#232 A New Humanism

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us all today as we make our way forward in our lives?

Contain energies that may wish to fire off. Contain the urge to jump off the cliff, for that is not how one is to approach change, especially if change is to be meaningful and have long lasting affect. Do not become so overtaken by the attempts to change that you do not remain aware of your inner presence, and your inner connection to all that you do.

Life will wait as you make proper plans to engage in change. Boldness requires daring, but so does it also require the ability to see clearly, with calculated foresight, just how resonant each move toward change must be. In order to advance, in order to shift, in order to embrace the daring that now is so needed in all aspects of life upon that earth, so must resonance of inner and outer self become the deciding factor. For if there is no resonance in your choice of change will there be little progress, except perhaps a small blip.

Do not become discouraged, for even a small blip of a shift in your life will teach you something. Every step is a learning experience, but in order to truly move beyond that which is now the norm, and in order to truly take on a new way of life, must many factors come into play. Yes, boldness and daring are just the beginning. Balance and calm centeredness come next; to counteract that exuberant daring that is stirring for change. Then must heart-centered resonance, and the small quiet voice of the inner self be in alignment with the energy that invites participation. Tempering boldness with heart-centered knowing is really the key to making a change that is going to be not only right, but also engaging in the energy for good, both for the self and for the world at large. In some manner is it important now that choices made in life be not only self-gratifying and self-enlightening, allowing for growth of the individual on all levels, but it is of the utmost importance that changes be beneficial for the greater world.

To engage in the energy of now, to be a citizen of the world now, requires the dichotomy of deep inner work on the self, seemingly almost selfish in its intensity, with, at the same time, an intent to embrace the greater energies now available, so that life upon that earth truly resorts to a new humanism where all living creatures, man among them, be given equal value and appreciation for the journeys being taken. A new humanism means that in order for shift to happen, and a new order of change to really take place, is it necessary for mankind to truly embrace all life as sacred, and as meaningful as his own. This requires a great deal of inner contemplation on the part of each individual. It requires a greater and broader understanding of energetic connection, both within the human body and its affect on energy outside the human body. It requires a new humility, a new consciousness, a new awareness that all beings come from the same energetic root, and that all beings are capable of connection to that root. It requires a desire for change, and a desire for connection to that root, finding it first within the self, and then daring to be bold with one’s own connection to it by bringing it forth into everyday life.

There are many who have found that sacred root connection to all energy already; many who wonder what to do with it, how to use it to make a change in their own lives, and in the world. Well, my advice is to contemplate your own energy first, and find your resonance in the outer world using that connection as your compass and your gauge. Where do you feel most reciprocal resonance? What is it that you are truly comfortable doing with your life? Where does your temperament fit? Are you a quiet one? Are you a fairly outgoing and engaging one? Are you better suited to mental work, or are you better suited to using your hands, or your body? Where does your inner spirit feel most at home?

Now is the time to truly feel the inner self in its entirety, and allow it to lead you in your decision making, for this is the time when the inner spirit self will receive guidance and help as it dares to take over. Too many egos, so called, have taken the lead, and this has resulted in separatism, segregation, superiority, capitalism, religious fervor, and many other destructive, dominating forces that do not allow for connection to that sacred and all-abiding root of energetic sameness that exists in all living beings.

You are all energy first, and all energy is interconnected. Keep this in mind as you feel your own energy, and then notice how others will react to you and your ego getting out of the way, making room for that inner spirit energy to lead the way now. You will find that others will respond to this new daring inner self revealing that it is real and needing to become known, for this secret inner self resides inside all of you upon that earth. Begin to experience your own inner spirit’s connection to the energy that is in your nearness first. See what happens as you calmly interact from this place of inner energetic spirit intent. This is the place to start your journey of change from, one small step at a time.

Even as there are energetic difficulties and energetic happinesses do not lose your connection to this inner spirit self. This inner self is at the root of the new humanism; a humanism that transcends all that it means to be human, and asks you all to become energy, energetically connected, energetically conscious thinkers from the heart, allowing your root knowing to guide you now.

Don’t worry so much. Remove your head more often now, and move your thinking self down into your heart-knowing self, and see what you learn and discover as you change your thinking in this manner. Stay connected to the energy of all living things; it is all that matters in the end.