#14 Tackle Your Issues

Dear Jeanne,
Your messages have been helping so many people. Yesterday you addressed the issues of abandonment and rejection, among other things. Do you care to expand on those subjects or speak about anything else today?

Clarity is not necessary at this point. In learning the process of letting go will clarity be gained in each individual circumstance. My messages are meant to be universal in content and, when applied correctly, also become intensely personal. I do not mean to do the work that must be done by each and every one of you. To gain clarity is part of the growth that I entice you all to undertake. As you grow to understand yourself, your inner self, and your outer self, so will you begin to gain more clarity on how your own dilemmas have caused and created the you who now exists. In the process of letting go, that I spoke of yesterday, do you have the opportunity to slowly tackle your issues, one at a time, going deeper and deeper until you arrive at the bottom, so to speak, of your core, and discover the process that will lead you to uproot the core issue that may block you, not only from truly living in that life, but may also inhibit your future growth.

I do not advocate jumping in and tackling your greatest issue until you have tackled some smaller ones. Understanding the processes I suggest may help you resolve these lesser issues and learn how the process works best in your own circumstances. Proceed from there to assign yourself to your deeper issues. If abandonment and rejection lie at your root then you will have to boldly, yet systematically, one small step at a time, investigate these issues in your own life.

As I spoke yesterday, in my own case, I kept myself quite reserved as regards my own issue of abandonment at birth, when I was adopted. It became my journey to live a life totally unknowing of who I really was, but underneath resonated another issue of why, of what did it mean to me, and why was this journey placed upon me from the very start? I spent my life, not only wondering, but also working through these issues and always finding more questions, constantly taking me deeper, to the very core issue of rejection. But I stayed always in command; my total control issue was bigger than my rejection issue throughout my life. As I dealt with it in my final days, I knew I had to finally let go in the biggest way possible, to finally release my self, and in so doing, my spirit, from the burdens of that core issue. In so doing, did I solve the difficulties, both that plagued me in life, and that held me back, at death. In granting myself release, did I catapult into new life, a new life without the burden of that rejection issue, and perhaps now I am in the position I am in because I allowed this process to unfold in its natural way.

I do know now that a life of unknowing was what I needed, and wanted, in order to evolve. There is no dispute there. But I had to complete issues around it in the time after I left that world. I completed my unfinished business, and was afforded the opportunity to progress, as a result.

Had I tackled my issues while still alive, in a different manner, as I suggest all do, I would have gotten to the same place I am now. This was due to the fact that as I gained clarity, right up to the point of my death from that life, did I act upon it. I did not hesitate to act on the knowledge I gained, but proceeded to work with it to solve the remainder of my soul journey.

I realize, that all of this may be presenting too many ideas too quickly. But, stay with me a bit longer, for in the end will you understand that you alone are your guide, and your teacher, and your own mentor. Life is meant to be figured out, to be discovered, and to be explored. It is too easy to live a life of receiving, and accepting, and living off the fat of the land, and the handouts of others. This is not true living, but simply taking the easy way out. It will end in repeated efforts, in future lives, to live a life of contemplation and discovery.

To discover the true meaning of the self, and the reason for just that self to be on that earth at this very time, is truly to understand your journey. To tackle your deepest issues, with the known fact that everything that has occurred in your life is meaningful, and part of your growing, your training in evolution, is to understand your own life differently. But, all of this requires your total participation, and it requires mature decision-making, and mature reactions to the consequences and the problems that arise. As you grow, as you become more aware of life as a journey, does all this begin to make sense and to become clearer. With clarity, are your decisions easier to make, and your work laid out before you becomes not as fears, but as challenges, and challenges are what will test you and prove to you that you are, not only an evolving being, but also fully capable of taking this journey with yourself.

So, my messages may occasionally be dense, but if you allow yourself to follow their guidance will you soon discover, that with mature and poised progress, will you find your way. And also, will you find your central place of knowing, and in the end, my messages will no longer be confusing or dense, but will instead resonate with the knowing already inside you, just waiting for you to acknowledge it.

