#252 Direct Positive Energy Outward into the Turmoil Before Turning Inward

Dear Jeanne,
What can we look forward to today?

Remain focused on your journey, and your inner experience, even as the world around you does energetically speed up. Look not outward at the contention, the upsets, and the turmoil that the energy of now does stir up, but remain innerly focused. For even as the energy does have great bearing upon the events taking place in your world, so is it your job to do the work of the self. Even as you are pulled outward to do what you must in order to fix that world and change its path, so remain always centered on what is right. Do not get drawn into battle. Do not get pulled apart at the seams over the possibilities and probabilities, nor torn apart by what is happening upon that great Earth. Instead remain focused on what is right, what is good, with positive intent.

Though unhappiness may appear to prevail at this time, so is it most likely that any turn of events is necessary. For that Earth is a learning ground, and though it may appear quite clear and appropriate that one road must be taken in order for evolution upon that Earth to truly begin to make headway, so is it highly probable that lessons have not yet been learned. Whatever outcomes result from the many upsets and changes being thrust upon you, or those around you, or around the globe, so is it necessary to learn the lessons presented. Until they are fully learned, and done with, will change not happen.

So look today but briefly at the tumultuous events of the world around you, but then go innerly with your own lessons reflected in this outer turmoil. Do not get drawn outward into that energy, though it pulls and tugs at you. Do what you must to appease your sense of rightness and justice, and direct positive energy outward into the turmoil, before turning inward and saving the greater part of your energy for inner work.

And remember, no matter how events unfold, so are the results, the outcomes perfectly right, even though they may not at first appear so. As I have said before, until lessons are learned will they be continually presented in a myriad of ways, until each individual takes on the work of true evolutionary growth.

Place yourself now in the hands of your own energetic journey. Feel what is right for you to be doing now during this time of upheaval. Find your inner calm, and your inner focus. Grab on to it, and turn your concerns toward that work now. For it is the greatest work to accomplish, and the best way to affect the world at large. If many more of you did the work of the inner self to completion, so would the outer world truly change. It is not so far-fetched as many think, nor is it really that difficult to accomplish.

No matter what your inner issues may be, so are they possible to solve and resolve. Nothing is impossible. No matter how many excuses you may come up with to scare you away from your inner work, so look at the crumbling world around you and realize that your own life, both inner and outer, must not be allowed to deteriorate to such a state of decay and loss of direction.

Reassert your self firmly upon your path. Use this vital energy to do two things. First, send out good intent upon the waves of energy that swirl up discontent, tempering them with positive, calm overriding energy, asking for sobriety, compassion, and nonjudgmental focus to lay upon the energy that stirs up emotion and unsettling behavior, seeking change in a new direction. Do this first. Then turn inward after you have energetically done your part to participate in the world’s need for change, and return to the work on the self. In this manner will you begin to counter the outer energy with good intentions, doing your part with concern for all mankind. But then it is necessary for all to turn inward and question the meaning of this worldly upheaval for the inner journey. What does it mean to me that the world is asking for such change? Why is there resistance to such badly needed change? What does that tell me about myself and my own life? Am I resisting? Why?

Everything will turn out as it should turn out. Life will go on. Lessons need to be learned in order for evolutionary growth. What are my lessons that I am not learning yet?

Allow your inner journey to begin taking you where you need to go. Acquiesce to the signs in your life, reading the outer energy for your inner journey’s sake. Step into a new world now; for no matter what happens, is the world about to change. What about your world? It will be new too, but will you allow it? Will you flow with the changes, or keep resisting? Make it easy on your self. You will get where you need to go, whether you allow or resist. It’s up to you how you choose to make the journey. Do what is right. Use your energy wisely. Stay focused on growth. Remain in calm inner balance, even as you take on your greatest challenges and your most unpleasant tasks. The energy is good now, in spite of all warnings to the contrary; it just depends on how you choose to use it. Good Luck, My Dear Ones. See what happens!