#224 Dig Down into the Inner You

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

This week of change does bode well for those who remain alert, aware, and fully available to engage in the energy that awaits participation. As I have been mentioning lately, over several weeks in fact, now is the perfect time to dare to shift and make a life-altering change, but only with concentrated work, and deep inner contemplation, so that a shift happens because it is intended, and not because you feel restless or unhappy.

First, dig down into the inner you, and fully understand why you are restless and unhappy, or feeling stuck and caught. Only by investigating the self fully will your shift to new life be able to carry you forth. Otherwise, will the baggage, as yet unopened and unexamined, weigh you down. An unexamined life is a life not fully lived or explored, nor is it a free life.

As you focus your intent on the desire for change, as you look forward to engaging resonant energy in order to find your niche in all of this exciting energy, do not forget that the inner you is the most important aspect of all of this searching and reaching for wholeness. You will not have access to your wholeness if you do not complete the inner journey.

Both the inner journey and the outer journey can, and should, be taken simultaneously in order to benefit the most from your experiences. But your efforts to begin a journey at all must come from inside, for only in this manner will you find your resonance in the energetic flow that now seeks to aid you. Without this inner spark will your outer journey be one of wandering excitement, but how far will it really take you if you have not bothered to take your inner you along?

Find your deepest inner reasons for living that life. This can be accomplished in many ways. I suggest deep inner contemplation of the self, in solitude, and in combination with a practice of study, in order to find what others have already discovered about the journey of souls upon that earth. I also advocate getting help when necessary, though this may not be feasible on a person-to-person level. Seek your answers in your dreams, your imagination, and through your spirit guides. Ask, with intent, for help in discovering the true life journey you are now meant to take and you will receive guidance, though it may appear in a way that you least expect.

Study the self, and then begin your heart-centered, and innerly-guided journey out into the energy of the world. To take a journey that is based in deep self-study, with your open spirit and your heart-knowing leading you, is to take a most advanced and prosperous journey. Desire a life of growth and spirit-centeredness and you will have it, but it does take work on the self to achieve this.

But, that life is meant to be self-oriented, full of self-investigation, and full of freedom to be a true spirit-oriented being. The first step is to acknowledge this aspect of the self, and the deep desire of this spirit self to be released from the confines of your past, your outer life’s restrictions, and your old ideas of the self, and your inner spirit self too. Engage your self, your inner you, in a new dialogue in order to release this inner self from the prison that has been constructed around you since your last life upon that earth. Engage in freeing the self now, so that you may fully engage in the energy of now, ready to step out into the flow of energy that resonates with that inner spirit; and allow your self to participate now more fully in your own life, in the excitement of the energy, and in the excitement of possibility. Much awaits. I trust you will continue your journey with your heart-centered knowing guiding you, and your inner self peeking out now, desiring fresh air and fresh energy.

The time is right, the time is good for engaging the inner spirit in the outer world now. That’s what this is all about, you know. Allowing your true innocence to step out into the right energetic flow, and be safe, and certain of growth. You, the adult, are in control of that innocence. So make sure you know what you are daring to do, and who you really are, before you begin. Your innocence may surprise you, so be ready to engage it, and enjoy it.