete your earth bound lifetimes, and seek to evolve to new levels of awareness. Though many consider life upon that earth to be the one and only learning ground, so is this not so. And it is not impossible for ANY one of you to evolve beyond it, though it has often been presented as only accomplishable by the most spiritually enlightened. That is just not so, nor is it a place to linger too long thinking about, for then does one either become inflated or dismissive, and neither of those traits will aid you in evolving. The only way to evolve is to do the work of the Self. This is what all enlightened humans have discovered; and it is not restricted to a chosen few, but is available to all.

The only thing evolution requires is awareness, openness to the possibility of all things, and a genuine desire to grow. But it also involves daring; and the determination to view life in a different manner, with detachment and focus on the journey, without being caught by the wants and desires of the big baby, the big ego, and the negative energies that seek to feed off such stagnant energy.

To lead a seeking life is to evolve to a place of detachment that is all-encompassing. By this I mean truly being at a place of growth, inner growth, without being drawn to stay caught by negative energies that prefer your energy to stay committed to the trappings of that world. Seek instead a new balance, fraught with detachment, but filled with love and compassion for all living creatures. Humbly walk your path, neither special nor unspecial, but simply learning as you go, looking always for what is right, and learning to love all others for the journeys they make, whether beside you, or far away. For all of you are creatures of grand energy that desires evolutionary completion.

So today, do stay fixated on your journey as you seek detachment from the energy of turmoil that does still seek to feed off your vital energy and satiate itself. This may be on a personal level, or this may be outside of you, teasing both your inner contemplation outward, or presenting you with promises of ego-boosting better left untouched. Watch your inner process. See where the energy seeks to draw you. Remind your self often that you are leading a seeking life, that progress involves that world only as far as what lessons you must learn in order to proceed to the next level. Allow the ego to be present for what you need to make your way and live a balanced life, but do not allow the ego to be too eager, for then will your inner you suffer delay in progress.

I know this is a lot to process. But while the energy does swirl in such hungry state, as now, is it best to offer you much to contemplate in order to avoid its hungry jaws. Stay calm and balanced, sensitive to others, but remain present on your own journey at all times and you will do well through these next few days of continued turmoil. In the end all will settle down, and as the dust clears you will see that you are exactly where you should be. That is how life works! Enjoy the wonder of it, even as you wander on your path and contemplate all that you are given and all that you are asked to utilize now, as your awareness does open to new possibilities and new opportunities. Much is there to aid you. Do you notice?