#227 Begin to Really Study What the Cyclical Nature of Energy Does to You

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for all of us today?

Have you begun to see a pattern, the cyclical nature of energy? Have you begun to notice that change occurs over and over again, that opportunities arise often? Have you noticed that I speak often of the flow of energy as either productive or potentially destructive? Have you begun now to understand that it is possible to read energy, and to make decisions based on your interpretations of it, finding your way through life purely by energetic means?

If you look at my messages over a period of months, and even years, will you note that the energy is either in a state of calm flux or vibrant and captivating, yet are there always present undercurrents that wish to entice. By learning to read the energy outside may you learn to control the energy inside as well. Beginning with your own energetic content is, however, the preferred method of learning to read and understand how all energy works.

Though the scientists do study intensely, seeking explanation of all energetic sources, so is it really quite possible to master any discussions of energy by learning to feel and see it with your honed human intuition. To be energetically aware is to have access to greater progress in life, to be aware of your place in the energetic flow, and to be cognizant of how to proceed. All impinge upon your ability to interpret the energy inside you and outside you.

So, with all that I have proposed regarding energy over the past many messages, begin to really study what the cyclical nature of energy does to you as an individual. Are you actually in tune with it, flowing nicely along? Or do you tend to give over your energy to the pull of it, and get tossed around by it? Have you succeeded in feeling it more, as a result of our correspondence? Or are you still trying to grasp the resonance of it?

To truly be an evolving being must your awareness of energy sharpen. Now is a good time to engage in studying your own intuitive skills, and your own resonance, both your inner calm resonance and that which you succeed in projecting outward. These may not be the same, for the inner place of calm may not yet feel safe enough to project itself outward into the world, but this we are working on.

Study today not only how you work energetically, but begin to see how the energy outside works, and how you have utilized it. Do you get caught in it, or do you feel your proper place in it? Do you allow it to take you far from your knowing and right place? Or do you hold on to your awareness at all times? The extremes, of letting go and holding on, are difficult to maintain at all times. So, assuming that you go back and forth in your energetic state, find out, more closely now, how you most often act when confronted, first with abrupt and steady energetic flow and then with subtle, gentler energetic influence. Discover in this manner your own patterns of behavior. Then allow for slight shifts, both inside and outside, in an attempt to better align your inner and outer selves, not only with each other, but also with the energies of your inner calm and what is being presented from outside you. Learn to engage outside energy, but learn how to do so to your utmost advantage.

As you read my messages, note that I always mention the energy and propose that your awareness to it must remain alert. So now, as this new time of growth does come underway, focus your intent on remaining energetically aware. What is happening to your inner energy? Are you maintaining calm steadiness so that your life is directed from this inner place of clarity? Or are you out of balance? Bring your awareness always back to your heart-center, and begin to hone your skills of energetic engagement from this place of calm centeredness. Then begin to engage in the outside energy, from this steadier inner self. You will find that your sensitivity to all energy increases, and your decisions in life will be reflected in this calmness. This new you may discover that life is indeed quite different now.

So for today, wonder at the truth of energy, that it is inside you and outside you; that to properly utilize it must you seek alignment with it, but this alignment must resonate with your heart-centered inner truth, and this is what you ultimately seek, truth. Truth of self will lead to discovery of greater truths. So seek truth of the self, by aligning with your inner self, your outer self, and the energies inside and outside.

Good luck as you take on this exciting task with exuberance and anticipation of truly discovering what energy really is: the interconnectedness of all things, and you are part of it!