You all have within you the capacity to discover this knowledge. You have within you the ability to grow and to evolve. All I offer are the tools to begin the process. Believe me, you are fully capable and fully aware of what I speak of.

#13 Abandonment

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any messages we can pass on to humanity today? When I woke up in the night you said you would speak on abandonment today, that it was relevant to everyone. How is it relevant and what do we do about it?

Abandonment is absence of hope and loss of trust, and refers also to these aspects within the self, as well as outside of the self. To abandon even the self leaves the spirit in nether land, lost and unattainable, removed from easy reach. In such a state is man liable to become too immersed in that world, greedy for fulfillment of other sorts, when true fulfillment lies not outside the self, but inside the self. This is a hard lesson to learn and a hard lesson to truly integrate into life. But, it is also the key to evolutionary growth.

To remain in a state of abandonment, deeply rooted feelings of rejection, of inadequacy, and of distance from the true inner self inhibits the spirit connection that is vital for the evolutionary spirit. In my own lifetime upon that earth, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, did I suffer greatly from this phenomenon. But my own spirit, although deeply affected, did not hinder in its striving for growth, though the underlying issue remained as a cancer, festering for many years, as I sought total connection with my spirit and my spirit potential.

To remain bound by abandonment issues is to remain in struggle. Issues of rejection arise most often, and commonly the human need for affection and for understanding outweigh the other needs. To stay bound in this category for very long requires great work to overcome once spirit growth is desired. To stay stuck, believing that one deserves something different, or something better, is to remain bound by earthly desires for fulfillment from without. To stay bound in this manner is to dismiss the true nature of life as a journey and a learning experience every day of that life.

For how can there be true growth if one remains caught in old ways? I pushed myself in many ways to overcome this core issue in myself, but was only able to resolve it in the dying process. This was my strength, my human strength that fought my spirit strength right to the very end. There is no regret in this action, for I needed it in order to evolve. But there are other methods to practice in order to evolve into new spirit life now on earth.

If the spirit lies abandoned, rejected, and isolated is this not a sorry state to leave your true self in? Does your human self feel such abandonment, rejection, and isolation? Do you not see the reciprocal issue in your spirit self and feel responsible for pulling that spirit self up out of its state of abandon? Turn your feelings inward now, not outward looking for solace from the world you have created around you, but inward where your own true potential lies.

Had I not struggled so hard, seeking the depths of my own spirit, I dare say, I would not, at this time, live in the state I now reside in, but would, in fact, be back among you in familiar form. I can attest to the desire of the inner spirit to grow above all else during that life, and that opportunity to begin a new life of evolutionary potential.

To change, to evolve out of that life into new life with abundance of energy far reaching anything I ever experienced on earth is far more exciting than the thought of returning to yet another life upon that earth. Freedom from the human body is one of the most exhilarating experiences, and to remain finally free, and yet still alive and still learning and growing, is amazing. I live in abundant joy, yet I work hard to learn what I must in order to complete this mission I have assigned myself, and my group has assigned themselves to as well. We have all chosen this path in our new lives, freely and lovingly accepted our new challenges.

So, I speak of abandonment today in order to alert the many who struggle with the many aspects of this disturbance in life. It does not have to be so overpowering a feeling, nor does it have to envelop both the outer life and the inner life so greatly. There is a process I have spoken of before called, letting go, and this process, as you enact it in your daily life, will enable you to lose, not only your sense of abandonment, but also the attachments that hold you bound. The process of letting go is manifold, in its capacity to both detach from the trappings of life and to attach to your own spirit potential. As you practice letting go in your own life, so will you discover that you desire reattachment to something much more meaningful. And this is when you will be challenged to understand that all that you need lies deep inside you, though you must go through the process of letting go in order to discover this.

Begin the process in your own life immediately. Everyone has something they can let go of. Some idea of the self, perhaps? Some strict attachment to an object or thing? A strong attachment to an institution or convention that keeps you stuck? Do you desire something that your spirit needs, yet are afraid?

