#253 Vigilance is the Word for Today

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Watch now the signs before you. Now that the culmination of energies has impacted, it is time to watch for signs of fallout, and promises of growth. Beware of the desire to fall back into old ways now that the push of energy does not exert itself. Watch your back for what sneaks up to overtake you, but also stay focused forward on growth and enlightenment.

The energy now shifts to a quieter complacency, and does hover about your knowing in a different manner, not so intrusively, nor so blatantly striking out at you as you journey. With quieter energy is there a tendency to decline offers made, such as intuitive knowing and seeing, that seek to lead you toward fulfillment. So I suggest that now is the time to keep awake, aware, and alert, or you risk falling back into slumber, especially after such energetic turbulence as has most recently kept you on your toes.

Vigilance is the word for today. Remain vigilant. Do not forget for a moment that you are a seeker, a journeyer, and an astute student of the meaning of life upon that earth. Learn your lessons continually and you will do well. Otherwise do you risk slowing your progress greatly, and that would be a shame after all that you have weathered through.

Do not allow the veils to fall over your eyes again, but continually sweep them away. Keep your inner and your outer vision clear of debris and of old thoughts, ideas, and constructs that desire your focus. Remain focused instead on all that you have learned about awareness, and the meaning of signs and synchronicities in your life. Remain fixated on learning more about how energy works and the greater connections being offered.

I stress this fixation now because as the energy turns and rolls into a new pattern so is there always the possibility that all that you have learned will be rolled under, and sink now to the bottom of the ocean of energy, sunken treasure that you lose sight of, when in fact you must fill your pockets of knowing and awareness with all that you have learned, and swim upward, staying upon the waves, riding them forward, with your awareness keen, out to the greater, wider ocean of awareness where more treasures await.

These treasures are the treasures of knowing, seeing, trusting, and seeking truth and meaning; while at the same time remaining open to possibility, connection, and knowing that your journey is aided and your evolution desired, not only by you, but by those of us who seek connection to you as well.

Find your self firmly upon your path today. And as the backlash of energy does sweep past you, remain with your head above the waves, and keep your eyes clear and free of all that seeks to wash over your head and pull you back into the deep. Such energy as that always makes a last attempt to capture and steal your energetic awareness; and believe me, today is no different. No matter how much you have recently learned about how energy works are you never impervious to such force. Watch the ego. Keep its enthusiasm in balance with your inner knowing. Protect both of them, and the balance you have achieved, for this it at risk too. Be humble, but be brave. Be aware, but be strong warriors. Flow with the new energy, but fight the old. Open your self to connection at all times, but avoid interception by the old ways that also seek your tasty energy.

You know what to do. I know there is a lot to keep awake, alive, and fresh in your knowing, but that is what life is all about, especially if you are finally understanding the truth of that life upon Earth. It is of utmost importance that your awareness of destiny never wavers, and that you stay focused on evolutionary growth. As you have selected this path, be aware that you are one of the tastiest bits of energy around, and the feeders love to trick you, and get their nibs into you, siphoning as much of your delectable dew as possible before you notice.

So stay alert, aware, and trust your journey. No matter what happens, are you truly on an amazing journey forward into infinity, if you choose. Good Luck!