#73 This Is the Turning Point

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

The real question is, are you ready to do it right? Are you ready to evolve? What is your life really about? It’s about evolving spiritually. Do you choose to go forward with all the knowledge you have gained? Are you really ready? Are you not preparing yourself for new life as you continue to read my messages and abide by new rules of thinking and acting? Are you ready for that life you now live to finally change so that you can grow into a fulfilled spirit being?

All of these questions I pose now because the time has come to make a firm decision on the direction of your life. You are being given access to much knowledge. You have available to you much guidance in the ways of spirit growth, conveying the mysteries of life, lifting many veils. Your curiosity is not the only thing that has been peaked, but also your own answering knowing, your resonance, has been re-introduced to you as a result of this guidance being offered.

Do you choose to stay bound by such human qualities as refusal to grow and the needs of a child, or do you choose to take control of your life, and step out into the air as a new being fully committed to something different now? This is the turning point. This is the time to decide whether or not you will go with the flow of spirit guidance as it swoops in to your nearness and offers assistance. Yes, this is also a time of great struggle, for in reality is it the time of clashing of old worlds and new worlds, and when such a clash happens is there a great battle that ensues. Your strengths are put to the test, your old strengths and your new strengths wrestle in the river of life, each seeking to drown the other and claim victory.

Your spirit strength is greatly enhanced now, not only with its own resilience, as that of a youth who fights the old demon, but also with the power of all that is yet to be revealed. The old demon, on the other hand, offers nothing but what it has already shown over these many years. Does David slay Goliath today?

Your life is but a myth. How do you choose your own personal myth to proceed? Do you choose to have the strength of seven Davids, or do you choose to allow the demon Goliath to shred you to pieces upon the path of your life? To be ravaged by your past, or to battle yourself free once and for all? Those are your choices.

Your issues may not warrant such a strong picture, but the image of your life is worth such stark and brutal contrast, for are you not worthy of winning such a battle? Are not all demons, whether large or small, equally devastating if they win? Are you not strong as seven Davids now, with your knowing spirit energy?

To achieve your goals in life do you need focus, intent, and a proper plan of action. You must be organized, and well prepared for all that is ahead. For even as you slay this dragon, will there surely be others ahead who cross your path and ask you to step forward into battle with them. Your time upon that path will undoubtedly be active and exciting in all manner of spirit experience, whether you choose now to go to war against this demon at your door, or you choose to stay locked under its huge clawed foot, still trapped, unable at this time to muster your strength. Your opportunities for growth will always appear, but your challenge will continually be to understand this, to know that now is the time to do battle and fight your way forward. Your knowing must be kept keen and honed, and your spirit consciousness alert, in order to avoid getting trapped by the haunting demons of the past.

All in all, it is a matter of choice. But, I pose still the question for today. What do you wish to do with your life now that you know so much about spirit energy and spirit potential? It is time to dare to choose spirit over all else and see where that takes you. Your choice of intent alone will assist you in your battles, but your actions must begin to follow your words of intent for progress to be made.

I advise that you take the time to assess your own situation. Find your center and your calm place of balance before you attempt to deal with your demons. Plant your feet firmly in this place of knowing, and from this vantage point take time to see the reality that is being presented to you. Know where you can make your cuts. Plan your attack knowing full well who your enemy is and how it acts and reacts. To know your enemy is half the battle.

Allow your calm to remain your greatest asset. Allow your knowledge of your own strong spirit to continually guide you. Allow your mature self to stand now with your spirit upon that path as you meet head on your current challenge. Time to make the first move, and to be as David, and slay that dragon down. To kill, in myth and metaphor, is to grow; and to take that strength from myth and apply it in your own life is to give yourself the gift of truth as regards your own inner strengths and convictions.

You are not far from making a choice that will affect you for a long time to come. Find your new spirit strength, and allow it to guide you and lead you properly along your path. Stay alert, keep focused on reading the signs in your life, and go with what is truly right, resonant, and spirit driven, and the energy of the universe will support you wholeheartedly. Unblock, unlock, your spirit knowing more fully now in order to choose, wisely and well, your next step, your next plan of advancement, and your next growth spurt.

