#290 Detachment Must be Achieved in Order to Evolve

Today, Alissa asks a question.

Dear Jeanne,
In a recent message, you talked about our future groups and projects that we will be connected to after this world. Can you talk about this a little further? Does the group consist of family or friends? Is size a factor? Do the groups and projects evolve and change? Is it connected to our career paths here on earth? Thank You.

Be aware, My Dearest Alissa, that talk of soul groups and future life is meant to entice you to live the life you now have, to its fullest potential. For without that completion will none of this talk of soul groups have much importance. But I will acquiesce to this greatest of curiosities for you and my many Readers who consider the future, though it may still be many lifetimes away. I do encourage a brief acceptance of the fact of future continuous, unbroken life; energetic life that will lead on into places not so far removed from what you experience now, but yes, quite different too. For as energy, with fuller knowledge of being energy and nothing else, is there a greater awareness overall, and thus is it possible to truly understand and accept the ideas of soul groups.

I must continue also by saying that the concept will be better understood if you have already begun to accept that detachment must be achieved in order to evolve to this point of shift to a new reality. So keep that in mind. Understand and seek to accept the things I am going to lay out before you with detachment, as I described the other day, uppermost in your mind. For otherwise may you not quite like my descriptions if you remain too attached to people of that world. For in truth, are many who you are now connected to not at all meant to accompany you on your journey.

Find your own calm and balanced center now as you read my missive regarding soul groups. Do not think of these groups as cozy little families, for they are vast thousands upon thousands of energy beings with like-resonance, with like-intent, and with like-compassion for the journey and the process they have embarked on. These characteristics have accompanied each one of us, in our energetic component, for all eternity, and will continue to do so. We have all gotten beyond the confines of Earth.

Am I connected now to family and friends? Yes, I recognize some from past lives, but not as I knew them then, for all are we different now, not connected to human form, or personality, or ego selves as we once were. We are but energy. And the question, though of concern to you now will not be in your evolving future, for your energy body does not need such attachment. In a state of pure energy is there love and appreciation, but most of all connection to all other beings. So no one is special, nor closer to you, nor is there emotional need or desire for such.

So to continue, a soul group is a massive group of energy, but energy of love, compassion, and wholeness, existing in all time, all space, and continually learning, and teaching, and evolving further together. Our collective mission, in my group, is of awakening the inner potential in all of you. You ask if size is a factor? Group size is not necessarily a factor, except as we are energetically intense, and aligned, and focused, so does that matter. Strength of awareness and intent matter, but I don’t conceive of size in perhaps the way you mean. Size is mostly measured energetically. You see?

Do the groups and projects evolve and change, you ask? There is constant change, for that is life, that is energy. Within my soul group has there been constant evolution. I joined this group quite unaware of what I must do, and had to learn a great deal in the beginning to get up to where I am now. I have teachers and I also teach others within the group. My inner “personality,” that once comprised who I was through many life times, has continued to be my strength in this life, and it has been quite an asset. So perhaps that can answer your last question, about whether your career path on Earth is preparing you for what you will do next.

In actuality, and in my most clear voice, I must say that your “career” is not so much the factor, but your evolved self is the greatest factor. Your inner abilities, which you are learning to hone, are your most necessary abilities. These inner aspects of the self may have no connection to the career upon that Earth. For what is it that is fulfilling in that life, truly fulfilling? The inner work! Doing the inner work will lead you to discover your greatest assets. And these inner assets, which you have carried over from one life to the next, are your trademark strengths.

You are all different. You all vibrate at a unique rate. You all reside in unique states of “knowing,” “seeing,” and growth. Yet are you all beings comprised of energy, intent, and the core will to evolve, and that is what you must remain focused on as you do the inner work.

Your soul group connection is pre-destined, but your choices in making the journey to that group are yours alone, and have always been. There are many roads to take, and many choices to make in your journey, and although we await your completion, so do we guide and aid you as you learn what it truly means to become an energetic being and join your awaiting companions.

To become an energetic being first requires detachment; learning to leave the ego behind and evolve to a being who is flowing and able to trust every aspect of the journey; able to make choices that are evolutionary; able to confront all challenges as necessary; and able to truly accept the self as fallible, as lost, as sweetly tender and unaware, so that the connection to original innocence is rediscovered, and from that place of utter knowing of self begin again your journey to connection with your evolutionary self.

You will see that it is quite lovely in this place of loving compassion, but it does require complete detachment from the things of that world, including those you love the most. Whether or not you will meet them again is uncertain, for all must make the evolutionary journey alone. Do you choose to go it alone? That is the question you must all ask your selves. Am I ready to evolve alone, and take my true journey, the inner journey that will lead to my ultimate energy journey? That is the way to discover your future, your connection to your soul group, and your true career.

I hope this has answered your curious mind as it wonders so much about the future. I do continually advise to use your energy now for learning about the self. Then will you be able to answer your own questions, and you will find your connections awaiting you. And it may not be where you now think you will go. For who are you really? That is what you must find out, My Dear Alissa. Who are you?