#231 Do Not Use the Word Failure; Excise it From Your Vocabulary

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for humanity today?

Be cautious now, as this energy of today does turn and roll into a new aspect of the great change now upon the earth. There is an event taking place, shaping and preparing all that is to come. Though this may appear as blatant and confrontational at first, look in your own life, and deep into your own experience of change and shift, to discover the inner meaning as related solely to the journey you are on. Once you have discovered the meaningfulness of this event in your own life, only then will it be feasible to interpret it on a greater, worldwide level.

Learn first the lessons of the self, so that your actions and your attention to the world may reflect your inner growth. Without inner contemplation and exploration will there be little change in your outer experiences. For even as it is not productive to stay stuck in inner conflict, or inner patterns and behaviors of old, so is it the same in your outer life.

The world around you, even your own microcosm within the whole, will not outwardly change if your inner change does not occur. Inner growth first, then outer growth.

So, even as you make your daring escape from the old self, and allow for bold steps to be taken, remain firmly convicted to learning at every step. Life is your biggest teacher, and your most reluctant pupil as well. Find your balance so that you remain the vigilant yet connected teacher, to the pupil who desires change yet is fearful of it. Remain cognizant of stabilities and vulnerabilities in your life, of strengths and of fears, of inner guidance and inner debates. Allow your experiences in life to guide you to your inner questions; and work hard on solving your personal dilemmas. Only in vigilant and sustained inner work, with your focus boldly projected outward into resonant energy, will good growth happen.

Find your rivulet of energetic resonance, and become comfortably assured by the experience of it. For as you go full steam ahead for change, so will you desire a level of comfort so that you may work unafraid. Even though you will face challenges, and have many tests ahead of you, so must your classroom appeal to you, so that you will progress in an environment that is suitable to learning.

Begin anew every day. Do not use the word failure; excise it from your vocabulary. For every day is a day of learning, and thus is it positive, and right, no matter what occurs. Learn from every experience and you will guide your self to the right balance, the place of calmness that is necessary for growth to happen. Accept the place you are in right now as the perfect place to be. What is it that you should learn today? And then see where tomorrow will lead you, as change happens. In one way or another will you be challenged. It is inevitable.