#288 The Ultimate in Detachment

Today Chuck asks a follow up question to yesterday’s request for comments regarding his perception of the meaning of detachment.

Dear Jeanne,
Thank you for yesterday’s clarifying response to my “question”. (Statement?!) I am particularly drawn to your focus on assimilation as fundamental to detachment. Detachment has such a harsh connotation for many, who put it in the context of “tough love,” as practiced toward an addict. Can you speak more on how detachment is the core of compassion, and all true love? Thank you.

Yes, I can speak on this. It is a process that one must learn in order to truly evolve. For you and I did have to learn this as I was asked to leave you, perhaps too early for our liking. We both were asked to detach, and depart from all that we had experienced, and all that we had yet to do together. With regret perhaps, at our early ending, did we determine not to become focused on the loss, but instead on the possibilities that awaited us as we departed company, and I went off in one direction, and you in another. We experienced the ultimate in detachment. Yet are we not detached at all, for connection remains strong and viable.

Even as one must grow up and become an adult, leaving the child form behind as the physical body does grow and change, so inside does the child still exist in buried innocence, not lost, but merely in changing form and shape. The physical body is quite a good example of detachment and assimilation. For is not every aspect of you the same, yet different, even after many years of growth and maturity? Are not the core aspects of Chuck but the same, though many aspects have receded into memory, and into past aspects that are no longer necessary?

As maturity and growth happen, as change takes place, is it possible to move constantly onward without remaining attached, first to the child’s body, as it inevitably changes, and then to the inner workings, the emotions, feelings, and memories that are held within that changing form.

As change happens, so does detachment become a necessity, or you would not become an adult, but merely remain a child in a man’s body. Now, if you do the work of the inner self diligently, and cognitively, so are you aware that it is not proper, for evolutionary purposes, to leave the inner self stuck in childhood either. Each evolving being must recapitulate, and detach from the old emotions, feelings, and memories of the self, as held by that child self. In this process of change, which is what the process of detachment is, must one assimilate every aspect of the self into the now matured physical and mental self. Carrying around your past, unrecapitulated, is not conducive to true detachment and assimilation. To truly render the inner child free of all that it has carried, allowing it freedom from the past, past ideas, past determinants, and past fears, so must the work of the inner self be directed at love of self, forgiveness, while at the same time re-experiencing the problems that hold one incomplete, from the perspective of an evolving being who is aware. To be aware, and in this position, is to understand that until the inner child is freed of the judgments of the past, will there be an incompletion of the process of detachment, and thus assimilation of the self will also be incomplete.

To focus this on the self is perhaps the best means to understanding these two concepts. For the work on the inner self is the “toughest love” of all! If you can resolve, and solve the riddles of the inner self that you have carried around inside you all these years, then can you begin to understand true compassionate love. For as I said yesterday, the ultimate act of detachment is to truly love and accept the self.

When confronted with this proposal: that you love and accept the self totally, what does that feel like? Can you do this? Are you able to truly forgive the self, for the journey thus far taken; and continue to remain open and eager for new adventures in life? Can you detach from your past, fully aware that it was necessary, but also fully loving of that child self, who so eagerly sent you on your journey? Are you aware that that child self holds within it all the love you need, and has been waiting for you to release it from the darkness it has resided in? As you learn self-love in this very basic and necessary way, fraught with all the buried truths, and the concealed untruths also deeply disguised, so will you begin to experience and understand what true love is, true compassion. And then, in the process of excavating the inner truths of the self, do you release the meaning of compassionate love that will become an aspect of the outer, mature, adult self, because it will reside in your core, where now lies still many confusions, judgments, and undisclosed lies, placed there by the perpetrators of good and evil in your life.

All of those perpetrators were your teachers. Yet is it up to you to complete your recapitulation now, with the knowledge they gave you that each one of you have, within, the tools to evolve, to love the self unequivocally, and with utter compassion. Once you begin to understand that self-compassion will result in a natural assimilation of your every action, thought, deed, and desire, so will you also begin to understand that detachment is the ultimate means to true love and compassion beyond the self.

To allow your own journey to be accepted, to truly love and honor the self for the journey taken, to assimilate that journey into your very body, as necessary and meaningful for your evolutionary growth; and finally, to love the self fully, with maturity and understanding of life as viewed from an evolutionary perspective, will bring out your compassion and love for all beings, who struggle just as much as you do, and perhaps even more so.

Do not forget that each person upon that Earth has a job to accomplish during that lifetime. Remove judgments from the journey of the self, and begin to find that judgments of others automatically shift into proper “seeing.” Proper seeing is understanding, respecting, and regarding each and every being as responsible for their own journey, their decisions, choices, and process of learning to love the self, assimilating the journey taken, and the journey presented, and achieving detachment from judgment, in order to open wide the floodgates of love and compassion that are just waiting to burst open, so that real change can happen upon that Earth.

True detachment, assimilation, love, and compassion are all about the same thing. They are the end results of truly doing the work on the self. So keep doing it! You will see what I mean as you continue the process. All of You Readers of My Messages, you must understand that this is not a selfish process, but a self-fulfilling process; one of wholeness and completion that may lead you to true growth.

I advise and encourage you to maintain your stability, to not back down from your confrontations with the self. They are presented to you every day, in your own disturbing encounters with fears, and with those you observe in others. You know what I mean. And you also know what to do!

Keep up the good work. I love you, Chuck, and all of You Grand Travelers, working so hard to achieve such love and detachment. You know it is possible. Please continue to dare your selves to achieve it. It is the ultimate reason and meaning for life and living. I hope you are satisfied with my response. But if not, I will continue to clarify.