Allow yourself to feel the knowing spirit, its happiness, lightness, and evolving self, now becoming synonymous with the real you, calling as the bird calls, wanting you to come to it and make it merge with your life now more fully.

That’s what this time of decision is all about, you know, choosing to engage your own spirit energy, and trusting your knowing more fully in your life upon that earth. What is your choice going to be? Fight or flight?

#72 Tend the Endangered Species of the Spirit

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Do not fault the self for failure to proceed at a fast pace, but continually look forward to opportunities of growth. Settle now into a pattern of new habits based on what you have learned, and are currently learning, about your own spirit. For the growth of your own spirit is succinctly aligned with the growth of all other spirit entities, and the world at large.

Allow yourself to bask in the knowledge that inner wisdom and knowing of the self is paramount to true evolutionary growth. If you continually allow your spirit the freedom to explore the world around you and the world inside you, differently now, you will greatly improve your life, and your future life, as an evolving being. To remain attached only to the darkness of the earth realm will hamper your future growth, but to show your spirit the way as light and as adventuresome will you offer yourself the possibility of truly amazing life changes.

Take into the routine of your day these new patterns, these new habits of centering, of balancing, of testing, of asking, and of trusting your growth. In so doing will you continually open doors that will lead you on journeys into new understandings and new discoveries. Allow your mature self to trust, for you have opened the door to your innocence again and that is the most important step in this evolutionary process of spirit awakening. Your innocence regained is the key to allowing yourself to take a new kind of journey, a journey of heart, of trust, and of the endangered species of the spirit inside you all.

Tend your spirit as you would a garden, a fire, a delicious soup, or as you would attend to any creative process that is right for you. Watch over it and be mindful of the needs of this awakening spirit inside you. Remember, that while the big baby, the inner child, and the testy teen do slumber is your spirit more available. Keep the inner kids deeply asleep, in calm trance, so that all of your energy can now go toward uprooting your spirit more fully from the weeds and vines that smother it. Transplant it now firmly in the perfectly balanced soil of your knowing, so that it may grow in nurtured containment, especially prepared through all the work you have now done.

Your preparation time is well achieved. Your time of understanding of how your spirit works and what it needs should be firmly established, so that you immediately dig into your calm, daily, and throughout the day. From this place of calm discover now what your worlds offer you. Observe your inner world and your outer world and how things have changed, and how they will continue to change as you proceed on your journey. If you are not seeing or understanding what I mean by change, ask for a sign of knowing and see what your answer may be. Ask for a sign that you will recognize as meaningful and true. And then be alert and aware, and you will not miss your answer.

Even in a very busy life is it possible to take a few moments, every day, to remind your self that you are spirit, first and foremost, and then see how that affects you. This is simple and easy enough to do, for a moment at a time, throughout your day. Your outlook on life will begin to change as you do this.

If you question your life from this perspective of spirit will you begin to see how your actions and your decisions will gradually change. Perhaps you have already noticed this change in yourself and your own life. Just the intent of spirit first will bring you to a new place and it will also bring to you new aspects of life. To attract the right stuff to your life must you be in alignment to accept the right kind of stuff.

Observe how you feel totally right when you are in your spirit alignment, when you take those few minutes to achieve calm and deep inner knowing of the self. This is your truth, and you know it is, you feel it, and you like it there. Seek this place now more often, for you recognize it. This is your spirit resonance, as I like to call it, your spirit frequency that you have tuned in to, and that you now seek to resort to more often.

You know that this place of calm is right and truly you, yet do you struggle still with the outer world and the desires of the ego, the body, and the clutter and chatter invading the mind. That’s fine too, for you would not be human if you did not have to deal with those aspects of life on earth. But do seek a better balance. Seek to tame the ego. Allow the spirit to converse with it, and influence it now more regularly, so that aspects of spirit appear more often in your outer life. Eventually, will your spirit be more firmly planted as your driving force.

But, for now, tend your garden of spirit, watch over it every day, help it along with nurturing attention so that your calm may know its place, and your desire for spirit immediately know where to go. I am not advocating total removal from the world, but I am always advocating spirit growth for change, in your own life first, so that the world you live in may also have the opportunity to change and become spirit driven.

You are all welcome to the life you have. Just focus now on saving the endangered species of the inner spirit and give it the opportunity to make a reappearance as a strong and capable aspect of life, a life that truly matters. This is your task.

