#70 Uncover Your Innocence

Dear Jeanne,
What advice do you have for us today? As you know, many people read your messages and are greatly affected by them. Do you have guidance for this particular day?

Find your balance, your center, your calm inner knowing place of internal wisdom. I do not wish to harm any of you, but I do wish to push you to evolutionary growth. You must take my words as meaningful in this manner, that they are meant to encourage you to take on life as a thoroughly evolving being. So, please, take my advice for what it means to you personally on your own journey. Take in the meaning into your deepest knowing place, and contemplate what the meaning is for your personal growth. For I do not wish to confuse or push you to do anything that does not feel right. Just because I urge something upon you does not mean that it is exactly right for you today. But, do find evolutionary meaning in my words, and take them inside you, locking them away for future reference as you make your way through your life. Find the meaning that is pertinent and grow from it, but do not neglect also to heed the right knowing of your own heart.

With that in mind, I will continue my barrage against the big baby. This aspect of the self is the most crucial one to overcome in order to evolve. Yes, everyone has a big baby. Everyone must learn to accept this, and to understand that the baby holds within its tight grasp the key to spirit growth and connection. This key is your innocence, your eternal knowing locked inside that baby frame, valuable yet hidden underneath all of the baby habits and the baby refusals to grow up. Life evolution requires that your baby remain attached to its purity, its innocence, but that it evolve into maturity and responsibility, the two other most important aspects of growth.

As the adult in the situation, your job is to maintain your stable place as the one in charge. Do not debate with your baby, with your inner child, with your recalcitrant teen. But, do lay down the law, the law of evolution and growth, so that, at all times, are you on the right path. Your baby will appreciate this and fall into line with your path because it knows that your decisions are based on resonance, and this will comfort it and keep it calmly centered. In this state will your innocence emerge to aid you on your journey. Your innocence is your original inner self, so hurt, so dampened by life, by tragedy, by pain, and by the vicissitudes of life. This is normal. It has been buried under scar tissue for many years. But, you have been slowly scraping away at it, beginning to engage it. And how do I know this? Because you are reading my words! And if you are reading my words and following my daily missives, then I know that your innocence is becoming uncovered.

Uncover your innocence a bit more. But in order to do this, must you work from a place of maturity and balance in your own world. You must be the ultimate, sane, and balanced adult putting your baby into a quiet trance of calm so that the innocence may emerge, may come out and play, and enjoy life.

Your innocence allows you to trust my words. It allows you to trust your spirit knowing. It allows and encourages you to trust the signs in your life as being real and guiding. It enables you to go on a true spiritual journey, geared toward personal evolution, in both the real world that you daily inhabit, and your own private inner world.

Your innocence needs you to care for it; to tend and nurture it, and protect it now as it may never have been protected before. This is the wellspring of your spiritual life, the key to your growth and the place where your knowing resides. But you will only have direct access to this innocence if your mature self calms the big baby, settles the inner child, and negotiates with the recalcitrant teen, teaching that you are on a journey and, as journeyers, must you be responsible for every action you take and every decision you make. Uphold this responsibility to the highest degree! Become the one who is in control of your life, your journey, and your destiny!

Do not put this responsibility upon me, or any other. It is your job and yours alone. My words are offered as guidance, and as tools along the way, but ultimately you are totally responsible for being in control, for making choices in life, and for teaching yourself the way to growth of spirit, and of your human self.

Balance, balance, balance at all times! Balance your physical self every morning. Do not overdo the coffee, for this will unseat your much-needed calm. Use your energy to brew up a cup of calm, not a cup of jittery brown liquid. Seek instead that healing light that is so available upon request, and allow it to swirl down, down, down throughout your being, bringing you pale but vibrant light, gentle but powerful healing energy, as it seeps into every pore and fiber and cell in your body and gives completely of its energy. Do not ask for too much, but only what you need for the day. This is enough.

Ask for its healing to balance you, to calm you, to soothe you, and give you the capability to do only what is right and good in your life. Ask it to help you make the right choices for yourself and all others in your life who love you, who respect you, and who rely on you for your good judgment, and your guidance, and companionship. For even as I ask you to become self-centered and calm, so do I expect you to remain responsible and mature adults facing your world and addressing your issues, your work, your problems as full-fledged members of society, as family members, and as participants in the world.

Attach to your innocence today. Find out what it is trying to tell you. With the baby quietly resting attempt to reconnect to your lost innocence without disturbing your childish needs. You already know what this innocence feels like, for it speaks often of trust, of allowing yourself to trust, and it also dares you greatly to try out new things in the manner of spirit growth. If you become hurt by this daring, do not run and wake up the child and say, “I’m sorry!” But instead, decide, with maturity, to not be hurt by anything that your knowing teaches you. For this is the awakening of your inner spirit that seeks to guide you and keep you on the path of knowing and growth so that your connection to this aspect of self will continually strengthen, and eventually will its calm voice be very accessible, and your awareness of it will be cultivated to a lovely garden of trust.

So, go now, continue to understand the big baby. Look at how it controls your life and makes decisions for you. Do you really want to live your life controlled by someone who can’t even walk yet? Do you really want to carry around a load of dirty diapers your whole life? Do you really want to be a nursemaid; having to tiptoe around so as not to disturb the cranky baby? I should say not! Time for the adult you to thoroughly address the situation and find your place in the Universe of You. And then, once you have established your knowing of this, can you venture out into the greater universe, ready to experience what life really has to offer. I can only urge you along by saying that, You Are Missing So Much! I look forward to your enjoyment of life as never before experienced. So, come on, let’s keep going!