Challenge your outer self to slowly abandon the outer attachments that you do not really need for that new life you seek. Is it resentment that you hold dear? Is it anger? Is it sadness? Is it a false idea of the self, as bad, or weak, or incapable? All of these attributes and all of these attitudes must be abandoned. Your process of learning to let go of attachments in life that hinder your spirit growth will begin the process of saving yourself from the issues of abandonment, rejection, and distance, that I speak of.

To reconnect with your spirit requires the ability to detach, to disconnect from the world as you now live it and know it. It requires that you not only see the world differently, but that you also experience it differently as well. This can only be accomplished by letting go of all that you have been taught about yourself, about reality, and about the world around you. Begin to reinvent your world, your reality from the inside now, and you will have access to what I speak of when I say that you have within you the potential to evolve now while living that life, and the possibility for new life continually, as you evolve out of that world.

I challenge you all to give your inner spirit a small token of your promise to reunite with it, one small step in the direction of reclaiming your true love for your own abandoned spirit, and see where this tiny beginning takes you. Open your eyes to your own world. What does it offer you to help you on your journey? For even as you begin to detach from your old world, so will you begin to notice, as your awareness grows, that you are constantly being given signs to guide you on your way that truly resonate with that awakening spirit inside you. In this process of growth, will you gradually discover that the world around you is different, as you become different, and it will serve you well on your journey, if you let it.

Do not be afraid as you practice letting go. Do not, either, be too drastic; begin with something small but meaningful, and see where that leads you. Eventually, will you more easily discover that you can break even the biggest habits and release yourself from your biggest fears as you learn to trust the process, and as you grow and trust yourself as well. For true life, true evolutionary life of the spirit, must one learn to trust the self by allowing the self to have meaningful experiences that resonate with the spirit and prove validity of your path, and opening constantly the next door to both experience and potential as you grow.

Find your calm, find your balance, and begin from this center of the self that you are learning to establish. Begin from this firm ground and learn to let go from this place, this anchor. Practice daily this process of detaching from, first, the annoyances in your life, and then later, as you evolve, from the greater disturbances and big attachments that hold you captive.

In this manner do you offer yourself new life potential, new adventure, and entry into a new world. Be my guest!

#12 A Revolution of Energy

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Seek calm throughout your day. Seek moments of calm to pinpoint your day as you navigate the stirrings that now flow into your energy field. Avoid old traps, but stay instead focused on doing that which needs doing, punctuated by these moments of calm I speak of. In this manner, will you maintain balance, even in the most turbulent of times.

It is crucial that human beings at this time, and especially those who reside in the United States, do not lose their cool and become as things upon that planet. Do not allow the decisions of the masses or of the chiefs to sway you from your knowing path. Do not anger quickly or act rashly in any circumstance, whether it be personal, national, or international. Hold yourself in steadiness and in high regard for your ability to see the truth, but also remain steadfast in your contemplation and your dissemination of facts, so that knowledge remains pure and thoughtful. If you act too quickly in any situation during these times of turbulence, will you encounter difficulties that should have been avoided.

Do not provoke the self or urge the self to become too active in that which is truly not your own cause. Stay focused now on the self. Direct your energy inward and question your own actions and your own decision making process, even as you question the decisions being made around you. Have you not understood me yet, that all actions you take affect all around you? Is there turmoil in your life now? How have you resolved to tackle these issues that cause destruction? Are you thoughtfully and deeply considering your own options and your own actions?

The answer to world turmoil resides in the energetic activities of all who now reside upon that earth. All are responsible for the current state of affairs, and all have access to the solution that will still the tumultuous energy. But this requires much effort, to still the individual tumultuous energy first, and to allow only positive aspects of energy to generate outward. In this manner, is there the possibility to heal, not only the self, but the entire planet, as well.

Do you think this is too simplistic an idea for world revolution, a revolution of energy? Well, I challenge you to investigate further the impact that energy has upon all other energy. Begin with your own life. How have you impacted the energy of others today? Did you send off anger into the energy field today? Did you send off love? Did you send off tension and discontent? Did you send off peace and powerful prayer?