#71 Celebrate Your Graduation

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message to guide us today?

I urge upon you all the growth of spirit. Although I have focused on the big baby aspect of human development I do not wish you to wallow in this aspect of the self. For it is merely another stepping stone that must be traversed in order to truly progress in life on earth and in spirit growth. To stand or sit upon that stepping stone is to offer little, but to push forward is to attain a new understanding of the self, to gain clarity, and to no longer remain bound by old ways and old habits of the inner child. Even though your inner child may be deeply wounded, do not hold yourself stuck upon that soreness, but seek healing by understanding your life’s journey as a progression toward wholeness. Fill now your life with new ideas, new perspectives, and new future outlooks. Address the child properly, with many thanks for the life well lived in spite of serious or even disturbing aspects. You now must focus on growth, on change, and on accepting a new energetic path far removed from the old circle of doubt and confusion about the meaning of life.

I wish now for all to move forward, by accepting the past as real, as meaningful, as a true learning ground, but there is no need to stay in elementary school. Graduation time is upon you. Have you learned your lessons? Have you passed your exams? Are you ready to wear the robes of adulthood, mature, and ready to look at life newly inspired and newly energized?

I invite you to the graduation party of the century. At this party are there vats of energy juice, plates of awareness, bowls of clarity, and above all, games of evolutionary growth. You are all invited to participate and to discover your next move in the progress of your life having taken in enough goodies to sustain you for a long time.

Your lessons are now inside you. They no longer reside in distant fog. You have succeeded in lifting the veils and you have gained important knowledge. But, the question remains, what will you do with it? What will you do with what you have learned about yourself and your world? This is always the time of great anticipation as children graduate and go out into the world. As parents we hope for the best. Well, look upon yourself as that child now, for, in truth, are you but a fledgling leaving the nest. Even as you look upon your own children walking out the door and upon the earth of unknowing so do you now venture out yourself into a new earth of truth and real knowing. You have lifted many veils and have peeked into possibility already many times. Your journey with me has opened doors, showing you all that is waiting for you.

Now, it is up to you. What do you wish to do with all that you have learned from my words? The energy awaits! Take advantage of the knowledge, that to enter the resonant stream of energetic force now upon that earth will carry you far, give you plenty of opportunity to continue to learn and grow, while at the same time allow your future connection with like resonant energy.

If you dare to follow your new knowing you will encounter others of the same sort, for there is now much daring upon that earth to be truthful and honest with the self, to hold above all the spiritual aspect of the self as the most important characteristic, to be guided by this centered, balanced self for a new kind of life. Even as the world tumbles down, as wars are waged, and as problems abound upon that earth, so is there growing spirit awareness of access to other realities, and the acceptances of experiences beyond reality as meaningful and truly necessary for total growth.

You now have the necessary parenting skills to tend to your inner big baby, your inner child, or your fretful teen. Be a good parent, but also give yourself the gift of adventure. Award yourself a graduation diploma, with honors, for not only a job well done, but as incentive to keep going. For many doors await your hand upon the knob, and your entry into the adventures of a lifetime.

Come celebrate your graduation! Ask for guidance and you will receive it, but remember always that you must ask, and to do that you must be brave enough to test the hypotheses that I have laid out, be aware of how you are responded to, and then trust the answers you receive. Welcome to the next phase in your life! Think of it as graduate school, for life is a continuing process of learning, testing, and knowing, and if you are truly on a journey of spirit your adventures will never end. Trust yourself, and your experiences, and you will do well.

I love you all. Know that you are safe and protected, that your life is unfolding daily with new lessons to be learned and that, if you accept them, learn from them, and await the next day with enthusiasm for the new gifts you will be given, then are you truly living and learning the life of energetic spirit awareness.

#70 Uncover Your Innocence

Dear Jeanne,
What advice do you have for us today? As you know, many people read your messages and are greatly affected by them. Do you have guidance for this particular day?

