#71 Celebrate Your Graduation

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message to guide us today?

I urge upon you all the growth of spirit. Although I have focused on the big baby aspect of human development I do not wish you to wallow in this aspect of the self. For it is merely another stepping stone that must be traversed in order to truly progress in life on earth and in spirit growth. To stand or sit upon that stepping stone is to offer little, but to push forward is to attain a new understanding of the self, to gain clarity, and to no longer remain bound by old ways and old habits of the inner child. Even though your inner child may be deeply wounded, do not hold yourself stuck upon that soreness, but seek healing by understanding your life’s journey as a progression toward wholeness. Fill now your life with new ideas, new perspectives, and new future outlooks. Address the child properly, with many thanks for the life well lived in spite of serious or even disturbing aspects. You now must focus on growth, on change, and on accepting a new energetic path far removed from the old circle of doubt and confusion about the meaning of life.

I wish now for all to move forward, by accepting the past as real, as meaningful, as a true learning ground, but there is no need to stay in elementary school. Graduation time is upon you. Have you learned your lessons? Have you passed your exams? Are you ready to wear the robes of adulthood, mature, and ready to look at life newly inspired and newly energized?

I invite you to the graduation party of the century. At this party are there vats of energy juice, plates of awareness, bowls of clarity, and above all, games of evolutionary growth. You are all invited to participate and to discover your next move in the progress of your life having taken in enough goodies to sustain you for a long time.

Your lessons are now inside you. They no longer reside in distant fog. You have succeeded in lifting the veils and you have gained important knowledge. But, the question remains, what will you do with it? What will you do with what you have learned about yourself and your world? This is always the time of great anticipation as children graduate and go out into the world. As parents we hope for the best. Well, look upon yourself as that child now, for, in truth, are you but a fledgling leaving the nest. Even as you look upon your own children walking out the door and upon the earth of unknowing so do you now venture out yourself into a new earth of truth and real knowing. You have lifted many veils and have peeked into possibility already many times. Your journey with me has opened doors, showing you all that is waiting for you.

Now, it is up to you. What do you wish to do with all that you have learned from my words? The energy awaits! Take advantage of the knowledge, that to enter the resonant stream of energetic force now upon that earth will carry you far, give you plenty of opportunity to continue to learn and grow, while at the same time allow your future connection with like resonant energy.

If you dare to follow your new knowing you will encounter others of the same sort, for there is now much daring upon that earth to be truthful and honest with the self, to hold above all the spiritual aspect of the self as the most important characteristic, to be guided by this centered, balanced self for a new kind of life. Even as the world tumbles down, as wars are waged, and as problems abound upon that earth, so is there growing spirit awareness of access to other realities, and the acceptances of experiences beyond reality as meaningful and truly necessary for total growth.

You now have the necessary parenting skills to tend to your inner big baby, your inner child, or your fretful teen. Be a good parent, but also give yourself the gift of adventure. Award yourself a graduation diploma, with honors, for not only a job well done, but as incentive to keep going. For many doors await your hand upon the knob, and your entry into the adventures of a lifetime.

Come celebrate your graduation! Ask for guidance and you will receive it, but remember always that you must ask, and to do that you must be brave enough to test the hypotheses that I have laid out, be aware of how you are responded to, and then trust the answers you receive. Welcome to the next phase in your life! Think of it as graduate school, for life is a continuing process of learning, testing, and knowing, and if you are truly on a journey of spirit your adventures will never end. Trust yourself, and your experiences, and you will do well.

I love you all. Know that you are safe and protected, that your life is unfolding daily with new lessons to be learned and that, if you accept them, learn from them, and await the next day with enthusiasm for the new gifts you will be given, then are you truly living and learning the life of energetic spirit awareness.