#69 The Lovely Plateau of Growth

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us all today?

Step outside of yourself now and take a backward glance. See the patterns of highs and lows and the even planes in your life. See now, from this plateau of knowing, where you have been, and look forward then to the horizon with renewed vigor and interest in proceeding differently on your journey.

Have respect for yourself and the journey thus far taken. Everything has been significant in the past. Every action, every decision, every move you have taken has gotten you where you are now. Respect this journey as you look back over the pattern of your past. Resolve now to proceed differently, with guidance given, with new awareness, and with your future resolution firmly planted to go now into spirit living, spirit opening, and spirit driven being.

Balance your needs, your desires, your big baby, and your adult self. Keep on an even keel, even tempered, and thoroughly focused on growth. Resolve issues that have kept you bound to old ways, for they are not life enhancing, but life debilitating. Do you wish to stay slow and sluggish in your life, or do you wish to have change and growth as your new daily vitamin? Take this new capsule of knowing that I have been offering and finally allow it to go to work on you. Even if you are given the elixir to life, the secret formula to longevity, the means to survival beyond all others, so will none of this knowledge matter if you do not trust in it and act on it. Even the best daily vitamin will not have affect if you do not believe that it will have affect on your body.

Where is your trust in my messages? Where is your active participation in this mission I bring to you? Are you with me fully, as adult participants in true life, or are you staying behind to nurse your big babies? Do you not see that what you are offered is far greater than the desires of even the biggest baby among you? Time to retire the babies, the wants, the desires, the so called human needs, and point forward into the future, so ready and waiting for you to engage it, on that lovely plateau of growth that stretches out before you.

Stop wasting time! Get your acts together all you seekers, and let’s get this thing moving forward now. Have you not learned yet enough about yourself? Have you not utilized what I teach to change your life? Are you not moving forward even a little bit? Well then, move a little bit more and see what happens. Dare your adult self to let the sleeping baby lie still. Why disturb it? It does not need anything right now. Let it sleep soundly while you take a little break and advance on your spirit journey toward contentment and balance.

You have reached this plateau by hook or by crook, and now that you are here look around a little and see what has been made available to you. Much is in the future; much lies at your very feet, just waiting for you to notice. Much is in fact urging you to take note, to observe, and acknowledge it as being there for your usage on your journey.

Find the energy inside yourself now to respect the past, but move firmly footed into the future. All that you need lies waiting. Have you put your baby to sleep? Is your inner child quietly napping? Are you ready to step outside of the nursery and experience the fresh air of life, the calming breezes of energetic relevance? Do you not see what has been made available to you while you tended to the baby?

Grab your backpack full of knowledge, your awareness, and your daring, and firmly footed, alone in your spirit resonance, move forward now into the energy that awaits. You won’t regret it. The time is right to move forward in clarity, with messages at your feet to guide you. All the signs are pointing you in the right direction, but it is up to the calm and balanced adult self, moving in spirit resonance, to notice and interpret them correctly. This is how you must proceed now in order to benefit from this energetic relevance that awaits.

I look forward to your progress and your growth. And you should look forward to feeling your spirit resonance and allowing it to guide you from that place of calm knowing. Sit in your calm. Hear your own messages of truth. Then proceed in your journey. This is good!