#222 The New Energetic Revolution

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Abide by the rules of calm and balance now as the undercurrents of negative energy do seek to disrupt your new place in life. Abide by the firm steadiness of your knowing and your heart-centered anchor. Abide by the rules of the Universe, which are love, compassion, and energetic connectedness to all things.

Stay in your firm place of growing, changing, flowing living now, on your new path; and even though your old habits, notions, and critical voices do seek your energy know that those things are so far below the surface of your awareness now that you barely notice or desire them. Your life is different because you have chosen a different path, with new intent and new purpose and, above all, new energy fueling you. Your every move now has a new aire about it because your centeredness has brought you to a new awareness, and this is all you need to keep you on your path.

Today, use your awareness of all things to keep you steadily focused on your path of growth. This awareness will remind you of all I speak of now, for it desires this energy of change, knowing that it is right for you and for all mankind. A new universal consciousness is growing, a new awareness of all things energetically connected, a new awareness of life needing to be lived differently in order for evolutionary growth to happen. Your own life is a ready example of this new awareness.

Accept that you are on a new path. Accept that change is happening all around you. Accept that there must be new rules now in order for progress to be made. Accept the new energetic revolution happening all around you. Step into the flow of it, join in the energetic revolution of change, and begin to see how it will affect first your own life, and then those around you, and then the greater world. Only in this manner will you understand the interconnectedness of all things.

Interconnectedness is also exhibited in negative energetic aspects. This you have historically observed, with the rise of discordant separatist movements greedy for power and domination. Just because all things are interconnected does not mean that the energy will flow in a positively fueled manner. There are always attempts by negative powers to seep in and become the overriding energy. But now a great shift toward positive energy has happened. There is the possibility, with this new positive fuel filling the energetic air waves, to suffocate all negative energies and leave them floundering below the surface of positive intent, keeping them down in the undercurrent, as the new energy sweeps across the nation of the United States, coming from afar, and from within, and reverberating world wide, changing the face of the world now.

Intent, purpose, awareness, love, compassion, growth, and change are all part of this revolution. In order to fuel it further must there be a continual shift away from the negative draw that seeks attention. Abide by the new rules of change and growth, and you will discover your own energy growing, and enabling you to fully accept your own part in this evolutionary pattern of growth that now seeks participation.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by becoming a revolutionary. This type of revolution is one of quiet, calm, balanced, heart-centered intent, and that alone is enough. Focused inward first, and then outward, is there the possibility to change the world, one person at a time. The very earth supports this quiet change, as Mother Earth herself does shift and seek turning from the negative aspects of destruction, and puts herself in alignment with universal consciousness. Allow your own life to begin changing now in accordance with the new laws of living and loving. Join the revolution of heart-centered intent.

It is the one revolution that will have impact, long-lasting, evolutionary impact, drawing together all nations, all peoples, all individuals, with a new awareness that humans are full of good spirit intent, if only allowed to be. Free your people to become spirit aware, and you free them to become new revolutionary spirits enabling change, real change, to happen.

The energy of now is fully available for this change to happen, now. It requires focus on positive energy, and recognizing the negative as merely seeking fuel, as it knows it is being deserted. It wants to be kept alive, but for what reason? Leave it to disappear now, into the sands of the past, as you forge ahead on your new path. Keep your self flowing freely now. This is good!