#223 Seek Resonance in the Energetic Flow

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us all today?

Stay focused on your path, in calm, balanced steadiness that will aid you as you wander through the vicissitudes of life seeking clarity. Remain innerly focused, and seek resonance in the energetic flow around you in order to determine your next step. But as you move forward in your life, remember that progress is key, and learning and challenge go hand-in-hand with growth. It is not enough to sit upon a raft and allow the energy to push and toss and turn you as it flows. You must actively participate in life or you will merely wind up upon distant shores, far from your innocence and your resonance.

Be an active participant in your own life, by first using your awareness to read the energetic potential in your own life. Now, as great change does invade and invite, as energy offers the option for real growth, do not allow your fears or your old thoughts to interfere with your decision-making. It is time to be bold, to be daring, and to go forward with long-held dreams and plans of change. The energy is available to assist in making such dreams and plans fully realized, as the climate now upon that earth is one of drastic upheaval.

Look inward first, then direct your firm intent outward and ask for help, for signs in aiding you, as you determine your next step. You now have much awareness and many tools to utilize as you make your way forward. Life does not include waiting any longer, but life does include participation. To wait is to miss the boat of change, but to study the winds of change is to know which direction to point your boat, and that is the first step.

Look outward to determine your own place in that stream of energetic change that now flows so vigorously upon that earth. There is energy enough for all to invite change into their lives, but do so with calm steadiness and calculated study in order to progress in life, with your balance and your clarity heightened and maintained. Your progress is assured if you attach to the energy that resonates.

I think you know by now what that means, but just in case you wonder, remember that it is the energy outside of you that mirrors the true energy inside you. It is the energy of choice that matches your own. It is the seeking of soul-to-soul, in sync with energetic flow of similar cadence. Resonance is felt often, daily. Find your own quiet calm and balanced energy, your true innocent spirit energy, and then search outside of you for resonance. When you find it, you will discover reciprocal calm and knowing rightness of it. You will feel as one, flowing, unafraid, and aware that this energy is my energy, and it is ready to flow with me.

It is all about change now. Everywhere is there the desire for change and for acceptance of the need for change. For resonance to truly be met must there be an acceptance of change, for the energy now available will meet you with change in its air. Your life will be aided with this energy of change. So, are you ready?

With all of this talk of change, and energy, and daring, remain aware of your duties in that life that you now live. It is very possible to remain balanced while still venturing into worlds of energetic change. Do not lose your footing in your reality, but maintain a steady and balanced life even as you begin to venture out into the energy of change. Everything is possible; keep this in mind as you go about your day, reading the signs of energetic opportunity, seeking resonance, and discovering what life really has in store for you.

Restlessness is not a good enough reason to make major changes. You must have substantive reasons for doing so, based on inner determinants as much as outer ones. It is essential that your entire being is properly aligned with your desire for change, and that your attachment to energy is of the right resonant sort. Just because there is change in the air does not mean that it is right for you in its wholeness, but look instead for the stream within the whole that suits you and your desire for change. There are many streams of energy, with many resonances, that make up the whole, so be careful what you choose to do. Remain balanced, calm, and innerly decisive, or you may have a wild ride until you realize you have latched onto the wrong sort of energy. But don’t worry; you will learn something important no matter what your next step is. There are no mistakes, only growth. So, go learn something new about your self today. And don’t forget, if you need help, ask for it and you will receive it.