I speak of energy often, for it is the key to life, and it must be understood on a far greater level than energy of industry and commerce and simple energy of the human body. Energy is life; remember this always. Your own energy is perpetually replenishable. This powerhouse of energy is as effective as a massive power plant of stored electrical energy. It acts in the same manner, yet is it also more powerful, for it does not need encasement in power lines in order to travel distance. It travels even without your awareness. But, factor in awareness, and intent, and you will begin to have control over your own energy storehouse. As a responsible citizen of the world, must you then begin to utilize it well, in order to have worldwide affect.

Every action you take has repercussions elsewhere. Think of this in your own life. What does this mean to you as an individual, one small individual? It means that you impact the entire world and beyond. Your choices affect all other choices made by all other people upon that planet. The way you begin your day affects others in your nearness. This is probably the most readily available example. Are you grumpy in the morning? Are others affected by this? When you are happy do you see a noticeable difference in those around you? We are all responsible for our little section of the world because our huge storehouse of energy has great impact upon it. That, in turn, impacts other sections of the world, and so on. All energy reverberates, mixes, and intersects with all other energy upon that earth.

Imagine how this could change the world, if all understood that they actually have an impact, simply by their very existence. There is no need to over-exert or to become a fanatic about any issue. The simple act of intent, a decision made to impact the world differently now, through the act of change of the self, and energy of the self, is sufficient.

I encourage you all to begin this process of energy change, of shift to gentleness and kindness, compassion and love, first for the self, for you will not have success in loving the world, and all in it, if your own core does not recognize the love you seek to give it. Remember, that you are energy first, then are you consciousness, then are you body. Allow your spirit energy to guide you in this process. It can take you to deep appreciation of your own journey, if you let it. It can introduce you to unknown territory, both in yourself, and outside of yourself, if you allow it. It can guide you to peace and contentment, if you also allow it. But most of all, it can impact your life greatly, and in turn, the world around you, if you also allow it to.

Look now, this moment, into the calmness of the self. Find your center, your own place of knowing, and allow this calm to spread throughout your physical body. Know this as your energy seeking change. As you feel it, begin to recognize it as your old friend who you perhaps don’t allow to visit often enough. Know it as you, as life energy, as renewable force, not to be forgotten, as you inhabit your busy day.

Punctuate your day often by returning to this place and this moment of calm. It will help you connect, not only the moments of your day, and anchor you in calm, but it will also remind you, that this is the truth of who you are, and anchor you there as well.

Practice this anchoring of the self as often as you can throughout your day and you will begin to see a shift in your energy output and your relationships to others. The world around you will begin to notice and to react in complementary action. You will begin to understand, by your own experience, not only how your energy impacts all other energy, but also how I dare to propose that this activity can change the world!

#11 Wholeness

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Pull together now all the disparate parts and create a whole new you. Gather your fragments, your disturbances, your joys, your selflessness, as well as all of your uncouth aspects, and bring them into wholeness where trust and honesty will, if applied correctly, resolve your issues and bring you wholeness.

In this wholeness, will you find solace and desire to move on into total acceptance of your life as journey, and your time upon that earth will be better spent and better appreciated. To gather in all of the parts of the self that seek to pull away and wreak havoc is to adhere to the principles of life as meant to be lived, in clarity, awareness, and with a sense of knowing that lives deep inside each individual, the knowing that there is more to life than meets the eye, and more to life than greets the eye, daily.

Look outward once you have pulled in your separate parts and gained even a semblance of wholeness, and in this outward look seek clarity of vision. By this I mean, do not look too hard for the answers in your life, but do look with new vision that observes without judgment, but awaits response. If you pause in your daily life long enough to notice one new thing each day, so will you begin to accumulate clarity of vision. This will allow you to begin to see your own life differently, and in so doing will you also give yourself the gift of opportunity and possibility.

Do you daily judge yourself too harshly? Well, then I advise you to stop it. Take down the loud signs of judgment that scream at you to take notice of them. Replace them with blank slates that do not question, nor point out your so-called faults. Allow the blankness of no judgment to appear before you. Allow emptiness of conceit to inhabit you. Allow total freedom of self to inhabit you. In this manner can you begin to view everything differently.

