#229 The Rocky Path

Dear Jeanne,
Another week is ending today and we are heading into a weekend. Do you have guidance for us for the next few days?

The path may be rocky, and you may stumble, and even though it is the right path look beside it and notice that the ground is more even, and choose to step off the rocks and take the less challenging terrain, if this suits you better. For many who choose to go forward boldly in the manner that the energy of now does invite, and I urge, so will the way not be clear until some factors of significance are put to the test of engagement. Do challenge the self with that which arises, and seek mastery of the issues that entice you to falter upon the rocky path. But do not sit down there and weep for your slowed progress. Learn what you must from every experience you engage, then stand straight again, and walk your chosen path, with awareness of enticing energies, and clarity of vision, as you gaze forward to the place where your path will eventually smooth out all together, once your lessons are learned.

If the rocky path is not your choice right now, and you decide to take the path to the left or to the right of your proposed rocky road, then give your self permission to step off the rocks and go a distance upon the grass beside the rocks. But know that you are only postponing the tough road until later, but also acknowledge your awareness of this other option, for it can be useful in order to prepare for what you will inevitably be challenged with later.

However you decide to make your way forward, do know that this is the right path, for if it has been chosen with heart-centered determination, and in a calm, balanced, and inner state of resonance, so is it right. This you must keep in your firm grasp, that your choice was made in right resonance, and this you must keep in your inner self, feeling the resonance as you go, even over the rocky stretches.

So take now your bold steps. Do what you must to begin a new journey in this energy that teaches you and aids you. Seek clarity at all times, and seek to stay in your awareness that all is meaningful, and everything is possible. Keep going!