#226 The Good Road of Change

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Ride cautiously into this next week of change, aware of your powers, your confidence in knowing that you can abide by the rules of change, but also aware of your deepest vulnerabilities. It is not enough to declare that you seek change, but change must be actively engaged in for real changes to occur and to become your new way of life. Change is being thrust upon you all who reside upon that earth. In one way or another are you being confronted with it. But how are you personally handling the calls for change in your own life? How are you deciding to go forward now with this inevitable change, as your companion or as your tyrant? Both are viable options, but if you accept change as your steady companion will you inevitably win many positive games of challenge. But if you choose change as your tyrant will your reluctance drain you down as you fight against your worthy opponent.

Choose today how you will continue your journey of change. There is such life awaiting you all. Even though there is death and destruction, fear and devastation, wars and troubles, and a fast deterioration all around you, so is there significant and most exciting energy of change, right there in your grasp. This energy begs you to notice it, accept it, and become truly attached to it. Do not fear the road that has opened up before you. It is but the good road of change before you, beckoning you to go forth on your journey, hand-in-hand with the agents of change in you and around you. I cannot stress enough that change is necessary now upon that earth. All of you are confronted with this on a daily basis. The challenge is great, the challenge being presented is acknowledgedly great, but you are well prepared now.

Accept your own abilities. Accept your companions who reside with you as your friends and aids. Accept your deepest desire for change now. Dig into your determination and make it happen.

This is good for today. Over the past few days have you perhaps allowed both aspects of life so often in a tussle, the past and the present, to wrestle you down. But now it is time to unlock your self from their grasp and step out onto the road of the future. So much is waiting there for you. Don’t you want to engage it? Aren’t you curious to see what life offers in your future? Well, come on. It is but a moment away, just a refreshing moment away.

This is the way to look at life now, to accept it as a refreshing moment of change at every turn. The earth itself is restlessly seeking that next moment of change, and bids you all come along on this new road. Do life differently now; that is all that is being asked. Do it differently, for your self, for your evolution, but for the evolution of earth and all living things too.