#230 Do You Dare?

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us, to start off this new week?

As you progress on your journey don’t forget to look for signs that will lead you properly, and likewise challenge you, as you proceed. There are signs everywhere, but which ones are meant for you? This you must discover by your actions, your decisions, and your choices. With each step you take will new signs appear to guide you, but how they seek to guide will depend upon the choices you make. Only in taking steps, and only in advancing on your journey, will the signs that appear have meaning.

If you sit down upon your path, without movement, will the signs merely blur and confuse you. It takes participation in life, and in evolutionary growth, to correctly envision and utilize the signs that seek to aid you. With calculated steps, and growth-oriented intent, will all that is presented begin to make sense. But all of this guidance is only going to be helpful to you if you actively seek change, and begin to go on a different journey now. Do you dare?

Life awaits your participation. And when I say life, I mean life lived and experienced differently, with change as a motivator, and growth as an incentive. Your participation is all that is truly required in order for life to change. Begin the process and see what happens. If you are seeking change, now is the time to go for it, for change seeks you also. With a meeting of such forces of change, reciprocal forces, will there be much success, as the energy supports such change.

Don’t be afraid. Trust your heart-centered desire for change. Trust your inner knowing. Trust your inner self, desiring new life. It is available. Make a move, a step in a new direction; look around you for signs of significance, and then act upon them in order to know how to proceed with good guidance as your aide.

I know this may sound quite strange to say, but this time, now, is ready for even the most bizarre of ideas to take root and become mainstream, because there is both a need for drastic change and, energetically, great desire for it as well. Humanity needs it, and Mother Earth does too, so do not shirk from enjoying your creative expression. Now is the time to present agents of change, on all levels.

Find the signs in your own life. Be daring, and you will be supported by guides and the energy itself seeking resonance, and seeking connection with great creative forces in order for change to happen. As the energy does shake things up, allow your self to participate in it, for good, and for swift and lasting change.