Observe yourself as empty, as merely a shell in which you, as energy, reside. Are you not light and free of judgment in this form? Do you not know that this is you? That this is the form you reside in? You are energy. You are not body and blood, except as a vehicle in which to inhabit that world. But, the essence of your being is energy. This is what gives you life, not your body that creates and causes so many problems in your life, that one minute you love, and the next minute you hate. Your energy guides you, not your body, though your body has strong desires that may encapsulate your energy and seek to drive you where it wants to go.

Separate your energy from your body wholeness that I have instructed you to pull together. Separate it in your mind, become conscious of it. Become aware of it inside your body wholeness. Find that it too contains wholeness. It contains your true spirit with its own desires, and if you switch drivers with it, and allow your spirit desires to take over the seat of your (current) driver, your body desires, so will you discover something new about yourself.

You may discover that you are more daring, more thoughtful, more knowing, more understanding of others, and also more loving and compassionate, but most of all will you discover that your true spirit energy is capable of anything, that it has the potential to guide you to a new kind of wholeness that exists already inside you, trapped by your judgments and your trained view, not only of the world around you, but also by the world inside you that has been developing throughout your lifetime.

To pull together all of these ideas of self, both the fragmented ideas of the physical self with the knowledge that resides in the spirit self, and to look at this wholeness, and study it, and learn the truth of the self is to gain clarity. With this clarity can then new life begin to take shape.

As your spirit energy begins to stir inside you, so will you gain access to greater understanding of how your own energy works, how it leads you, and what it desires in that life you now live. Does it lead you correctly? To know this, will require that you test it. Test it often, every day, as you go through your day. What does it ask of you? What happens if you follow its advice? How do you know if you are actually hearing it or hearing it correctly?

Your spirit energy will speak to you only in truth, and this you will know by its clear message. But you will have to test it in order to learn to trust it and to learn how it operates. Once you become used to the process of how your own energy works with you, then will you be able to grow with its guidance. For instance, you may be struggling with a serious question, perhaps about a relationship. Can you hear what your spirit is telling you you should do as regards this relationship? Is the message clear, but you don’t like it? Ask for a sign of clarity so that you receive only a direct and concise answer. Should I do this in this relationship, or should I do that?

If you cannot hear the answer clearly, I recommend that you listen and ask again. You are probably receiving the same answer, but only refusing it because you do not like it. Your challenge then, is to accept it, follow through, and see where it leads you. Your spirit challenges you to do this. This is the way your spirit works and moves you along.

If you work this way each day, step by step, so will you discover that your guidance will become a new habit, but it will be a habit that you can utilize to grow and to explore the possibilities in life, rather than a habit that will keep you bound to old ways. Once you discover how your own spirit guides you, so can you also find your life unfolding and inviting you into a new existence like you never imagined.

As you grow in this manner, will you discover that your old fragmented self no longer exists in the same manner, but instead is nicely glued together, an old friend who you know very well, and who you can appreciate for the journey you took together. Remember that life is a journey and as such you are expected to keep moving and keep growing as you travel.

If you choose to stay stuck, and yes, this is a choice you make, then will you have the urging of your spirit to contend with. For it will not let you lie for too long asleep.

Look now upon the wholeness, both your physical body wholeness and the history of it, and also your spirit energy wholeness and the history of it. How has your journey gone so far? Have you taken separate journeys? One for the body? One for the spirit? Which one has been the driver? Which one is in the backseat? Is it time to switch drivers? Is it time to re-assert your spirit now as your true self?

These things I challenge upon you today, for it is time for spirit energy to sweep into the life of the individual and in so doing sweep into the life of the entire country, and the world at large. For those of you who now reside upon that land that is the United States have the potential to greatly impact, by example, the world that now exists, the physical world, both the energy of that world, and the spirit of that world. Do not doubt that your own decisions have impact upon all other lives and all other energies. For interconnectedness is the key to understanding how energy works and how it impacts.

