#287 Total Detachment is Total Acceptance

Today’s question is posed by Chuck.

Dear Saleph,
I address you in this way to embrace the totality of who you are. If I stay attached to the Jeanne of this world, our 30 years of compatible, adventuresome love, I limit my encounters with infinity now. Infinite possibility requires me to “erase my personal history,” as Carlos [Castaneda] would say. That does not mean to disassociate, but instead to recapitulate the fullness of my life with you in all of its feelings and truths, and to detach from the illusion that we continue unchanged. My love deepens in my detachment, as I release the cherished illusions, and ride the ever-evolving wave of truth. Any comments? – Chuck

My Dearest Chuck, there is no end to love, for it continues unabated, unstoppable, and I continue to hold that love we once had, within the being I now am. You must not release that love, but hold it forever in your knowing in order to truly understand compassion. Yet must you also, as you say, “erase” our personal history together in order to evolve.

Detachment, love, compassion, and evolution are extremely necessary companions for an evolutionary existence, and these things, understood and practiced now, while you still remain the Chuck who did cherish his Jeanne, is extremely important. For though you address me in my entirety, so do I still hold the memory of us, as two compatible, growing souls upon that Earth.

This you must understand, that there is no erasure of love and memory, but instead an assimilation of them, with all other experiences, inside an energetic completion. In order to truly evolve, must all truths be revealed, assimilated, owned if you will, and then is there possibility of detachment.

Yet must I also be clear that detachment is not a forgetting or a separation, but an evolutionary act of encompassing every aspect of life, and inviting it in to your awareness, clearly understood, and allowed to coexist with all evolving aspects of the self. You take everything forward, even as you grow from it. Even as you find your self capable of moving on, so do you retain the memory of every aspect of the self, and the life thus far lived. But your challenge becomes one of total love and acceptance of all who you encountered along the way, whether parents, husbands, wives, children, grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings, etc. All encounters in life are meaningful aspects of a journey. To detach and evolve requires admission of guilt, shame, and involvement in every aspect of life that you have partaken in. Acceptance of truths revealed will allow for ownership of every act and abruptly encountered interaction you have ever had. Detachment requires total acceptance, total familiarity revealed, as you recapitulate. And it also involves total love and compassion for all, even those you struggle the most with. Total detachment is total acceptance.

As you, My Dear Chuck, continue your recapitulation, do not forget all that we learned together, but allow those building blocks of our love and learning to be the structures upon which your life continues to grow. Yes detach from me, as Jeanne. Do not hold your self responsible for me or my journey, even though we traveled so closely linked for so many years. I did truly evolve beside you, though I determined a different path long before we got together.

Your path now does involve your own acceptance of your own life, separate from mine, and the one we had together. This is so for all. All must learn to evolve upon the path laid out for them. All must pack their bags with the lessons they have learned, and strap upon their backs the power of love and compassion, for it is their energetic fuel for the future. Without achieving total forgiveness, and dissolution of the needs of the ego to stay attached to old ideas, and habits, and pain, so will that energetic pack not carry sufficient charge for evolutionary travel.

To totally detach, must the ego continually confront its desires to remain attached to that which it deems necessary. But the ego is not in charge; the spirit is in charge. And the awakened spirit will grasp the concept of detachment, as total ownership of every action, thought, and deed, perpetrated by the self, and perpetrated upon the self by others. As this acceptance is achieved, is there possibility to continually fuel that pack of detachment that carries within it all the energy needed to truly evolve.

So Chuck, carry always within your being the memories of us, but with only love and compassion for the journey I took with you, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, your companion, your lover, your wife. And remain attached to continued growth, fueling your energetic being with the knowing that circulates inside, and outside of you, and all others too. Capture the truths as they appear. Learn humility of self, of ego, escaping the clutches of its desire to stay attached to that world and yes, seek me in infinity now. For I am Saleph, a truly evolving being, yet still a pupil of life, of energy, and of universal love. Yet am I also Jeanne Marie Ketchel, who does remain embedded in you, as you take your journey through life, bravely evolving, growing, and teaching others what you learn.

Do not stay too attached to Carlos, for he too is but a pupil, and yet did he learn evolutionary ways. But you are catching up, and moving beyond, for he did not grasp many of the concepts taught him. Always the trickster, did he stay attached to that role until the very end. And that, My Dear, is not revealing of truth, but of hiding still from utter revelation of self, unable to be stripped totally of ego, and able to be real.

Find the truths of the self, and fully release from the needs of the ego. For only then will evolution be achieved, with purity, innocence, humility, and total acceptance of the self and, ultimately, love and compassion for the self as well. That is the ultimate goal, to totally achieve love and compassion for the self, in every aspect of life; allowing and accepting the energetic self, fully integrated, fully revealed, fully loved, and fully released to live in infinity.

All of this is highly possible. After all, I did it. Remember? All of you who read my messages are fully capable of achieving and accepting total detachment from ego, from physical body, from past history, from past lives, from all attachments, and able to free the self to truly accept the role of an evolutionary being. When you are ready to do this, you will be able to.

But look inward now, and gauge where you are on your journey. Have you elected to evolve? Are you doing the work required? Are you learning to love the self too, even as you attempt to love all others, even those who have interrupted your life with their own needs and desires, pursued you, injured you, and prodded you along on your journey, but ultimately teaching you the ways of an energetic, evolutionary being?

Continue your work, for all of you are evolutionary beings; have no doubt about it. Keep that foremost in your minds as you continue along your path. You are all doing well!

I remain,