#225 Allow Some of That Vibrant Energy to Seep into Your Life

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message to pass along today?

Allow some of that vibrant energy to seep into your life in some small way. Test the strength of it. Test the feel of it. Test the vibrancy of it. Allow your self to step out into it now, more fully aware and conscious of what you are doing. Make it known that you are engaging in life differently now. Take responsibility for your challenge now before you, and engage in the energy of this moment in history to carry you forth on your journey with intent, conviction, and a new focus. That is: purposefully accepting the fact that the energy is available for you, and you are available for the energy.

Be bold and brave now as you accept this challenge. Dip your toe, your foot, into the energetic flow of enticement and allow your self to feel it as positive and growth-oriented, for that is the intent of this most promising force now upon that earth. In spite of dire necessity and less than stellar circumstances that do persist upon that planet, so is this energy urging change, and that is what is expected of all of you now in order to evolve, in all manner of speaking.

Embolden your self today. Take a swim in the energy if you dare. You will discover that it will refresh you, cleanse you, and prepare you, with its soulful and sacred bath, for all that lies ahead. Even if you but dip your toe in, so will you discover the power of the energy does seep up into you and give you what you need to continue your focused path forward.

This is all about taking a journey that is different now; one of change and continued evolution; one that will enable you, personally, to grow even as it enables the world to change in a more positive direction. And your own daring, your own intent to change is wrapped up in that greater worldwide intent, so take on the consideration of that possibility and responsibility now too. As you change and engage in the river of energy that now flows upon that earth, so do you add to the power of it as it too will grow and increase its positive force.

Find your place in it, now, during this time of significance. That is your mission now. That is your first purpose now, to be an agent of change. Welcome to the new world of energetic possibilities. Dip your toe into it, or dive in head first, but do so with firm intent to grow, to learn, to change because it is the right thing to do, and this you already know. I await your participation, as do my many companions on this mission of awakening and enlightenment. Our arms of energetic potency do extend in your direction and invite you in to this powerful river of change that flows past your door. You know where change is needed, but you will be quite amazed when you see where your engagement in it will lead you. You are quite ready. Everyone is. Even if just a sip is taken, so will you feel it, the rightness of it. Be my guest!