#228 How Can the Avalanche Start if You Do Not Enact It?

Dear Jeanne,
Is there a message for today?

Be not hesitant in your search for truth and understanding. Do not hold back your bold self who wishes for growth and for life. As I have spoken now so often of change, so is it time to fully engage all processes in making change happen in your life. This is a time of upheaval and shift, yet why is there such hesitancy upon that earth to accept the truth of this. The need for change is the push that does begin the avalanche, yet how can the avalanche start if you do not enact it by creating even a minor shift in your life? Even a brief and momentary change will have enough impact to begin the whole thing shifting. In order for life to progress now, in order for this moment of standstill to twist into energetic force, must you, on your part, begin the shift that is so needed and so desired.

Start today by embracing the old you, and declaring your determination to shift shape now into the new you who does wait patiently to be discovered. You are not intending to desert any aspect of the self, or the life you have thus lived, but instead to fold all that has already been learned and encountered into the new batch of life you are stirring up. As you stir, increase your speed now and get that avalanche started, so that, before long, everything you need is tumbling and flowing into new shape, new direction, and new meaning. Allow shift to take place now. The time is perfect for this. Allow the small steps already taken to become bold and steady now. Allow your intent to be forcefully prosperous as you send it forth on a journey of discovery.

I urge upon you all this great task now, while the energy does support such boldness. I urge gathering of your inner energy, and finding resonant outer energy now, and with firm intent ask for what you most desire for growth and meaningfulness in your life. Ask for that which will bring you spirit growth, even as it will bring you progress upon that earth. Ask for awareness and insight. Ask for clarity and knowing. Ask for understanding, and the ability to love all who reside upon that earth, with compassion and goodness always present in your intentions.

Find your innermost desired truth today as you do the work of the self, and then accept it as your truth, for only then, by accepting it fully, can you truly take it in as part of who you are. With this one truth established, look for the next, and begin the process of self-seeking clarity, with the intent of growing exponentially now, with boldness and firmness in every step you take.

All of this is good for this time of shift. Begin to cause greater shift in your life now. Be prepared for an avalanche. You will find it quite exciting, I’m sure. And don’t be afraid; be accepting, be bold, be daring, but most of all, love and appreciate your brave self for doing the deeper work that is required in order to truly progress.