#72 Tend the Endangered Species of the Spirit

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Do not fault the self for failure to proceed at a fast pace, but continually look forward to opportunities of growth. Settle now into a pattern of new habits based on what you have learned, and are currently learning, about your own spirit. For the growth of your own spirit is succinctly aligned with the growth of all other spirit entities, and the world at large.

Allow yourself to bask in the knowledge that inner wisdom and knowing of the self is paramount to true evolutionary growth. If you continually allow your spirit the freedom to explore the world around you and the world inside you, differently now, you will greatly improve your life, and your future life, as an evolving being. To remain attached only to the darkness of the earth realm will hamper your future growth, but to show your spirit the way as light and as adventuresome will you offer yourself the possibility of truly amazing life changes.

Take into the routine of your day these new patterns, these new habits of centering, of balancing, of testing, of asking, and of trusting your growth. In so doing will you continually open doors that will lead you on journeys into new understandings and new discoveries. Allow your mature self to trust, for you have opened the door to your innocence again and that is the most important step in this evolutionary process of spirit awakening. Your innocence regained is the key to allowing yourself to take a new kind of journey, a journey of heart, of trust, and of the endangered species of the spirit inside you all.

Tend your spirit as you would a garden, a fire, a delicious soup, or as you would attend to any creative process that is right for you. Watch over it and be mindful of the needs of this awakening spirit inside you. Remember, that while the big baby, the inner child, and the testy teen do slumber is your spirit more available. Keep the inner kids deeply asleep, in calm trance, so that all of your energy can now go toward uprooting your spirit more fully from the weeds and vines that smother it. Transplant it now firmly in the perfectly balanced soil of your knowing, so that it may grow in nurtured containment, especially prepared through all the work you have now done.

Your preparation time is well achieved. Your time of understanding of how your spirit works and what it needs should be firmly established, so that you immediately dig into your calm, daily, and throughout the day. From this place of calm discover now what your worlds offer you. Observe your inner world and your outer world and how things have changed, and how they will continue to change as you proceed on your journey. If you are not seeing or understanding what I mean by change, ask for a sign of knowing and see what your answer may be. Ask for a sign that you will recognize as meaningful and true. And then be alert and aware, and you will not miss your answer.

Even in a very busy life is it possible to take a few moments, every day, to remind your self that you are spirit, first and foremost, and then see how that affects you. This is simple and easy enough to do, for a moment at a time, throughout your day. Your outlook on life will begin to change as you do this.

If you question your life from this perspective of spirit will you begin to see how your actions and your decisions will gradually change. Perhaps you have already noticed this change in yourself and your own life. Just the intent of spirit first will bring you to a new place and it will also bring to you new aspects of life. To attract the right stuff to your life must you be in alignment to accept the right kind of stuff.

Observe how you feel totally right when you are in your spirit alignment, when you take those few minutes to achieve calm and deep inner knowing of the self. This is your truth, and you know it is, you feel it, and you like it there. Seek this place now more often, for you recognize it. This is your spirit resonance, as I like to call it, your spirit frequency that you have tuned in to, and that you now seek to resort to more often.

You know that this place of calm is right and truly you, yet do you struggle still with the outer world and the desires of the ego, the body, and the clutter and chatter invading the mind. That’s fine too, for you would not be human if you did not have to deal with those aspects of life on earth. But do seek a better balance. Seek to tame the ego. Allow the spirit to converse with it, and influence it now more regularly, so that aspects of spirit appear more often in your outer life. Eventually, will your spirit be more firmly planted as your driving force.

But, for now, tend your garden of spirit, watch over it every day, help it along with nurturing attention so that your calm may know its place, and your desire for spirit immediately know where to go. I am not advocating total removal from the world, but I am always advocating spirit growth for change, in your own life first, so that the world you live in may also have the opportunity to change and become spirit driven.

You are all welcome to the life you have. Just focus now on saving the endangered species of the inner spirit and give it the opportunity to make a reappearance as a strong and capable aspect of life, a life that truly matters. This is your task.