#73 This Is the Turning Point

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

The real question is, are you ready to do it right? Are you ready to evolve? What is your life really about? It’s about evolving spiritually. Do you choose to go forward with all the knowledge you have gained? Are you really ready? Are you not preparing yourself for new life as you continue to read my messages and abide by new rules of thinking and acting? Are you ready for that life you now live to finally change so that you can grow into a fulfilled spirit being?

All of these questions I pose now because the time has come to make a firm decision on the direction of your life. You are being given access to much knowledge. You have available to you much guidance in the ways of spirit growth, conveying the mysteries of life, lifting many veils. Your curiosity is not the only thing that has been peaked, but also your own answering knowing, your resonance, has been re-introduced to you as a result of this guidance being offered.

Do you choose to stay bound by such human qualities as refusal to grow and the needs of a child, or do you choose to take control of your life, and step out into the air as a new being fully committed to something different now? This is the turning point. This is the time to decide whether or not you will go with the flow of spirit guidance as it swoops in to your nearness and offers assistance. Yes, this is also a time of great struggle, for in reality is it the time of clashing of old worlds and new worlds, and when such a clash happens is there a great battle that ensues. Your strengths are put to the test, your old strengths and your new strengths wrestle in the river of life, each seeking to drown the other and claim victory.

Your spirit strength is greatly enhanced now, not only with its own resilience, as that of a youth who fights the old demon, but also with the power of all that is yet to be revealed. The old demon, on the other hand, offers nothing but what it has already shown over these many years. Does David slay Goliath today?

Your life is but a myth. How do you choose your own personal myth to proceed? Do you choose to have the strength of seven Davids, or do you choose to allow the demon Goliath to shred you to pieces upon the path of your life? To be ravaged by your past, or to battle yourself free once and for all? Those are your choices.

Your issues may not warrant such a strong picture, but the image of your life is worth such stark and brutal contrast, for are you not worthy of winning such a battle? Are not all demons, whether large or small, equally devastating if they win? Are you not strong as seven Davids now, with your knowing spirit energy?

To achieve your goals in life do you need focus, intent, and a proper plan of action. You must be organized, and well prepared for all that is ahead. For even as you slay this dragon, will there surely be others ahead who cross your path and ask you to step forward into battle with them. Your time upon that path will undoubtedly be active and exciting in all manner of spirit experience, whether you choose now to go to war against this demon at your door, or you choose to stay locked under its huge clawed foot, still trapped, unable at this time to muster your strength. Your opportunities for growth will always appear, but your challenge will continually be to understand this, to know that now is the time to do battle and fight your way forward. Your knowing must be kept keen and honed, and your spirit consciousness alert, in order to avoid getting trapped by the haunting demons of the past.

All in all, it is a matter of choice. But, I pose still the question for today. What do you wish to do with your life now that you know so much about spirit energy and spirit potential? It is time to dare to choose spirit over all else and see where that takes you. Your choice of intent alone will assist you in your battles, but your actions must begin to follow your words of intent for progress to be made.

I advise that you take the time to assess your own situation. Find your center and your calm place of balance before you attempt to deal with your demons. Plant your feet firmly in this place of knowing, and from this vantage point take time to see the reality that is being presented to you. Know where you can make your cuts. Plan your attack knowing full well who your enemy is and how it acts and reacts. To know your enemy is half the battle.

Allow your calm to remain your greatest asset. Allow your knowledge of your own strong spirit to continually guide you. Allow your mature self to stand now with your spirit upon that path as you meet head on your current challenge. Time to make the first move, and to be as David, and slay that dragon down. To kill, in myth and metaphor, is to grow; and to take that strength from myth and apply it in your own life is to give yourself the gift of truth as regards your own inner strengths and convictions.

You are not far from making a choice that will affect you for a long time to come. Find your new spirit strength, and allow it to guide you and lead you properly along your path. Stay alert, keep focused on reading the signs in your life, and go with what is truly right, resonant, and spirit driven, and the energy of the universe will support you wholeheartedly. Unblock, unlock, your spirit knowing more fully now in order to choose, wisely and well, your next step, your next plan of advancement, and your next growth spurt.

Allow yourself to feel the knowing spirit, its happiness, lightness, and evolving self, now becoming synonymous with the real you, calling as the bird calls, wanting you to come to it and make it merge with your life now more fully.

That’s what this time of decision is all about, you know, choosing to engage your own spirit energy, and trusting your knowing more fully in your life upon that earth. What is your choice going to be? Fight or flight?