#233 Man is there for Evolutionary Purposes

Dear Jeanne,
You have been urging humanity to begin a fervent process of change for a long time now. What do you foresee if this badly needed change doesn’t happen?

Don’t worry, even if Mankind does not progress toward a new manner of living upon that earth, so will Mother Earth herself, with the help of this powerful energy, cause great change to take place. There is energy enough for upheaval; but Mankind, in order to evolve and rid Mother Earth of the vast deposits of decay and debris wrought by humanity, must partake now in a great shift. If this shift within man himself does not take place, then do I foresee volatile eruptions within the very earth, causing a shift that no man can deny. It is now time for man, and I use that term to incorporate all of humanity, to become aware of the potential for Mother Nature to begin her own slow, but deliberate, move towards change. This has happened many times before upon that planet, and so is it now also imminent.

Do you believe that man has already waited too long to change the conditions upon the earth, the environmental?

Oh yes, man has waited too long, but that does not mean that there will not be enough left to sustain life. A great shift is necessary no matter what, but in order for Mankind to partake, so is it necessary to more fully become part of the inevitable shift. I foresee the planet Earth causing devastating change in many areas beyond the scope and control of man. Many attempts to “save” or to “preserve” are unwarranted wastes of energy because already is it too late to hold back the inevitable. But there are populations that are cognizant of this, though they dare not speak the truth. Instead do they hold out forlorn hope that some miracle may save what already is fast disappearing. The potential for much of Earth, as you now know it, to shift and change, disappear, vanish, and convert into desert is highly probable. Lands will become uninhabitable as solar power does invade too intrusively.

Learn to harness that beast, and you will have enough power to fuel all that is needed. Does not man see that this is being offered? So readily available is it, yet is there reluctance to change, to shift to the natural resources blatantly presented as the greatest assets available in those remaining sustainable areas.

As shift takes place more rapidly now, is it pertinent to open the eyes to the truth, the reality of what is being offered, even as a great and devastating shift does take place. Earth itself, the planet, is prepared with all that Mankind needs to survive. Time would be best spent studying the natural resources, and learning how best to utilize them, rather than spend valuable time ignoring what is being offered.

In time will it be clear that solar, water, and geothermal resources do offer all that is necessary. There is no need to siphon the very blood (oil) out of Mother Earth, but instead look to that which she offers freely. Is there not also wind every day that does push against your skin, nudging you to consider it for all the potential it too holds? Combinations of natural resources do hold the key.

Even so, look forward to marked change if mankind does not cease with his self-destruction, his disregard of life, and his misunderstanding of his reason for being there. It is not his place to dominate others, to feed his belly while others starve, or to possess more than his neighbor. It is not his job to bring home greed and over-consumption to the new lives in his care. It is not his path to invoke hatred, to decide that one man is more worthy than another, or to take what does not belong to him. Man is there for evolutionary purposes.

When will this become clear?

I fear that it will not become clear, and that is why these messages, and many other channeled messages from sources of pure intent for evolutionary growth, do urge change now.

I speak often of the energy that is available now, so that Mankind, in a great mass upheaval, may notice the gifts he has been given, and with a new humility and appreciation, and concern for all living things may make amends for his blindness by accepting his role as leader in change. Now is the time for Mankind to accept his new role as humble servant of change, the change that is pushing him in all areas of life, alerting him to the fact that time is of the essence.

This push has happened many times before, and great shifts have taken place upon Earth, but this time is different, and many know this. Earth itself will survive. Mankind will also survive in some evolved state, as yet not understood by him. Our mission, that of my evolutionary awakening group, is to alert him to the fact that it is time to move on to new life in other worlds, so that those who need to be involved in change upon that Earth may have a chance to partake in Earth’s evolution. There are messenger groups involved in pursuit of environmental change, even as my group is involved in evolutionary spirit change. There are other groups that do participate in aiding the backlog of souls awaiting entry to Earth’s playground, to begin a new evolutionary journey. There are groups that aid in the next level, beyond, as evolution is achieved, and in other levels beyond that as well. There is help available, teachers, and guides, at all levels and in all areas of life.

We are all energy. Mother Earth is energy. You are energy. I am energy. Your neighbor is energy. Your closest ally is energy. Even your enemy, your fearful foe, is but energy. Your desires are energy seeking participation in life. Now is the time to focus on progress and purpose. Find your niche. Where does your energy wish to participate in this great shift; for there is no other option now. Either you choose to participate and evolve, or you settle more deeply into the demise. What do you choose?

Do not be afraid of change. Do not be afraid to present your evolutionary self to the world, for this evolutionary energy is what is needed now. But as always, do I suggest pragmatic, centered, and calm progress, even as the energy does push like the wind at your back. What is it telling you? To hurry? Well, in one sense yes, it is saying: “Hurry, the time is now, come along, this it the direction to take!” But on the other hand, it is showing you the power it holds within; the energy that can push you along is powerful, and this is for your notice, so that you will understand it is what you too have inside you. Energy is available inside you and outside you, ready for your acceptance of it, ready to be utilized, and ready to aid you on your journey. Find the wind at your back. Find the energy that resonates, and allow your self to change. Change is good. It will help you evolve, and you will be doing your part to promote evolution, both earthly and spiritual evolution. Good Luck!