#291 You are Energy; Everything is Energy; You are Everything

Today, Sid asks a question.

Dear Jeanne,
I was first introduced to you through my work with Chuck, and then with Jan. I feel that I was ready for this next connection, as it resonates very deeply. I believe you said once that the three of you were related in a previous life. So do we decide, with members of our soul group, prior to each new earthly life, to enter those lives with each other at times when to do so would provide an experience for our further evolution? Many times in my own life has a person or situation appeared that became either an immediate or an eventual evolutionary vehicle. Does our soul group remain energetically linked, both in spirit and in earthly form? Are some of them our guides?

My Dear Sid, Jan and Chuck and I, although linked in previous lives, must all live out our own fulfillment individually. Our linkage has continued to this day through preconceived efforts on our parts and the greater overall completion of our destinies to evolve, but also to mature into souls with a mission of import during a time when this is not only acceptable but feasible.

As you know, we at one time were ostracized for our uninhibited approach to what we offered. The times did not receive us, and our demise became buried in historical fact. However, our commitment to continue the connection was well placed in our destinies. There is reason for all encounters in life. Some partnerships and relationships of intimacy go beyond the normal everyday passings. Some are connected for reasons that go beyond present knowing, but figure in to a greater structure of future energetic existence. That is the connection that you now witness in this process of channeling, healing, and awakening now being made available to you.

However, this process would not have evolved to this point had not each of us taken on the challenges presented to us in life, that 21st century life, that modern evolutionary time. The challenges embraced, studied, and the signs acknowledged and followed have brought this convergence that to many seems quite appropriate and acceptable, while to others is but a crock of shit! That I do declare with knowledge that not all are prepared for the ideas being proposed now, and throughout all time, that reality is not what it may seem.

That being said, I must address your query regarding the actual preparation of these lives that we have lived, and continue to live. In a predestined situation are opportunities presented that each individual must determine as their path, and choices must be made. Perhaps many choices do not lead to fulfillment in a single lifetime, but many lives are needed.

Is the soul group involved in determining the challenges presented? There is no determining factor, it is but known. It is but laid out without forethought, but with total knowing, if that makes sense. Chuck and Jan and I did not sit down with advisors and plot out our lives. But we did have contained within us all possibilities, and all choices and opportunities existing within each of our energetic composites. Each of you contain attachment to all possibility, all knowledge, and all connection of thought, of wholeness, of completion in eternity. All of you have within you everything you need. You are all infinity. You are all part of the universe.

Your own path, Sid, is littered with people of significance. Those you meet who resonate and offer guidance, truth, and challenge may appear as gentle souls, clearly extending knowledge of your attachment to all things, or they may appear as negative influences keeping you grounded in the vagaries of that life upon the confines of Earth. Yet are they all guides, all opportunities for growth.

As soul groups evolve, by completion upon the Earth level, so do you reconnect with your own place in infinity, from which you came and from which you return, having done the work of the first level of growth upon that Earth. Your lives upon that Earth are meant to re-inform you of your innermost abilities; your connection to greater awareness and consciousness; and to learn humility, love, and compassion. Your times there in that realm are to learn what the ego is, what the truth is about your own ego, the desires of it, the big baby, the greedy focus of the insatiable beast inside each person upon that Earth. To deny the insatiable beast is to deny the truth of the ego. Each one of you must allow the beast to live, at some point in your lifetimes, or evolution to an egoless state of pure awareness, comprised of love, compassion, and connection with all things will not be accomplished.

So the people you meet in your lifetimes upon that Earth are there to aid you in evolutionary growth. Accept the ones who prod your inner beast, for they are as important as those who prod your inner spirit. If you can accept them you will begin to understand what your journey really means. Do not run from, or reject, the ones who seek to destroy you for the characteristics of the beast inside you, nor the ones who cannot abide the spirit seeker in you either. Tend to both aspects of the self, with reverence for the inner spirit that seeks wholeness. Trust that everyone you meet is your guide, and everyone you come in contact with is connected because, in reality, are you all connected. This connection is the aspect of the self that you seek convergence with during your lifetimes upon that Earth, as you battle the ego and the spirit selves, the negative and the positive selves, and the grounded and the ethereal selves. Do not lose sight of this news that: You are everything! You are connected to everything. You are full consciousness. You are total truth. You are fulfillment of life, with connection not only to your own soul group, but to all other soul groups, through your consciousness of everything as energy. Do not forget this most blatant and revealing truth: You are energy; everything is energy; you are everything. I don’t know what else I can say in order to teach you, My Lovely Seekers, besides this truth of energetic competency. You are all connected, interconnected, now and forever, and that, My Dears, is what life, soul groups, higher consciousness, and fulfillment are all about, the interconnectedness of all things through energetic vibration, the substance of life and reality.

So, My Dear Sid who struggles to understand life and evolution, keep your self focused on your inner work as I have continually instructed. Focus on your own inner work, as work of energy, of understanding the connection of all to all, and the fact that you are where you are now because you should be. What is life showing you? Where do you need to go next?

All of You Readers be aware that your life has the greatest meaning for your evolution from that earthly realm, and is of utmost importance. Live your lives as energetic beings, aware of your inner knowing of all things, aware of your connection to infinity, and aware that you have choices to make, every day, related to your progress toward completion.

I will continue this discussion again, I am sure, as your questions continue to evolve with your awareness, and I am happy to do so, but for now, experience your energy!