Find your balance, your center, your calm inner knowing place of internal wisdom. I do not wish to harm any of you, but I do wish to push you to evolutionary growth. You must take my words as meaningful in this manner, that they are meant to encourage you to take on life as a thoroughly evolving being. So, please, take my advice for what it means to you personally on your own journey. Take in the meaning into your deepest knowing place, and contemplate what the meaning is for your personal growth. For I do not wish to confuse or push you to do anything that does not feel right. Just because I urge something upon you does not mean that it is exactly right for you today. But, do find evolutionary meaning in my words, and take them inside you, locking them away for future reference as you make your way through your life. Find the meaning that is pertinent and grow from it, but do not neglect also to heed the right knowing of your own heart.

With that in mind, I will continue my barrage against the big baby. This aspect of the self is the most crucial one to overcome in order to evolve. Yes, everyone has a big baby. Everyone must learn to accept this, and to understand that the baby holds within its tight grasp the key to spirit growth and connection. This key is your innocence, your eternal knowing locked inside that baby frame, valuable yet hidden underneath all of the baby habits and the baby refusals to grow up. Life evolution requires that your baby remain attached to its purity, its innocence, but that it evolve into maturity and responsibility, the two other most important aspects of growth.

As the adult in the situation, your job is to maintain your stable place as the one in charge. Do not debate with your baby, with your inner child, with your recalcitrant teen. But, do lay down the law, the law of evolution and growth, so that, at all times, are you on the right path. Your baby will appreciate this and fall into line with your path because it knows that your decisions are based on resonance, and this will comfort it and keep it calmly centered. In this state will your innocence emerge to aid you on your journey. Your innocence is your original inner self, so hurt, so dampened by life, by tragedy, by pain, and by the vicissitudes of life. This is normal. It has been buried under scar tissue for many years. But, you have been slowly scraping away at it, beginning to engage it. And how do I know this? Because you are reading my words! And if you are reading my words and following my daily missives, then I know that your innocence is becoming uncovered.

Uncover your innocence a bit more. But in order to do this, must you work from a place of maturity and balance in your own world. You must be the ultimate, sane, and balanced adult putting your baby into a quiet trance of calm so that the innocence may emerge, may come out and play, and enjoy life.

Your innocence allows you to trust my words. It allows you to trust your spirit knowing. It allows and encourages you to trust the signs in your life as being real and guiding. It enables you to go on a true spiritual journey, geared toward personal evolution, in both the real world that you daily inhabit, and your own private inner world.

Your innocence needs you to care for it; to tend and nurture it, and protect it now as it may never have been protected before. This is the wellspring of your spiritual life, the key to your growth and the place where your knowing resides. But you will only have direct access to this innocence if your mature self calms the big baby, settles the inner child, and negotiates with the recalcitrant teen, teaching that you are on a journey and, as journeyers, must you be responsible for every action you take and every decision you make. Uphold this responsibility to the highest degree! Become the one who is in control of your life, your journey, and your destiny!

Do not put this responsibility upon me, or any other. It is your job and yours alone. My words are offered as guidance, and as tools along the way, but ultimately you are totally responsible for being in control, for making choices in life, and for teaching yourself the way to growth of spirit, and of your human self.

Balance, balance, balance at all times! Balance your physical self every morning. Do not overdo the coffee, for this will unseat your much-needed calm. Use your energy to brew up a cup of calm, not a cup of jittery brown liquid. Seek instead that healing light that is so available upon request, and allow it to swirl down, down, down throughout your being, bringing you pale but vibrant light, gentle but powerful healing energy, as it seeps into every pore and fiber and cell in your body and gives completely of its energy. Do not ask for too much, but only what you need for the day. This is enough.

Ask for its healing to balance you, to calm you, to soothe you, and give you the capability to do only what is right and good in your life. Ask it to help you make the right choices for yourself and all others in your life who love you, who respect you, and who rely on you for your good judgment, and your guidance, and companionship. For even as I ask you to become self-centered and calm, so do I expect you to remain responsible and mature adults facing your world and addressing your issues, your work, your problems as full-fledged members of society, as family members, and as participants in the world.

