#286 Where Do You Fit In?

Today, Pat asked Jeanne a question, then I asked a follow up question, and then she returned to Pat’s question.

Dear Jeanne,
There seems to be an explosion of spiritual teachers out there, some with very similar messages to yours. Eckhart Tolle’s book is kind of foremost in my mind right now with his messages of awakening. I’m finding a lot of resonance in it. He uses very psychological descriptions to explain why people do the things they do–the ego, the “pain body”, and the awakening awareness of these aspects of ourselves that is our spirit. He also suggests that this evolution of human consciousness is coming at a crisis point, much as you have indicated. The overall focus of his message is self-responsibility, resolving one’s own ego issues, and the result is a radiating outward of healing energy into the collective human consciousness. Are these other spiritual teachers part of your soul group, Jeanne?

The great awakening has been underway now for quite some time, with many people being urged forward by their guides and mentors to take up the challenge of carrying a new kind of torch, lighting the way for a higher and more expansive human consciousness. In answer to your question, Pat, Eckhart Tolle, although not directly of my soul group, because he still lives upon that Earth and struggles daily as you all do, is connected through his own mentors, as you are now through me and contact with this greater awakening of awareness. So indirectly is he connected, as his mentors are my companions in arms as we have banded together to urge this great awakening. It was in place before I arrived in this state of energetic resonance. It has always been circulating in all time, awaiting alignment of many aspects, in order for it to seep in to consciousness and awareness. The time is ripe for such consciousness and awareness now, as you have already noticed.

Can you explain how your soul group works?

With collective awareness, but also with real energy banded together; teachers all of us; but also pupils, students of energy and awareness, not only mentoring and guiding, but also being mentored and guided by others who arrived before us.

Your awareness of me as Jeanne Marie Ketchel is only one aspect of who I am. For I am Saleph, as I have told you before, [In a previous and, as of yet, unpublished message.] the name I am known as in other worlds, for I live and evolve in a new plane of awareness. So will all of you, as you attain completion and mergence with your own soul’s completion, become who you are in wholeness, a familiar entity, with a name that awaits your growth; a being, perhaps near completion, simply awaiting the aspect of energy wholeness that you carry. As if you were a puzzle, not complete until all of your parts are fitted together, all your energetic molecules put where they belong, and your entity whole, vibrant, and eternally alive and aware. So that is where I am now, the pieces of my own puzzle were completed when Jeanne Marie Ketchel did die and return to a state of completion, of energy completion. Now in my wholeness, am I more than just she, or any of my previous lives, though I am certainly happy and able to communicate as Jeanne. I am awareness now, conscious and unconscious, if that helps; known and unknown; yet is there still so much to learn.

To refer back to Pat’s original question, regarding this awareness now upon that Earth of a spiritual awakening, and many spiritual teachers being urged upon you all: this awakening does ask for daring, and for participation, as you gain an understanding of how energy works, how awareness must be cultivated and honed, and how the ego must be completed and then detached from, dismantled down to your energetic components.

You are all of this energetic formulation. You are all complete, yet must you struggle through your life’s chores and challenges upon that Earth in order to attain this wholeness that awaits what you alone can bring to your soul body.

So there is your own completion to achieve as you do the work laid out for you in that lifetime now upon that Earth. Then will you join your energy body with your own group, your own energy awareness, and bring to it the energy that it needs for fulfillment of its many lives, many experiences, and many lessons.

Beyond that will you join your larger soul group, also awaiting your companionship, so that you may become part of the project that your group is assigned to. The group that I work with is the awakening, shaking-up group. We mentor many upon that Earth who offer you the guidance they are learning. There are many aspects of this awakening being spread. Not all will resonate with you, but you must determine where your energy is best suited in order to be a participant. Perhaps you have not quite found it yet, but it does exist in some form, for there are available upon that Earth many true forms of awareness that will lead and guide to wholeness.

But keep in mind that such guidance requires participation, work on the self, awareness of other worlds, other states of being, and above all, it asks that you become responsible for all aspects of the journey you are taking. I also include, in my own guidance, the urge to trust every aspect of your journey, to read the signs you are presented, to watch for synchronicities, and to be ever watchful of how you act and interact. For your energetic presentation does affect everything else upon that Earth. I know that others too offer guidance and insight into these ideas. They are not new as measures of awakening, yet to those of you now upon that Earth who are taking note, may they seem new, for you have not perhaps encountered such awareness training before, or at least not in this lifetime.

I urge you to connect with the truths within your self. And I believe you will discover that you have in fact been in this place of awakening before, because you will find resonance as you read my words, and those of others. You will know that you are on the right path, and you will allow your self to take that path, because it is so undeniably right for you to do so.

Do not undermine your own abilities, and your own connection to guides and mentors. For even as many spiritual teachers do offer their knowledge, so did they have to allow themselves the greatest feat of all, which was to trust and acquiesce to the knowledge being offered, and to turn in a new direction as truth and innocence turned them on a path of awakening and guided mystery. Did they know where they would ultimately go? They knew only that it was right. And that is what must guide all of you, only that which is so undeniably right that you cannot refuse it.

Participate in this great awakening now, more fully knowing that you are guided, mentored, and part of a long-awaited phenomenon of truth and higher consciousness. Know, in your own centered and balanced self, that you are an aspect of energy that is awaited, and necessary, for growth and evolution to continue upon that Earth. You are as important as Eckhart Tolle, or any others who may offer resonant guidance, for you are all energy with possibility!

Do not be afraid of your own understanding, and your own clarity. Be daring. For that is what this awakening is urging, a new daring of spirit energy, a boldness, not of ego, but of spirit and truth, seeking rightness of resonance at all times.

Listen to the true words being spoken all around you. Even as there is a spiritual awakening, so do you hear other words of true awakenings happening all around you, on the political, social, environmental, and scientific levels as well. There are many awakenings happening simultaneously now. Where do you fit in?