#289 A Situation of Resistance to Recapitulation

Today, Debbie asks a question.

Dear Jeanne,
Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance. Your messages have resonated within me from the very beginning, guiding me daily, helping me with the process of recapitulation and enabling me to stay on my path. The greatest difficulty I am having now is accepting a traumatic situation that happened in my childhood. I know I need to wrestle this resistance down, but it seems at times, when I am close to acceptance, the resistance returns again very strong. I have struggled greatly with this on a constant basis. It gets very frustrating. What am I missing here?
Thank you for your continued help.

My dearest Debbie, your struggles are part of the plan, part of the process that will being you to wholeness, for without struggle would there be no growth, no evolution, no learning to take into your knowing, allowing for the resonance you feel as you read my messages.

Yes, this is a frustrating process, but it is essential in order to move on in life, with the principles of detachment firmly understood as you work on them daily. Your attachment to resistance may be your biggest threat to growth, and your biggest challenge. That is obvious from the struggles you have engaged in.

But more succinctly put, your issue is not really with the events that have held you so encompassed in resistance, but the awareness of truth that they present to you. This is a most universal aspect of recapitulation. For without the ability to trust the process, will truths revealed not be acceptable. Many choose to stay buried in the past, for it offers its own dark comforts, yet is this but a blind spot. For once released from that darkness, is there but light, and eagerness for life, that is revealed.

Energy awaits. Connection awaits. Growth, and continued learning of truths await; truth of self first; then truth of life upon that Earth; then truth of continued life beyond that Earth. But what have you been missing as you struggle against your strong resistance? You have been missing your self! And I mean this in more ways than one.

You have missed out on understanding and knowing the true potential of the self. As of yet have you not released that self from bondage, so you do not have a clear picture of the potential of the true self. Also have you not allowed the inner self to join you in the process of your recapitulation, but you have stayed focused on only one aspect of the self doing the work that is needed. This is a stumbling block that many encounter as they attempt the process of recapitulation. One or another aspect of the self chooses to go for it, to do the work, while another aspect says, No Way! Now the way to wholeness exists in bringing together the two parts of the self, or perhaps there are three or four parts, and asking, with full knowledge and commitment, for all parts to work together.

Resistance, still, at that notion? Fear? Desire to run? Need to protect? Unable to really withstand the truth, as it may assault your well-devised plan of survival? All of these questions may fit very well a situation of resistance to recapitulation. The first step must be an acceptance of life’s journey. Yes, this is my journey, mine alone, and without judgment must I take it again in order to learn every aspect of truth that lies within my knowing, my body, my emotions, and my deepest feelings. Then must the outer self and the inner self join together in the process of sifting through the file drawers. Those file drawers may be meticulously organized, or they may be in a shambles with no focal point from which to begin, but that does not matter. The two selves (or more, as I have said) must begin a process of detachment from everything, and by this I mean everything, in order to begin a process of truth seeking.

The challenge that a recapitulating individual encounters next is resistance to accepting the truths that arise, for the long-held files of life, as they appear continually, drop in front of the eyes begging to be re-instated as true fact. Yet is detachment the process of total rejection of all old ideas, and even old truths, so that new clean and clear truths may take their place.

A desire for truth must be acceptable, which also requires a desire for change. Are you desiring of change? Are you allowing change to happen? If you are well on the way to recapitulating the entirety of your life, then have you already acquiesced to change. But I suspect that resistance holds another truth: that you have not truly gotten to the bottom of your recapitulation. When resistance appears so does it indicate that a truth is seeking breakthrough.

I cannot stress enough to you, Debbie, and to all My Readers who seek growth and connection, that the most important aspect of this journey is to trust every sign that is presented. Do you suffer resistance? Well My Dears, that is a sign that it is time again to study what it is that you have not accepted about the self.

Allow your inner child to always be present as you recapitulate. For the keys to total truth, innocence, and full recapitulation lie firmly in the grasp of that child. For has not that little one accompanied you on this journey? As I said yesterday, is not that child firmly embedded in who you are? Yet has that child been left behind in many ways, though she or he holds bitter truths, lovely truths and, best of all, the ultimate truth: that you are a being who is on a journey, seeking evolution, and truly able to connect with the world as yet unseen.

For you Debbie, and for all who struggle, do I entice you with this caveat: The world as you have known it does not exist, except to teach you, and to allow you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of what is reality, and what is truth. If that world does not truly exist, except in your inner self, so is it there for learning purposes only. And your challenge is to accept this idea, and learn the lessons of growth by doing your recapitulation, so that every lesson is fully learned, every truth revealed, every aspect of the journey utilized for evolutionary growth, so that all else that is reality may be revealed too. One revelation of truth will lead to another, and each one of you is presented daily with the opportunity to change your reality, by confronting the challenges that are presented.

You are not really missing much of anything, Debbie. Your clarity just needs to be honed, and your focus reassigned to a new reality, especially in light of the energy that is present to assist in this process. Stay focused on your path, as I continually say, but don’t forget to look at how much you have already accomplished, and how much your reality has already changed as a result of the work you are doing. All of You Readers must take some time now to contemplate that. Has your reality changed as you have done your work? Are you not aware now of your journey in a new manner? Do not get stuck in your old place of judgments and heady ideas of old. But stay the path of new truths, new realities, and new ideas revealed to you daily. Stay connected, and stay in tune with that lovely resonance that is you!