Attach to your innocence today. Find out what it is trying to tell you. With the baby quietly resting attempt to reconnect to your lost innocence without disturbing your childish needs. You already know what this innocence feels like, for it speaks often of trust, of allowing yourself to trust, and it also dares you greatly to try out new things in the manner of spirit growth. If you become hurt by this daring, do not run and wake up the child and say, “I’m sorry!” But instead, decide, with maturity, to not be hurt by anything that your knowing teaches you. For this is the awakening of your inner spirit that seeks to guide you and keep you on the path of knowing and growth so that your connection to this aspect of self will continually strengthen, and eventually will its calm voice be very accessible, and your awareness of it will be cultivated to a lovely garden of trust.

So, go now, continue to understand the big baby. Look at how it controls your life and makes decisions for you. Do you really want to live your life controlled by someone who can’t even walk yet? Do you really want to carry around a load of dirty diapers your whole life? Do you really want to be a nursemaid; having to tiptoe around so as not to disturb the cranky baby? I should say not! Time for the adult you to thoroughly address the situation and find your place in the Universe of You. And then, once you have established your knowing of this, can you venture out into the greater universe, ready to experience what life really has to offer. I can only urge you along by saying that, You Are Missing So Much! I look forward to your enjoyment of life as never before experienced. So, come on, let’s keep going!

#69 The Lovely Plateau of Growth

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us all today?

Step outside of yourself now and take a backward glance. See the patterns of highs and lows and the even planes in your life. See now, from this plateau of knowing, where you have been, and look forward then to the horizon with renewed vigor and interest in proceeding differently on your journey.

Have respect for yourself and the journey thus far taken. Everything has been significant in the past. Every action, every decision, every move you have taken has gotten you where you are now. Respect this journey as you look back over the pattern of your past. Resolve now to proceed differently, with guidance given, with new awareness, and with your future resolution firmly planted to go now into spirit living, spirit opening, and spirit driven being.

Balance your needs, your desires, your big baby, and your adult self. Keep on an even keel, even tempered, and thoroughly focused on growth. Resolve issues that have kept you bound to old ways, for they are not life enhancing, but life debilitating. Do you wish to stay slow and sluggish in your life, or do you wish to have change and growth as your new daily vitamin? Take this new capsule of knowing that I have been offering and finally allow it to go to work on you. Even if you are given the elixir to life, the secret formula to longevity, the means to survival beyond all others, so will none of this knowledge matter if you do not trust in it and act on it. Even the best daily vitamin will not have affect if you do not believe that it will have affect on your body.

Where is your trust in my messages? Where is your active participation in this mission I bring to you? Are you with me fully, as adult participants in true life, or are you staying behind to nurse your big babies? Do you not see that what you are offered is far greater than the desires of even the biggest baby among you? Time to retire the babies, the wants, the desires, the so called human needs, and point forward into the future, so ready and waiting for you to engage it, on that lovely plateau of growth that stretches out before you.

Stop wasting time! Get your acts together all you seekers, and let’s get this thing moving forward now. Have you not learned yet enough about yourself? Have you not utilized what I teach to change your life? Are you not moving forward even a little bit? Well then, move a little bit more and see what happens. Dare your adult self to let the sleeping baby lie still. Why disturb it? It does not need anything right now. Let it sleep soundly while you take a little break and advance on your spirit journey toward contentment and balance.

You have reached this plateau by hook or by crook, and now that you are here look around a little and see what has been made available to you. Much is in the future; much lies at your very feet, just waiting for you to notice. Much is in fact urging you to take note, to observe, and acknowledge it as being there for your usage on your journey.

Find the energy inside yourself now to respect the past, but move firmly footed into the future. All that you need lies waiting. Have you put your baby to sleep? Is your inner child quietly napping? Are you ready to step outside of the nursery and experience the fresh air of life, the calming breezes of energetic relevance? Do you not see what has been made available to you while you tended to the baby?

Grab your backpack full of knowledge, your awareness, and your daring, and firmly footed, alone in your spirit resonance, move forward now into the energy that awaits. You won’t regret it. The time is right to move forward in clarity, with messages at your feet to guide you. All the signs are pointing you in the right direction, but it is up to the calm and balanced adult self, moving in spirit resonance, to notice and interpret them correctly. This is how you must proceed now in order to benefit from this energetic relevance that awaits.

I look forward to your progress and your growth. And you should look forward to feeling your spirit resonance and allowing it to guide you from that place of calm knowing. Sit in your calm. Hear your own messages of truth. Then proceed in your journey. This is good!