See yourself as individual energy, but also see yourself as part of the whole of energy that resides in all things upon that earth and beyond that earth. For energy itself knows no boundaries and has no specific home, except the journey it now chooses to engage in. That journey can change at a moment’s notice, by choice of the spirit, and by circumstances that lead it to grow, and to learn, and to gain knowledge of how life works, and the greater meaning of all things.

Find your own place now upon that earth as meaningful for you. This is where to begin. This is how to start pulling yourself into wholeness, and into discovering your own energy. Seek your own door to discovery of the self, in the wholeness of the self, in the view of the self, as both physical body and spirit energy on a journey together of growth and learning and you will do well.

#10 Trust Your Gifts

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have messages for humanity today?

Everything is possible. Keep this always in mind. I have spoken often of allowing for possibility, but also know that you daily have access to the knowledge that I speak of. Daily are you given glimpses of phenomena that test you, and jolt you, and ask for your trust. These are gifts. They may be objects placed before you with meaningful messages upon them. They may be visions or knowings that abruptly appear in order to shake you up, alert you, and move you along. These things are the gifts that life offers in order to more strictly place you on your correct path. Do you even choose to observe them? Or do you ignore them in the oblivion that is your life?

All reside in veiled space where such things are but vagaries; perhaps clear glimpses as the veils momentarily part. Do you care to acknowledge them? Do you dare to see?

I urge now upon you this opportunity to understand that all of those strange aspects of life, those unexplainable aspects, are gifts that are meant for you. They are meant to be seen by you, and they offer you the knowledge that life really is that mysterious, or that frightening if you care to see it in this fashion, or that magical if that is your bent. These gifts you are given are the opportunity that the universe, in all its complexities, is making available to you, so that you may begin to understand that life as you view it, your solid everyday life, is but one aspect of what life really means.

Do you choose to run from these phenomena, these gifts? Or do you choose to allow them to slip in to your life and affect you profoundly? Do you choose to accept them as meaningful, and as prophets of your own journey, pointing you forward and into discovery and adventure?

You now read these messages I so freely give to you, asking you to please wake up and begin to see your world, and the greater world around you, differently now. In so doing, do you open more doors and allow more people upon that earth to also begin to experience such phenomena that I speak of. Do you trust my words, my guidance, and my trust? Do you seek not more in that world, but more meaning in you life? Do you dare to trust me, as I trust you, by giving you my words of knowledge?

Are we not all companions on a journey? I offer my hand in guidance, and I challenge you to come with me into a new life. Be not afraid of this journey that will lead you to truth and joy and harmony, of first the self, but also of all mankind. Trust my direction, but trust also your own knowing as you begin to read the signs in your own life, and as you start to piece together all that you know you have experienced in your life thus far, and learn to understand it as significant and guided, leading you towards fulfillment of your journey there.

Even in your excitement of knowing, find always your calm center and allow your energy to rest there a moment. As you begin to recall the significants in your life, whether they be people, places, phenomena, mysteries, or personal tragedies, so must you also begin to understand that all aspects of your life are meaningful for your continuous journey. Resolve to view your life differently and you will give yourself the gift of shift, the ability to change your direction and your outlook, but also your thinking, your memory, and your past, so that your life becomes as an adventure that continually unfolds.

Are you caught? This energy now upon the earth urges companionship and compatibility. By this I mean, that if you are ready to flow into new life it is ready to propel you forward like never before. It is available to give you the ride of a lifetime. If you choose not to at this time, I suggest that you hunker down and get out of the way, for the energy will surround you anyway and not allow you much peace of mind as it flurries passed in its current intensity. You will be affected by it no matter what choice you make. If you choose to ride it, expect swiftness of energy to carry you far. If you refuse participation, expect to be affected by the strength of it as it passes by. Batten down your hatches if you choose to ride out the storm where you now reside. If you choose to ride those winds of change, trust your own judgment and your own spirit choices as you prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime.

May you find your way with open eyes, open heart, and open hands. Trust your journey now as necessary, and although you may be in for a wild ride, know that your spirit dared you, you responded with equal daring, and you accepted the challenge. This is enough to go on. Believe me.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR