#68 The Big Baby

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance today for all of us who read your words?

Look now to the self for motivation. Treat the self not as a baby in arms, but as a full-fledged adult, for that is how you must navigate in that world, as mature and hearty adults, and this maturity of purpose and intent is also necessary in order to navigate on your spiritual journey as well. Have you come up against discord in your life? Have you suffered some seemingly irreparable harm? Have you begotten much strife as a result of your impatience and your foolhardy moves? Do you tend to wallow in your own dirty diapers? Do you seek to stay in babyhood when you should grow up? Well, you readers of my words, get over it!

Seek your own growth even as you seek growth in others. Parent yourself with my words on parenting. Take in everything I said in relationship to you, yourself, and your own situation. Do not sit upon your throne and look upon everyone else as not doing it right, but discover that even you, who sit supremely prepared for life, have issues of the self to address. All of you have issues of the inner child, the inner big baby, and the inner desires to give over control and decision making to another. You all need to grow up.

Take control of your own life, your own progress, your own spiritual journey, and become the adult, the knowing parent and the focused mature spirit ready to travel forward now. If you keep dragging your big baby around you will forever have to deal with dirty diapers and all the paraphernalia that babies need. And the bigger the baby, the more stuff you have to drag around with you. Come on; investigate what your big baby does to you on a daily basis. Find what your actions regarding this infant in the driver’s seat do to you. How are your decisions affected? How are your relationships affected? How are your waking hours affected?

To proceed in life from a place of maturity with the inner big baby well placed, well known, and well managed is to proceed in life with dignity, with personal knowing of the self as fully in control, and with the innate ability to quickly assess how to proceed correctly in life. Do not let your big baby rule, or you will have stunted growth in life.

My words on parenting issues must be utilized to address these issues of the inner child. No one is exempt from studying this aspect of themselves. I urge all of you to take time over the next few days to understand that all of you have this big baby aspect deep inside you. Discover how well you are parenting this baby. Discover if your methods are truly doing the job as it should be done. Find out if your baby is well taken care of and living in harmony with your adult knowing, or does it lash out at you all too often, begging and crying and desiring too much for any baby?

This is a new balance that must be achieved if you are to maintain true balance in life. I do not ever advocate total neglect or denial of this baby, for in this action would you deny a vital aspect of the self that must be acknowledged and accepted as part of life. That baby can lead you to discoveries about the self that may not ever emerge in any other fashion. These aspects of the psyche can remain hidden and smothered if the baby is not treated with respect and paid attention to.

Know your inner baby. Understand what it seeks to teach you. Find out why it continually presents you with the same problem over and over again? Why are you stuck on the issues you are stuck on? Because you are supposed to learn something from them, silly! Don’t take me in the wrong way with that word. I use it only with deep affection for all of you. But, I also know how frustrating life with the big baby in control can be. If the baby is screaming all day long for attention then perhaps it is letting you know, very loudly and clearly, that you are not doing something right. For if you were doing everything right the baby would be happy, contented, and calmly balanced.

Do you cradle your inner baby lovingly, knowingly cognizant of its abilities and its spirit awareness? Have you allowed it to guide you? Do you listen to what it is really saying to you when it cries out? Have you discovered that it usually means something quite different from what you anticipate? Until the baby learns to speak must there be close rapport and much togetherness to discover how the baby functions, for all babies are unique in their habits and their needs. It is up to the parent to learn how their own baby speaks, without words, but with sounds nonetheless.

So, in order to continue in your progress as a good parent, both to those outside of you and to this inner baby, must you discover who your own inner baby really is. You must find it inside you and learn everything there is to learn about it. Become familiar with it. Even if you do not acknowledge that you have one, begin to see how it will let you know it exists. Because, believe me, it will!

If you are going to proceed in your life, following your resonance, enjoying proper alignment, and utilizing the powerful energy upon that earth must you fully embrace and understand who you are, how you function, and how all aspects of your self also function. To be fully aware, alert and ready to take on life must you acknowledge the big baby inside and learn from it, but also teach it to regard your maturity as correct and right for the journey you must take together. Control of your big baby does not mean sticking a pacifier in its mouth. It means fully knowing it, and accepting your life as a contract with this aspect of yourself. Your learning and growing self needs and desires knowledge of this agreement in order to grow, and develop, and live life to the fullest.

Take care of those inner babies. Love and cherish them for the problems they create and for the lessons they teach. Bind yourself fully to them, committed to a lifetime of love and self-understanding in order to grow into a complete human being, and a well balanced and complete spirit being as well.